Schlage sense vs Schlage Camelot – modern security lock

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The Schlage Camelot vs Schlage sense review will help you learn a little more about smart locks and home security. Say goodbye to carrying around your keys by getting yourself a smart lock.

As a young homeowner, I try to keep up with the latest trends in home automation to improve my security and convenience. I live in an upcoming neighbourhood, which may be a little vulnerable to the odd break-in. I never feel safe with physical locks because they can be easily manipulated. No matter the quality of the lock, your home is just not safe in my neighbourhood. I believe the neighbourhood has great growth potential and I didn’t want to give up my home because of this. When looking at all the ways I could improve my security, I discovered a few convenient choices.

What are the differences between Schlage Camelot vs Schlage sense? How do they compare

Comparison Schlage sense Schlage Camelot
Phone compatibility iOS iOS
Key fob No , 1 standard key included No , 1 standard key included
Auto lock feature YES YES
Power supply 4 AA batteries 4 AA batteries
WI-FI adapter Apple TV Apple TV
Check the price Check the price

Schlage Camelot vs Schlage sense – A Detailed Comparison


If you are one to pick the style and design of your lock, you will really like the shape and variety of colors of the Schlage connect. It comes with a set of matching door knobs and some other accessories. You can get it in a nickel, aged bronze, matte black or satin chrome design.

The Schlage Camelot is made in a nice and stylish design. It is a single cylinder deadbolt and has a bump guard protection. It comes in three different styles which are nickel, aged bronze, matte black or satin. You can choose the color that suits your interior decoration and door design.

Performance and compatibility

Schlage sense works well with IOS devices. You can connect it to your apple HomeKit using an Ipad and Iphone through Bluetooth. The HomeKit gives you a remote control access over the Schlage sense.

You can use the Schlage Camelot as a stand-alone deadbolt or choose to connect it to a z-wave hub.  To unlock the Schlage, all you do is to touch the logo that is on top of the screen and input the correct logo set for the Smartlock. The lock will beep twice and display a green check mark to ensure you the connection is successful and red when it is not.


With the highest possible security rating, which is ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, the Schlage sense is sure to keep you safe. It also includes an alarm system that will ring when anyone tries to tamper with the system. The beeping system will sound during locking, unlocking and forced entry.

On the Schlage Camelot, you can create and adjust 6-4 digit codes that will keep your security tight. A vacation mode will turn off all the codes and the lock will rely on the keys alone.

Schlage sense

schlage sense vs camelot

The schlage sense has a simple design and very convenient features. It is compatible with apple Homekit and focuses on the security of your home.  This smart lock can detect when a person unlocks the door with either the key or keypad. It also alerts you when there is a security risk at your door.

The lock only supports IOS but is a Homekit enabled device. In case you own an android, you can buy an adapter separately. It will help you control the smart lock through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This lock also uses an encrypted Bluetooth connection to prevent any sort of authorized entry into your home. This means that the home invaders and hackers will need all your login information if they want some access to your home.

The mobile application has a simple layout; you can add and remove individuals at will. The smart app allows you to assign up to 30 other people codes using an email or text message.

Wi-Fi add-on within 30 feet of the house. It has a physical override; if you lose your key or the batteries you can use it to unlock.


  • Gives voice commands with Alexa
  • Sleek keypad with high tech security


  • Uses Apple TV to unlock some features

Schlage Camelot review

camelot vs sense

The Schlage may Camelot  it offers you a high security system.  The twisting knob, located on the inside of this smart lock, helps you control your security alerts. While the keypad makes it easy for you, your family, friends and guests to get in, it makes it harder for strangers and unwelcomed people to enter. The Camelot is a quality keypad and has the ability to programme close to 30 different access codes.

When there is a forced entry, or the door is unlocked the built in sensors trigger the deadbolt to produce an alert. The Schlage Camelot is basically connected to a smart home system. You can link it up with wink, iris and Samsung smart things using the z-wave. You can also use Alexa to operate the door through locking and unlocking using a specific pin.  This connection enables you to remote control the deadbolt when you are far from home.


  • Stylish look
  • Has High –tech automation features


The bottom line

The Schlage sense really stood out in this review. It works with Amazon Alexa which has the ability to control the ring video and lock separately.  You can also use the remote access feature by connecting it on your home system.


Are there any battery issues with the Schlage Camelot and sense?

The battery life will depend on the rightness between the door and the bolt. The batteries will drain quickly if the smart lock’s motor has to push it harder; this means that a medium to lose fix will probably last longer.

Can you set up different codes for different users?

A subscription on the z-wave systems will let you set different codes for other people and activate them at a specific time.

Must I have the apple Tv for the Schlage Camelot to work?

When your phone shares the same i-cloud with the apple TV, all you have to do is a voice command for the door to open. It works flawlessly if you have the latest generations of apple TV.

Does the Schlage sense unlock automatically when you approach the door?

Yes, it can open automatically if your phone is detected by the smart lock. You can also use the touch button on the screen, the application or siri if you have apple devices.

Should I rekey before installing the device?

The rekeying will be much easier before you install the device.  The lock works similarly to a basic mechanical lock but the difference is that you can use applications on this device and keep the key for emergency.