Orbit key leather Vs Orbit key rubber – looking for a stylish and pocket friendly key chain

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Find a more stylish keychain by reading the Orbit key leather Vs Orbit key rubber review.  The orbitkey leather is made with tan stitching to make it more unique and stylish.

Living in a dorm or college housing is perfect when you are in college, except when you have to share a room and key with a schoolmate.  This kind of life in not convenient for me, I keep losing my keys and my roommate is not always around. Once, I had to sleep outside because I came home late from work and didn’t have my key.  The fastest solution I can think of is to find a key holder that will fit in my uniform pocket so I won’t have to lose it regularly.

Differences between Orbit key leather and Orbit key rubber – How do they compare?

Comparison Orbit key leather Orbit key rubber
Capacity 2-7 keys 2- 7 keys
Weight 1.44 ounces 1.44 ounces
Material Leather Rubber
Length 4.8 inches 4.8 inches
Accessories Loop attachment for installation Loop on one end of the holder
Maximum length key 3 inches 3 inches
Check  the price Check the price

Orbit key leather Vs Orbit key rubber- a descriptive comparison


The orbit key rubber is rectangular, with smooth edges on the side. The screw is attached to one end of the key holder while the other end has a loop attachment. The locking mechanism for key installation is only on one end.

Orbit key leather us basically made into the same shape but looks thicker. The locking mechanism for key installation is also placed on one end while the other has a loop attachment.


Basically, both key holders can manage around the same number of keys without any attachment. You can install from 2 to 7 keys comfortably depending on their sizes. The loop extension on one end of both holders allows you to add larger keys like car keys and even more extensions.


The orbit key is made of good quality leather. The tan stitching on the leather holder holds is firmly to ensure it lasts you longer. This black leather makes the keychain stylish and comfortable while working to keep your keys contact.

The orbit rubber is made of strong rubber that is a little stretchy. The soft and stretchy feel of the rubber makes it more strong than fragile. It is also thick, which means it won’t wear or tear easily.


Both key holders do not come with attached accessories, but you can install your own on the end of the holder with the loop attachment. For stylish purposes, it is probably best that you refrain from adding too many accessories as they will look more bulky.


Surprisingly, he two key holders weigh the same when there are no keys attached. You would think that the leather would weigh more because it t thicker, but it is exactly the same as the rubber.

Orbitkey rubber 2.0

Orbit key leather Vs Orbit key rubber

This jet black keychain offers you the perfect mix of style and key holder accessory. It is made of strong rubber material and reinforced with stainless steel locks and bolts.  The orbitkey rubber can hold up to a maximum of 7 standard sized keys. The bolt is compact and is guaranteed not to loosen over time. This key holder also has a d ring attached to one end where you can assemble larger keys, key fob or your car keys.

The design keeps your keys compact and prevents their sharp edges from tearing through your clothes and bags.  This light keychain is pocket friendly and reduces the bulkiness, tangle and tingle of your keys. Arranging the keys on order will save you more time whenever you are opening any locks.

The pros

  • Made of good quality long lasting materials
  • Has an extra ring for extra key attachment


  • It is pricey
  • The screws will loosen over time

Orbitkey leather 2.0 (tan stitching)

Orbit key leather Vs Orbit key rubber

This key holder is the made out of the perfect tanned leather and has the look of a high quality fashion bag. It is designed to eliminate all the jingle and tangle that comes with a disorganised key chain by compactly holding them on a lock. The orbit tan stitched leather keychain is pocket friendly and will protect your belongings from key holes, tears or scratches.  The locking bolts on this holder are made of high grade stainless steel. These combinations of materials make this keychain water resistant and durable.

The pros

  • Made of high quality leather
  • It holds small sets of keys perfectly


  • It is pricey

The final verdict

I went with the leather orbitkey; it is very stylish and at the same time can accommodate my key needs.  The Orbitkey is made of vegetable tanned leather, which guarantees no animal cruelty. It can fit in my pocket comfortably and keeps the key edges from eating up my pockets.


Will car and apartment keys fit into the orbitkey?

Any keys can fit into the orbit key leather but there are length restrictions. Some keys are wide and will stick out on the sides but it is not any less functional.

Can I install key ring shopping cards and membership cards on either holder?

It would probably work well with both but it is not the best idea. It depends on the size and length of the card, if it is way above restrictions then it will not fit.

Do the orbit key holders work with different shaped keys?

They work well with standard keys but to some extent, they can accommodate all other types of keys.  For instant, square shaped keys might stick out on the side.

What is the diameter of the bolt on both keys?

The bolt is 3mm thick and the screw that holds the bolt together is like 3 mm thick.  This mean you can install keys with holes of 3 mm thick and more.

What side should you place the washer on the orbitkey rubber?

The wave washers are usually placed between the keys on either side to help in the tension and allow the keys to swivel in and out. We usually recommend using this especially if there are only 4 keys or less.