Nord lock Wedge Locking Washer vs Stainless steel Nylock (lock nut)

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You can use the can use them with smaller screws as long as the contact surface of the washer will be able to carry the load. Read Nord lock Wedge Locking Washer vs Stainless steel Nylock review for more information.

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What are the differences between Nord lock Wedge Locking Washer and Stainless steel Nylock ? How do they compare?

Comparison Nord lock Wedge Locking Washer Stainless steel Nylock (lock nut)
Size Assorted sizes ¼ inch (other options available)
Weight 12.8 ounces 12.8 ounces
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Usage Strong metals Strong metals
Check the price Check the price

Nord lock Wedge Locking Washer vs Stainless steel Nylock (lock nut) – A Detailed Comparison


The Nord lock washer secures the bolts with both friction and tension. When installed, the system is so tight that it will not loosen unintentionally.  It creates a wedge effect between the bolt head and nut to ensure there is a strong hold.

The nylon part of the nylock is created in a smaller diameter than the entire nut. This enables it to lock the fastener in place; the nylon is griped in place firmly while the bolt is being fastened. It prevents any kind of vibrations and consequently movements by the bolt. You are supposed to place the insert at the end of the nut.


The Nord lock system is made of a pair of wedges on one side of the washer and radial teeth on the other. The main difference between the two sides is the angle and of the wedges and radial teeth.

The nylock nut is an elastic stop nut that comes in several sizes. At one end of the fastener is a nylon collar insert that is meant to lock the rivet into a nice, tight position while in contact with the bolt.

Material and durability

The Nord lock is made of high quality stainless steel. When you tighten the Nord lock system on a bolt, the teeth grip is supposed to be in contact with the mating surface. When the Nord lock washers are installed and locked in place, the only movement you should see is on the face of the cams. It is zinc plated and made from high quality carbon steel.

The nylock is made from high grade stainless steel. It offers a high level of corrosion and chemical resistance. To add on that, the strength of the nylock cannot be compared to that of any other zinc coated washers.

Nord lock Wedge Locking Washer

nord lock vs nylock washer

The Nord lock wedge washer works to secure the bolts with tension rather than friction. The great thing about this system is that the washers cannot loosen unintentionally and they create a wedge-like effect under the nut and the bolt head.  These wedge-lock washers have radial teeth on one of the sides and cams on the opposite sides.

The main differences between the two sides are the angles on the designs. The cam angle is basically larger than the pitch.  Because of this, they tend to expand more when compared to the pitch and create a wedge effect. This will prevent and rotation and the nut and bolts will remain as tight as ever.


  • It provides some sort of reliable locking
  • Very easy to install
  • It has a high resistance to corrosion
  • The locking is not affected in any way by lubricants


  • Expensive

Stainless steel Nylock (lock nut)

nylock vs nord lock

This nylock is made f high quality stainless steel.  The product has one of the highest corrosion resistant materials. The material is categorised as 100%18-8 stainless steel. This property makes the nylock last longer than most other lock nuts in the market. you can completely depend on this not when it comes to any form of use. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor bolt tightening.

Due to its corrosion resistance, you can install this nut in environments with all forms of weather.  They are perfect when installing in wet environments and woods. This lock washer will support all types of projects. Better yet, the humidity will not penetrate through to the bolt thus keeping the two safe from rust or corrosion.



  • It is made of corrosion resistant material
  • Long lasting ‘
  • It is great for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Material may rust

The bottom line

The stainless style nylock is a better choice simply because of is structure and ability to hold down a screw. When you tighten the bolt, the teeth of the Nord lock will grip the mating surfaces tightly. This ensures that everything is locked in place and the movement will only be on the cams.


Is the 1/4 inch Nord lock the same size as the 6m Nord lock?

They are pretty much not the same; the ¼ inch is standard measurement of the washers while 6m is standard metrics. The Nord lock is about 5.5mm on the inside and 11 mm on the outside.

What is the main advantage or difference of the Nord lock when it comes to the tightening technique?

When used correctly, the Nord lock will prevent your bolds and screws from growing lose.  Any form or lubrication will not affect the locking done by the Nord lock.

It is advisable to use the steel washers with stainless steel screws?

It will be very difficult to do that since the steel washers are optimised for steel screws. This is the best combination when it comes   to using steel washers.

Do the Nord lock washers work well with the galvanised bolts?

If you have galvanised bolts, you can definitely use them with the Nord lock steel washers, they work hand in hand for the

Should I use any tightening torque with the Nord lock washers?

It all depends on the grade and size of the bolt. If you are using a lubricant, you can tighten in on a much bigger screw and bolt and if not, you need a fitting or smaller bolt and screw.