The keysmart pro vs keysmart rugged – how fast can I find my lost keys?

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The keysmart pro has a tile smart locator that helps you find your keys or phone whenever either is missing. Use the keysmart pro vs keysmart rugged review to find a convenient key holder.

I am sure you can agree that spending hours trying to find your misplaced keys can be exhausting. A lot of the times, the keys always end up in the one place you did not look or somewhere unexpected. My key holder is important because it holds the keys to my car, home and office. Losing the keys is not an option so I’m trying to find a solution before that happens.

Differences between keysmart pro and keysmart rugged – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart pro Keysmart  rugged
Capacity up to 10 Keys 14 keys
Weight o.64 ounces 3.2 ounces
Material Hard Plastic/Stainless Steel Stainless steel and aluminium
Length 76mm 76mm
Accessories 1 Lithium Polymer battery (included) Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories
Maximum length key 80mm 80mm
Check the price Check the price

 The keysmart pro vs keysmart rugged – a detailed comparison


The keysmart pro is right colored and has a curvature at the center. It works to keep your keys compact and constrain the sharp edges from any type of damage to your skim, clothes or bags. This bright colored key chain is built for style and functionality.

The keysmart rugged basically has the same design, but comes in a different color and has way less features when you look at it.


The keysmart rugged key chain can hold up to 14 keys and slightly more when expanded. It is very convenient if you are known to add more keys to your chain regularly.

While the keysmart pro will only accommodate 10 keys but can handle 10 times the number with an extension. These are normal sized keys of 80mm in length or less. In terms of number, the keysmart pro will accommodate all your keys plus extras.


Keysmart pro is made of a hard plastic of good quality and rust free stainless steel. The plastic feels hard and it can definitely take a fall without breaking but it won’t last as long as the keysmart.

The keysmart rugged is made of aluminium and stainless steel.  The high grade stainless steel is incorporated in the bolts and screws. It makes the keychain, strong, durable and convenient.


The keysmart pro takes the win with an included bottle opener, LED flashlight and tracker. If you lose your keys, you can track it through an app in your phone by making the keysmart pro ring.  You can also track your misplaced phone by pressing the button on the key holder to make the phone ring. The keysmart has a loop where you can attach other accessories including a tracker but that will cost you a lot more than you should spend

Keysmart pro

The keysmart pro vs keysmart rugged


The unique keysmart pro is a compact key holder that organises your keys instantly and keeps them in site.  It has a tile smart locator that allows you to track the key holder with an app on your phone whenever it goes missing.  The tile app makes the holder play a ring and makes it easier and faster to find. All you have to do is Link the tile app on your smart phone and everything is all set up. You can also use this key holder to find your missing phone. The button on the key organiser rings your phone when pressed twice.

The keysmart pro can accommodate up to 10 keys. It includes a bottle opener and an LED flashlight which can come in handy.  It also has a loop piece where you can attach an extra car key. The micro USB charging cable allows you to charge the holder whenever it is out of power.

The pros

  • You can track it when it goes missing
  • Very easy to install and use
  • It will also track your phone

The cons

  • Can break easily

Keysmart rugged

The keysmart pro vs keysmart rugged

What makes the keysmart rugged so popular? It is has a thick build and is created from high grade aluminium with a combination of good quality stainless steel. These powerful materials increase the functionality, strength and durability of this key holder. It has the capability of accommodation up to 14 keys, but has an additional space to install an expansion screw that can fit up to twice as much keys as the original capacity.

This modern style key chain has a loop piece and an extra removable clip. You can attach larger keys, car keys, key chains or other keychain accessories that you need to. The rugged keychain has a stainless steel bottle opener that improves the functionality of the keychain. Considering all the aspects related to size, material and accessories, this key holder may e a little bulky.

The pros

  • Comes with an extra bottle opener
  • A loop for accessories and larger keys is installed

The cons

  • It is bulky

The verdict

The tile tracker on the keysmart pro is perfect, that is why this was my number one choice. I can track my lost or misplaced key. If I happen to lose them, all I have to do is check out the last location that was recorded on my phone.


Will a mix of standard and extended keys fit will in the keysmart rugged?

It all depends on the number and size of keys you have on both sides of the key holder. You will have to limit one side in a way that they fit with the same thickness on the same side.

Will the keysmart pro accommodate a car key with no chip?

If the key is not too long, it will fit into the key chain. If it does not it may not stay folded in your pocket or bag and may cause a few scratches and tears.

Can I install scanned key cards on either key holder?

Generally, the shape and size of your key card will determine whether it will be able to fit into the keychain.  If it is larger, you can install it into the loop instead.

Which model can accommodate more than 8 keys or more without the extension?

If you are working with standard sized keys, they can both accommodate that number of key. Ensure they are of the same size on both sides for a perfect fit.

Is the tracking system on the keysmart pro GPS?

Unfortunately not, the tracking system on the keysmart pro is Bluetooth enabled. You can track your lost keys using an app on your phone.