Schlage b60n vs. b62n-Your precious items deserve maximum security

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Schlage is known to be a top shelf maker of heavy –duty deadbolts. It produces different models designed for various purposes. Schlage b60n vs. b62n comparison will guide you in picking the right one for your needs.

Hi, I am Faith, a single mother of two boys. I love playing different roles in my family, but sometimes some roles are a bit challenging. I am a middle-income earner living in a populated area. The security around the neighborhood is not the best since we often hear break-ins and shootouts now and then. I work late, and I cannot help but get concerned about the safety of my kids when I am not around. My friend told me about Schlage locks, and I felt the need to upgrade my home security system. I was torn between choosing Schlage b60n and b62n and therefore tried to compare them in this table.

What are the differences between Schlage b60n and b62n? How do they compare

Name B60n B62n
Cylinders Single cylinder Double cylinder
Weight 1.5 pounds 2.4 pounds
Finish Satin nickel Brass anti-tarnish
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Schlage b60n vs. b62n- What are the main differences


Schlage B60n comes in a single cylinder while b62n is a double cylinder deadbolt. The number of cylinders determines how easy or hard it easy to open the lock. A double cylinder lock needs a key to open the door from both sides while a single cylinder is easy to open from only the exterior. For this reason, B62n is more superior compared to B60n.


Though the manufacturer of both models includes the “snap ‘n stay” design on them, they have a different finishing. Schlage b60n has a satin nickel finish b62 comes in a brass anti-tarnish finish. It makes B62 durable since the finish prevents the lock from corroding.

Triple option latch

The two models are slightly different when it comes to some of the features. B60n has limited key options compared to B62N. For instance, Schlage B62N comes with a triple option latch while B60n lacks this feature. You can use the deadbolt latch as a drive in square or rounded corner faceplate.

Dimensions and weight

Schlage B60n is a light-weight lock compared to B62n. It measures 1× 2.5× 25 inches while Schlage b62n measures 5.7×4.4×2.9 inches. A heavy duty lock offers more resistance than a light one. Breaking this type of lock is hard.

Schlage b60n

Schlage b60n vs. b62n

This deadbolt is designed to withstand almost any kind of attack using items such as a saw, hammer, crowbar or wrench. It is an ANSI-grade 1 deadbolt that comes with a keyhole on the outer part and a thumb turn on the inside region. It gives you additional security and also looks great on your door.

The lock comes with a “Snap ‘n stay” design which secures it in the right position. It has an adjustable latch that fits 2.3/4″ or 2-3/8″. The deadbolt is designed for predrilled holes. You can easily install this lock without the need for a professional.


  • The lock is highly rated
  • It can stop attacks using different items


  • Has limited key options

Schlage b62n

Schlage b60n vs. b62n

The double cylinder deadbolt gives you maximum home security. It features a triple option latch and can fit different kinds of doors. The lock also comes with an anti-tarnish finish which adds elegance to your door.

It has Grade 1 features that enhance security. The double cylinder deadbolt requires a key for you to unlock the door from the inside and outside. It means that an intruder cannot access your home by cracking a window and reaching in to unlock your door. You can install this lock in your home or even business store.

Schlage B62N is manufactured in China. Though the region lacks a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing products, this lock is solidly constructed. You will not waste time or get frustrated trying to install this lock. The manufacturer provides a manual that comes with clear instructions on the installation process. Your purchase also comes with a lifetime warranty meaning you can replace any of the parts without incurring any extra costs.


  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • It is a double cylinder deadbolt


  • Manufactured in China


From comparing Schlage b60n vs. b62n deadbolts, we find some similarities and differences. Both locks come with features that enhance security. They also have different materials when it comes to finishing. Schlage B62n is, however, superior to B60n because it is a double cylinder deadbolt which has a triple option latch.

It includes Grade 1 security features and prevents forced entry using different items. I settled for Schlage B62n because it has a solid construction and is corrosion-free. I was looking for a lock that I could not replace for long, and the anti-tarnish finish convinced me to choose Schlage B62n.


Are schlage locks better than Kwikset

Though both of these brands are highly rated, most schlage locks provide a better perfomance compared to Kwikset. Schlage locks provide great security for your home.

Can a person pick a schlage lock?

The security pins included in schlage locks make them pick resistant. A skilled locksmith can however pick the lock after some time. One with a C keyway requires some special skills to be picked.

Can I use a bump key to open my lock?

Yes. Though locks come in different sizes and shapes, a bump key is designed to open any type of lock as long as it fits on the lock well. If you happen to lose your keys, you can open the lock using a bump key.

Is a double cylinder deadbolt better than a single cylinder lock?

Yes. A double cylinder deadbolt requires two keys to open the lock. A single cylinder deadbolt comes with a thumb turn piece on one side. A double cylinder lock is secure compared to a single cylinder lock.