Schlage connect vs Yale assure lock – a convenient smart lock

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The Schlage connect vs Yale assure lock review will guide you to finding the convenient home security smart system.

Have you tried sharing your home with several family members? It can be fun living in the same quarters with people who know and like you, as long as you have enough keys for everybody! When some of my family members moved into my home, I was very excited. I had the opportunity to share my living environment with my family. I don’t get to see them often and the month-long stay would be a great break for me. Since I have an irregular work schedule, I made some spare copies to facilitate their stay. By the end of the first week, I couldn’t even find my key when I needed it. I was frustrated by having to call them in advance to find out when I would be able to go home.

What are the differences between Schlage connect and Yale assure lock? How do they compare

Comparison Yale assure lock   Schlage connect
Phone compatibility IOS, Samsung iOS
Key fob YES No , 1 standard key included
Auto lock feature YES YES
Power supply 4 AA batteries 4 AA batteries
WI-FI adapter Apple TV Apple TV
Check the price Check the price

Schlange connect vs yale Assure lock – A Detailed Comparison

The design

Schlage has created connect in a variety of colors to cater for your different tastes. The colors include aged bronze, satin chrome, satin nickel, and matte black. The shape of the lock is simple rectangular of a medium size. The smart lock is divided into two sections, the screen is installed into the top and the bottom has a keyhole for regular keys.

The Yale assures locks are made in three finishes to match your home decor, door or doorknob. You can get a polished brass; oil rubbed bronze and satin Nickel depending on your choice.

Performance and home compatibility

To unlock the Schlage connect, all you have to do is touch the logo on the lock and enter your codes when the screen lights up. Locking is as easy as pressing the button. It brings green to show you the lock works and red if it does not. You can also connect it to a z-wave if you want to use the smart features.

You will not need any keys to access the Assure lock unless the batteries die down. The 30 second auto lock ensures the door is locked 30 seconds after it is opened. It also has a one-touch locking feature making it easier for you. You can customise around 16 codes for family and friends.


Schlage connect has ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 rating, which is the highest security rating. It also includes an alarm system that will ring when anyone tries to tamper with the system. The beeping system will sound during locking, unlocking and forced entry.

The Yale assure has an ASNI/BHMA Grade 2 rating. This does not make it better than the Schlage connect but it is defiantly more secure compared to the ordinary deadbolt. The lock also has a built in alarm that will disable the keypad if anyone enters the wrong codes several times.

Schlage connect review

schlage connect va yale assure

The Schlage is a quality keypad and has the ability to programme close to 30 different access codes. Using the keypad at night is now easier. It has an illumination that makes it easy for you to spot the keypad.

While the keypad on the Schlage makes it easy for you, your family, friends and guests to get in, it makes it harder for strangers and unwelcomed people to enter. The button and twisting knob, located on the inside of this smart lock, helps you control your security alerts. On the outside is a finger print resistant keypad for a keyless entry.

For the Schlage to work, you have to connect it to a home system. This connection enables you to remote control the deadbolt when you are far from home. You can use Alexa to operate the door through locking and unlocking using a specific pin.  You can also link it up with wink, iris and Samsung smart things using the z-wave.


  • You can programme up to 30 unique codes
  • The alarm is very loud
  • Comes is several colors


  • The features require a Z-Wave smart hub to function

Yale Assure SL YRD256 Review

yale assure vs schlage connect

The touch screen keypad on this Yale Assure lock is very helpful in improving your home security. You have to programme the keys manually, and the keyhole is for system override. It has Yale assure technology and is compatible with Z-Wave and ZigBee smart home systems. You can create up to 250 different codes which you can use with friends and family to unlock the door. Has an automatic locking system

You can manage this smart lock form anywhere when you have an alarm system and a smart home connection. The Yale Assure lock is a popular home automation smart lock.  It is created in a modern design that is suitable for both traditional and modern home looks. The kwikset has very good security and it depends on a home system to work best with its features. Unfortunately, it may not work very well with direct phone control when the home system is not installed.


  • Works perfectly
  • It has 9v batteries for emergency charging
  • Backlit keypad


  • Very expensive
  • You cannot schedule temporary access codes

The bottom line

If you are looking for a quality keypad, you have stumbled upon the right review. Even if you are buying your first ever security lock, it is important to check out some of the most modern features. The more developed a lock is the better the chances of a high security level


 What do you do when you lose the keys that come with the yale assure lock?

You can simply choose to re-key the lock with your locksmith or have a manufacturer create a key that works perfectly with your smart lock.

Does the Yale real living touchpad work when you have gloves on?

Typing on the screen with hard or leather gloves might be difficult but the touchpad works with most kinds of gloves. The screen is pressure sensitive and will work well with cotton and other light gloves.

 Can you use muti-codes and one time codes while you are locking up the yale real living?

You do not need the hub to set up multi codes on this smart lock. Unfortunately, the yale real living does not allow set up of one time codes. You ca do this by setting up a code and deleting it manually once it is used

How is it easy to install the Yale real living smart lock?

Some people get a locksmith to install this smartlock if they are super busy. The truth is, it is super easy to install and does not require any additional holes; you can easily install it with the instructions included.

Can you programme the Yale assure to lock after a delay of more than 2 minutes?

The auto- lock features on the assure lock  just works as on and off switch. The auto lock is set at 30 seconds which means the door will lock 30 seconds after use.