Nord Lock Washer vs Loctite, Thick or Thin?

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Which bonds joints better, a Nord lock washer or Loctite threadlocking adhesive? Find out the truth in this Nord Lock washer vs Loctite review.

I work as a technician in the food processing industry. Repairing and managing boilers sums up what I do from 9 to 5. A lot of the repairs I do involves replacing fasteners on the boilers. The steam and pressure from the boiler generates vibration and intense heat which strains the fasteners. The fasteners that come with the boiler do not survive the heat and pressure. I found myself repairing leaks or pipe bursts on a daily basis. I wanted to try Loctite glue which was a quick-fix solution to most repairs. A fellow technician advised to go for Nord lock washers as a permanent solution. I decided to try both and here are my findings.

Nord Lock Washer and Loctite- How do they compare?

  Nord Lock Washer Loctite
Material Stainless Steel metal Heavy Duty Glue
Quantity 20 pack 0.2 oz.
Application High vibration, critical bolt joints, extreme conditions Stop vibration loosening
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 Nord Lock Washer vs Loctite- A Detailed Comparison


Lock washers have been the go to fasteners in both home and industrial applications. Washers like the Nord lock washer feature a stainless steel construction that is durable and has great tenacity. Lock washers have threads that burrow into the joining surface. These threads also lock the bolt or nut in place. It provides for a reliable fastening solution when joining critical parts.

Threadlocking adhesive like Loctite provide the same function but in a different way. Loctite is a liquid adhesiveapplied on nut or bolt threads before using them on a joining surface. This threadlocking adhesive fills up the thread lines and hardens to form the bond.


Nord lock washers come in packs containing 20 lock washer pieces. This should be enough for mini renovation projects at home or in an industrial work station. This pack does not come with an assortment of lock washers. It suits projects that only require one type of lock washer.

Loctite threadlocking adhesive on the other hand comes in a single tube for less demanding applications. If you want to stock up on threadlocking glue, you can buy the lock tight tubes in packs of 2, 3, or 12 tubes.


Nord lock washers suit various applications whether domestic or industrial. They boast of a carbon steel construction which makes them tough for the job. Lock washers help spread dynamic loads in bolt joints. They also ensure the integrity of a joint even in high vibration. Nord lock washers are the go to fasteners if you want to keep a joined surface intact even in extreme heat.

Loctite threadlocking adhesive is useful for daily applications at home or in a business setting. This glue is handy when working with mowers, small motors, or smaller power equipment. The adhesive lubricates bolt and nut threads before fastening them onto a joint. The liquid adhesive hardens forming tiny resins that fill up thread lines.  Loctite adhesive will hold a joined surface longer in less demanding applications.

Nord Lock Washer

nord lock washers

Nord lock washer helps maintain the integrity of bolted joints in any application. The washers come in 20 pieces which are enough for a mini refurbishment project. Every piece of washer boasts of carbon steel which tough and durable. These lock washers are applicable in dynamic loads, critical bolted joints, and high vibration conditions. If you also work with equipment in extreme conditions, Nord lock washers help in repair and maintenance of the equipment.

These lock washers have a silver finish for added aesthetics. They match the color of bolts or nuts you use in your renovation project. It is possible to paint the washers any color you wish.

Nord lock washers contains threads that lock both bolt and nut in place. The threads add friction which prevents the bolted joint from loosening. By protecting the integrity of joined surfaces, Nord lock washers can prolong the shelf life of equipment or machinery.


  • Strong and durable material
  • Ideal for heavy duty application
  • Threaded for added friction


  • No assorted pack


loctite review

Loctite threadlocking adhesive is perfect for locking threaded metal fasteners. This product comes in a single tube which is enough for less demanding applications. You may also get the product as a 12 pack to cater for future threadlocking projects.

Loctite threadlocking glue flows into the threadlines of bolts and nuts. This creates a vacuum which allows the glue to harden. The result is a tough bond that is resistance to vibrations. Once applied, this threadlocking glue only takes 10 minutes to set. Give it up to 24 hours for the glue to completely harden.

This product is ideal for small repair projects at home. It helps prevent joints from loosening in small motors and power equipment. If you have a mower that frequently breaks down due to loosening joints, Loctite threadlocking adhesive offers a permanent solution.

Loctite threadlocking glue works with 6mm to 20mm bolts and nuts. Simple hand tools will help in disassembling joints fastened by Loctite glue.


  • Prevents failures in threaded fasteners
  • Tough and forms a strong bond
  • Inexpensive bonding solution


  • Not applicable in heavy duty equipment


The choice between Nord Lock washer vs Loctite adhesive glue depends on the immediate application. Loctite threadlocking adhesive is handy as a quick-fix solution for industrial equipment. It is also ideal for minor refurbishment projects at home. As technician experienced with repairing and managing boilers, I would say the Nord lock washers are more ideal for bolted joints.


Does a Nord Lock Washer work?

Nord lock washers contains threads that create a wedge-effect under the bolt head. This prevents the bolt from loosening even in extreme vibration.

Lock washer vs Loctite, which is better?

Loctite threadlocking glue is superior to most standard lock washers. Loctite also prevents corrosion of bolt threads which is an added advantage.

Are self-locking nuts reusable?

Self-locking nuts preserve their locking action. It is possible to reuse as long as they still have that locking action.

Where do you place a lock washer?

A lock washer goes on the nut side. This prevents the nut from moving.

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