Raven workshop key grip review – why you need this nimble organizer in your life

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Have you ever tried to handle a basic keychain for more than a few hours, but noticed how cumbersome it was? Well, that’s the problem all key chains have – except for key grips such as what we will discuss in this Raven workshop key grips review.

If you are looking for a better tool to handle your set of keys, then you are not alone. The standard keychain might work for numerous users, especially if you have a few keys to handle, but it becomes a problem when you have an entire bunch of keys to carry around.

One of the major problems of standard key chains is that they do not fit well in pockets, with some even ripping the pocket apart as time goes by. Having a heavy bunch of keys with you all the time also means you might be distracted by the jangling, while if you have put your smartphone in the same pocket, the keys might damage the phone because of scratching.

In thisRaven Workshop key grip review,we will find out that it seeks to address these problems through a unique design that will store all your noisy keys safely without inconveniencing you.

Raven workshop key grip

Features of the key grip

Varieties available

Based in New Hampshire, the machine shop that manufactures this key grip gives you two versions, which you can select depending on your needs.

The key grips come in four materials – titanium, brass, stainless steel and copper. To allow you to store your keys comfortably, they contain brass washers and a single screw, while the overall structure mimics that of a ‘U-shape’ to allow you to separate the keys (so no more worrying about the annoying jingle of keys as you move).

Convenient to carry

As we went through the Raven Workshop key grip review process, we noticed that you can actually access your keys from the other side of the key grip. This is due to the pivot system,which allows you to remove the relevant key and makes the key grip look like an ‘L-shaped’ handle. It ends up looking like a Swiss knife set, which is both safe for you to carry in your pocket, and convenient enough to not feel too bulky. In addition, you can also handle it comfortably even while wearing gloves.

Efficient key separation

The keys will also be separated from each other through washers, which means you can customize their order. Due to its simple design, the key grip is elegant and efficient in its work – it holds a maximum of six keys.

Attachment of additional items

One thing to note is that it lacks the ever-so-important pocket clip on top of the key bar, but that is not much of a problem in the grand scheme of things – it actually allows you to attach lanyards through the Raven Workshop housing, or the mini Mas Design carabiner to clip it to your belt loops.

The price varies, and what you choose ultimately depends on your needs – but it is worth your money. The price range depends on the material comprising it, but whatever you choose, it remains a convenient everyday carry (EDC) tool.


  • Very convenient in size and versatile for different uses
  • The packaging is attractive
  • Slim enough to fit comfortably


  • Heavy
  • The finish is rough, so you need to be careful when putting it in your pocket


What we learn from the Raven Workshop key grip review is that it remains a great EDC option if you want a simple tool that can sort you out quickly, even on a budget. Even though it might have its issues such as its bulkiness, this does not take away the benefits it offers you, such as its compact nature – particularly if you have struggled before with carrying a heavy set of keys clunking against your pockets and being just a bulky mess.