Titanium keychain knife review – is this the answer to minimalism?

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If you are a fan of minimalism mixed with EDC items, then say hello to this Titanium keychain knife review. It remains a useful tool that is cutely designed – but do not be fooled by its size, it is highly capable of performing multiple functions.

You definitely have an idea of what keychain knives are, but can they offer an alternative to the folding knife? If you prefer carrying light items as you travel, or your pocket real estate has suffered forlong enough thanks to bulky keys and other items, then it is the perfect chance for these keychain knives to step in. one perfect example is the Titanium keychain knife, which we will discuss in this review, and also see why it is a great option to have.

What is the Titanium knife keychain?

This is exactly what the name describes – a knife that is made from Grade 5 titanium material, yet has a small design that you can carry on a keychain. The Kickstarter campaign that led to the development of the product is also part of the reason it is so popular among many people. Here are some of the features that make it unique.


Compact and small

Its design is finely tuned, so it is not easy to notice signs of scratches, finger grease, or finger prints, and it also makes it highly durable. This titanium knife keychain review reveals one thing – even though it is small, it is not just any toy you can mess with. It has a minimalist design, although there are some touches that make it appealing and useful – such as the four divots that you find on the top corner.


In this titanium knife keychain review, we also noticed that the edges are all smooth – with one exception, the back spine, which has a jimping that gives you a solid grip as you use the knife and prevent injuries. However, the groove edges might make your thumb a little numb because of how snaggy they can get – but it is all for your safety.

In addition, the thumb stud allows you to utilize a one handed deployment system, while the locking blade is strong enough to handle heavier tasks – making this a great tool for multipurpose use.

Extra space for a keychain

This is still referred to as a knife keychain, and it is due to this feature. One of the ends has a loop that measures about 4 mm, which you can then use to attach a lanyard or key chain.

Highly durable

We know you will use this item frequently – and that is why the Titanium used is of very high quality. The materials that make it up have a very high strength ration, particularly the titanium itself has the highest strength to weight ratio compared to other metals).

Despite this strength, it is not heavy to carry around, and remains useful for multiple purposes. The blade is also very sharp, and can pierce and tear through anything you can think of – plastic packaging, packing tape, fruit peelings, and so on.

The shape

Numerous knives that have similar sizes tend to be a novelty when it comes to their shapes, but the Titanium knife keychain review proved that this model lays emphasis on functionality. The spine provides you with sufficient space for your grip, while the blade has a fold-out design that maintains safety when you are not using it.


  • Great design
  • Grooves provide excellent grip
  • Highly functional


  • It is a right-handed knife, and you cannot switch it to the other side


As we did this Titanium knife review, we realized it is a great tool to have. It has an excellent design, yet is great for minimalist-minded people because of its size. If you are a fan of keychain knives that are tiny, then this is an excellent choice to have.