Thorkey VS Keysmart – what should I get for my office drawers

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Get a complete overview of convenient key holders through the Thorkey vs keysmart review. Thorkey is made of vegetable tanned leather which promotes less cruelty for animals.

Carrying my keys around can be exhausting, especially because I own a bunch of them. Overtime, I have found that I tend to lose them, misplace them or leave them at home. As an attorney, this can be especially time consuming because I need everyday access to papers that I lock in my office drawers. I have set out to find the perfect key holder that will keep my keys safe, compact and easily available.

Differences between the Thorkey and Keysmart – How do they compare?

Comparison Thorkey Keysmart
Capacity 10 keys 14 keys
Weight 1.44 ounces 3.2 ounces
Material Vegetable tanned leather and stainless steel Stainless steel and aluminium
Length 79mm 76mm
Accessories Extra loop is installed for desired accessories Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories
Maximum length key 80mm 80mm
Check the price Check the price

Thorkey VS Keysmart – Check out this descriptive comparison


Aesthetically, these two key holders look completely different. The Keysmart has a central curvature and rounded edges created to hold your keys while keeping the sharp edges from tearing your clothes or skin. You can install keys on both ends of the holder. The thorkey is uniform all through and has a screw for key installation on only one of its ends.


When extended, the keysmart seems to hold more keys than the thorkey key chain. While keysmart can take up to 14 keys, the thorkey can only accommodate around 10 keys. Considering Thorkey has only one side to attach the keys, it is really a try


Here is where a major difference falls on these two key holders. The keysmart is made of high grade aluminium and rust free stainless steel. This makes it a good quality long lasting keychain. Thorkey on the other hand is made of good quality vegetable tanned leather and stainless still; but has a strong feel and is long lasting.


The weight of the holders is as expected; thorkey is much lighter than the keysmart due to the materials used to make it. Keysmart is more than twice the weight of the keysmart when the keys are not attached.

The size of the holder and Maximum key length

They are almost equal in length, with thorkey being a little bit longer but not something that is really notable. This only means that thorkey can hold longer keys than keysmart.

Keysmart key organiser 

Thorkey VS Keysmart

Despite its high grade materials, the keysmart is surprisingly light and won’t add any extra bulkiness to your set of keys. This high grade aluminium and high quality stainless steel key holder is designed to hold multiple keys together while eliminating any bulkiness simultaneously.

The keysmart can accommodate up to 14 keys which are 88 mm and less. It also has a loop included where you can attach larger keys and car keys. With this holder, you can forget the disorganisation and tingle of your keys as you move. This instant key organiser has rounded edges; it will keep your keys organised and intact and prevent them from poking holes into your clothes and bags.

The pros

  • You won’t need to tighten the keys after a while
  • Easy to install keys

The cons

  • It is pricey

Thorkey smart key organiser

Thorkey VS Keysmart

This Swiss army key chain and organiser will help you keep your keys neat and organised. It can take up to 10 standard sized key sizes. It also acts as a fob holder and holds your keys tightly to reduce any noises. This compact hold will protect your skin and valuables from getting key scratches.  Clutter and pocket holes will no longer be a problem when you have this key chain.

This key holder is made from unique vegetable tanned leather which helps to keep animals from harm’s way. The leather is Italian, beautiful, unique and strong, and will probably last your for quite some time.  The design is very practical and easy to understand.  The secure lock mechanism keeps all your keys in position. You can adjust the bolt to organise them more loosely if you like.


  • The leather is 100% vegetarian
  • The bolts won’t loosen over time


  • It is quite pricey

The final verdict

I prefer thorkey as my key holder. It may accommodate less keys but I do not need the extra space since I do not carry too many keys around. The stylish leather is perfect for my everyday outfit or briefcase which is another reason why this vegetable tanned leather keychain is the right one for me.


Will a folding knife fit into the keysmart?

You can have several different shaped keys and the will fit perfectly on the keysmart; a folding knife may take up a lot of space and hinder key arrangement.

Which keysmart model can handle more than 8 keys incorporated into the system?

Most keysmart keys will take extra keys well, especially with the loop attachment. The newer versions can take up to 14 keys without extensions.

Are all the keysmart models over 3 inches long?

If you are looking for smaller keysmart key holder, the keysmart classic is the perfect mode. The newer keysmart models are typically 3 inches and more for more key accommodation.

Does the metal loop on both key holders detach to allow extra additions?

It is very difficult to take out the loop on either keychain buy you could force it open with a screw driver. It is not advisable to do that because you may ruin your loop and consequently key holder.

What is the maximum length of key that the thorkey can accommodate?

It is always smart to measure your key from the hole to the tip to get the idea of whether it will fit into the chain or not. The thorkey can accommodate keys wont accommodate keys that are more than 2.7 inches long. Top of FormBottom of wTop of Form