Schlage b60n vs. Kwikset 980-The crucial features of a lock that boost home security

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Kwikset and Schlage are popular manufacturers of high-quality locks that offer maximum protection physical attacks. The two companies make different types of locks. Our Schlage b60n vs. Kwikset 980 comparison will reveal more.

I had just been posted to work in a new city. The move was stressful, and I had so much to do within a short time. I was lucky to get a new apartment near my post, but it was not as good as I expected. The issue is, i incurred a lot of expenses during the move including hiring people to help me move. I knew how vital it was to change the locks of my new house, but I was running out of cash. I wanted an affordable lock that would give me excellent security. I was torn between picking Kwikset 980 and Schlage b60n, so I tried to compare them in the following table.

What are the differences between Schlage b60n and Kwikset 980? How do they compare

Name Schlage b60n Kwikset 980
Design Pin tumbler Wafer tumbler
Dimensions 1×2.5×2.5 inches 10 × 5.9× 3 inches
Weight 1.5 pounds 2.06 pounds
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Schlage b60n vs. Kwikset 980-What are the main differences?


The producers of these two models use different designs to produce the locks. While Schlage b60n uses the pin tumbler design, Kwikset 980 includes a wafer tumbler design. A pin tumbler lock makes use of pins that come with different lengths to prevent anyone from unlocking your door if they don’t have the correct key. The wafer tumbler design, on the other hand, includes the use of flat wafers to achieve a similar effect.


Kwikset 980 makes use of advanced technology to boost security. It includes the SmartKey technology which facilitates rekeying. With Schlage b60n, you cannot rekey the lock.

Drill resistant plate

Schlage b60n has a drill plate on the front part of the lock. It is a thin steel metal that protects the screws of a lock if an intruder tries to drill them. The presence of a drill resistant plate gives the lock enhanced security. Unlike Schlage b60n, Kwikset 980 does not have a drill plate making it easy to drill the screws and cylinder.

The size of the bolt

These two models are different in the size of their bolt. The bolt plays a significant role in securing any door. It prevents a door from opening when someone kicks it in. Schlage b60n has a stronger and bigger bolt compared to Kwikset.

Schlage b60n

Schlage b60n vs. Kwikset 980

If you are searching for an affordable door lock that is not easy to pick, consider Schlage b60n. This lock has managed to earn a Grade 1 rating. The finishing of this model blends well with your hardware.

Schlage b60n is resistant to different methods of forced entry. It is both strong and resistant to give you maximum security. This lock comes with an external housing which prevents an intruder from grabbing and twisting it easily. The housing enhances the performance of the lock mechanism.

It also comes with a five-pin tumbler mounted with some spool pins. Unlike other types of locks that use cylindrical pins, spool pins are not easy to bump since they have sharp edges. During bumping the pins jump up but get caught on the sharp edges making it hard to pick.


  • It is resistant to forced entry
  • Comes with an external housing


  • Lacks SmartKey technology

Kwikset 980

Schlage b60n vs. Kwikset 980

Kwikset 980 is a bump-proof deadbolt that is unpickable. The manufacturer includes a wafer tumbler design which uses wafers instead of pins making it pick resistant. It is a grade 1 deadbolt that is designed for residential use.

Kwikset 980 comes with a Bumpguard Protection system that prevents it from lock-bumping. Apart from its performance, the lock comes in a Bronze finish which makes it look classy. You can also get the same lock in different finishes such as antique brass, satin nickel or Venetian bronze.

This lock also implements the use of SmartKey technology which increases the efficiency of use. You can rekey your lock without needing the services of a locksmith. It prevents you from incurring additional fees and gives you control when it comes to who can access your home. You can unlock or lock it with one finger on the exterior and easily turn the button in the interior.


  • It is bump-resistant
  • The SmartKey mechanism increases its convenience


  • The re-keying is not perfect


From the comparison between Schlage b60n vs. Kwikset 980, we can tell the similarities and differences between the two locks. Though both locks come from reputable companies, Schlage b60n wins over Kwikset 980. I chose Schlage b60n for my home because of its solid housing, long bolt, drill resistant plate, tumbler design, and affordability. It may lack some of the critical options, but it is stronger than Kwikset 980.


Should I rekey my lock or replace it?

Rekeying a lock is not only convenient but also cheaper than replacing the entire lock. Key pins are readily available and they come at a reasonable cost making rekeying a better option than replacing.

Do I change the locks after buying a house?

Yes. This should be a priority since homeowners make copies of keys for their family members and friends. By changing the lock, you prevent any unknown person from gaining access to your new home.

Should I get a locksmith to help me install schlage b60 lock?

No. You can install this lock on your own without getting extra help. Go through the instructions on the available manual to install the lock on your door within a few minutes.

Which lock should I purchase for my business premises?

Schlage locks are versatile since you can use them for residential and commercial needs. Get a schlage lock to secure your business premises since it is sturdy and resistant to attacks.

What is the difference between pin tumbler and wafer tumbler design?

A lock that has a pin tumbler design uses pins to secure it in position but one with a wafer tumbler design makes use of wafers. Wafer locks are not susceptible to key-bumping.