Types Of Key Chains And Their Benefits

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During our last hiking trip, my phone battery gave up its ghost right in the middle of what  I believe would have been my best selfie in the wild. My friend Carol seemed least bothered by frustration and handed me her keychain. I was like,” okay, your chain is cute, happy now?” and gave it back to her. Little did I know that she was handing me her Mophie Powerstation keychain battery. I loved the little compact gadget, and it’s almost lifesaving attributes. It got my phone back online, and that got me thinking about various types of keychains and their benefits. I found quite a few that might tickle your fancy.

A multi-tool handyman key ring

Since I love the outdoors, I searched first for a keychain that could enhance my hiking experiences. And boy, did I find unique keychains! My favorite was a military dial, protractor, ruler, hex screw, screwdriver, spring clip and bottle opener all rolled in one. I am not very sure that I need all those items for hiking, but it can’t hurt having them right?

A Swiss army knife keychain

The utility value of a Swiss army knife is incomparable and having this neat tool as a keychain is downright cool. Open a box, cut twigs; this tool can do anything you ask it to.

Permanent match keychain

Well, whaddya know? You no longer have to starve yourself when out camping and your matches go damp. Nope. A waterproof, durable match key ring is just what the doctor ordered, and with this baby, your fresh caught fish will be sizzling on that campfire in record time.

An eating aid and tools keychain

Still sticking with my outdoorsy theme, and I found what I believe is a must-have keychain for foodie travelers. Imagine a hex wrench, bottle opener, and a spork all rolled up in one keychain. Everyone loves sporks especially one that you can take out at a moments notice and when you need it the most to feast your famished self.

Tape measure keychain

Away from the outdoors, any creative career person needs a tape measure at hand, because you are always measuring stuff. With this kind of keychain, you have no need to carry around an unsightly tool bag, or worse stash the tape measure in your favorite purse. Just unleash a neat compact tape measure from your keychain and your client will surely be impressed by your preparedness.

Glow in the dark keychains

Yap, these exist and for one purpose only, to help key owners like me who keep misplacing their keys all the time. So if that key is stuck under your sofa, or the dog placed it under the seat, this keychain will ensure that you can find it much easier.