Yubikey 5 vs Titan, which one is better?

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Yubikey 5 authentication key is one among a series of security devices recently unveiled. This Yubikey vs Titan review dissects the functions of these two devices in great detail to help you tell which one suits you best.

I am a tech-savvy journalist with a knack for testing and trying out new inventions. In my latest quest, I was assigned an investigative feature. Due to the sensitivity of the information and the people involved I had to find reliable ways other than the usual password to make sure that my personal computer could not be accessed by anyone apart from me. Leaking of information is something that goes on many times in the office, you never know who is trying to steal the latest biggest scoop. It could be someone right next to my desk or someone working remotely,eitherway, I wanted to find peace of mind and for me, peace of mind meant finding the highest level of online security.

Read on to find out the difference between Yubikey 5 vs Titan security keys



titan security


Yubikey 5

Ports USB A and USB C USB A only
Origin China USA
FIDO 2 Support No Yes
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Yubikey 5 vs Titan Detailed Comparison


Multi-protocol support

Yubikey 5 has incorporated the improved Fast Identity Online-FIDO 2 standards and the Universal 2nd Factor-U2F standards. These two qualities mean that the new Yubikey 5 security device has an upper hand against crimes such as phishing.

Titan only comprises the older FIDO standards but has adopted the U2F standards. It may still be quite hard to get past these security protocols but if someone tried they would have an easier time getting past the Titan than they would Yubikey 5.

Origin of manufacture

Yubikey 5 has been designed and manufactured in the United States. This makes it easy to find in computer or electronic outlets in all countries.

Titan authentication key may be designed in the America but its main manufacturer is in China. For starters, this means that you may be unable to find it in some countries. Second, it may also be a concern for some critics who may be reluctant towards using it. This owing to the lack of guarantee that this device is a trustworthy security device.

USB support

Yubikey 5 only supports USB A type of ports while the Titan key supports both USB A and USB C ports and has wireless authentication. It makes it convenient to have the Titan key if you will be using it on devices with different ports. If you settle on the Yubikey 5 key, make sure you know the type of port you have in order to avoid inconveniences. Note that Yubikey 5 does not support wireless authentication. In order to use it effectively, you have to plug it in your computer’s USB port.

Yubikey 5 vs Titan Reviews, pros and cons

Yubikey 5

yubikey 5 review

What is so special about the Yubikey 5 series? I have to admit that Yubiko has outdone itself by far with this new invention. See what sets Yubikey 5 apart from the rest is not that it can do an outstanding job but that it can do it very well. The Yubikey 5 device comes in a discreet micro-smartcard design that is easy to carry around or store in your key holder along with your keys.

This authentication key is designed to be tamper proof, water resistant and crash resistant. If you want a security device that is durable, and the least likely to get damaged, then Yubikey 5 is your best bet. Titan authentication key is in not too bulky but in comparison to Yubikey 5, it seems like a load. Here’s what good and bad about this security key;


  • Multi-protocol support means advanced security and protection
  • Has U2F and FIDO 2 standards
  • Tamper-proof, crush resistant and water resistant.
  • Made in USA


  • USB A support only
  • No wireless Authentication


titan security

The Titan authentication key by Google is a reliable option for you if your priority is to have wireless protection. With this device, you have an effective device that is reliable enough to grant you all the protection you need to access your accounts safely. Despite being more conspicuous compared to the Yubikey 5, it is still easy to move around with your Titan Authentication key. Simply slip it inside your wallet or attach it to your key holder.

Titan comes in a set of two. One key is to accommodate wireless support which is enabled through Bluetooth. This makes it possible to use not just on your computer but you can also use this Titan Key to secure other electronic devices such as your android phone or your tablet. The other key you can conveniently plug in your computer’s USB port. It is not clear whether or not Titan key is crush proof or tamper proof but it is certainly water resistant


  • Bluetooth /wireless Authentication
  • Fits USB A and USB C ports
  • Comes in a set of two for increased convenience


  • Made in China
  • No FIDO 2 support

Final say

Yubikey 5 is a security key that has made headlines in the recent months. Titan is another authentication key by Google that is also constantly roaming the airwaves. Leaving no room for chance, I bought both. It has been very exciting pitting Yubikey 5 vs Titan. I have since found out that the two are good at serving their main function of keeping my devices secure but also noticed very conspicuous differences. When comparing the two I have to say that while the Titan Key possesses some irreplaceable qualities, this time the Yubikey 5 wins. Yubikey 5 has come with major improvements guaranteed to provide the highest level of protection for all my devices which is what we all want.