Orbitkey review – the best for beginners in the game

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You know the burden of organizing your keys. Few things are as irritating as heading to a door and you want to open it, only to fight with a multitude of keys on a keychain until you find the right one. Even then, if you do not know the correct key, you will struggle for a few minutes due to the organization; a pet peeve that we see eliminated in this Orbitkey review.

In this Orbitkey review, you will notice that the key holder seeks to add a touch of class to your keychain while making it easier for you to carry your keys around. You can finally say goodbye to frustrations of carrying around a heavy bunch of keys that were annoying you every time. Thanks to its wireless key finder, it allows you to keep close track of your keys as well.

What is the Orbitkey key organizer?

This is a rubber or cowhide leather key holder, coming in a variety of colors. It helps keep your key collection organized, less likely to scratch other items in your pockets, and less noisy (a pet peeve of many people). According to the makers of the holder, you can also buy an additional clip that lets you remove or add additional items like car keys.



One of the first features you will notice is the extent of detail that is present in the packaging of the product. Because the boxes are efficient and simply designed, the product is actually not heavy, neither does it take up too much space. In addition, the product is already pre-assembled, and your role is unscrewing the locking me

 orbitkey review

Elastomer bands

The key holder has an elastomer material that makes up the bands, which bears some similarities to the elastomer bands in the Apple Watch, as well as the color selections matching what you wear on a daily basis. The leather straps are well made and have a premium feel to them, and do not have the problem of early wear and tear.

‘Wave washer’ to stop loosening

Interestingly, in the Orbitkey review, we notice that the key holder also comes with a ‘wave washer’, which assists you to maintain the positioning of your keys and control their tension to prevent loosening. This is also aided by the metal finish, which has a high-quality and durable feel to it.

Extra functionality

For purposes of added functionality, the key ring comes with a USB drive attached. The design is interesting, in the form of a key, and it fits very well with the Orbitkey itself. In addition, there is a bottle opener (though you have to purchase it separately), which as a solid design and well made.

Complex addition of keys

Unlike most key holders, the major issue we have with the Orbitkey review is the addition of keys and other accessories, which is a frustrating process. It forces you to line every key early on, and then line the holes exactly so that you slide the other side into place.

However, though it is difficult at first, it becomes easy once you get the hang of it. Despite this issue, you can attach seven accessories or keys on the holder, although you can fit more if your keys are of the thin or small variety.


  • The design is stylish
  • Adjustable, according to the number of keys it accommodates
  • Keys do not come loose easily


  • Hard to line up keys and insert them


Even though it may have its challenges, the Orbitkey review shows that this is a great product to have when you are starting out. Its design is sleek and accommodates the style of all your other accessories, and the keys do not come loose (which seems to be a problem with other key holders).