August smart lock pro 3rd generation review-A blend of convenience and intelligence from a single lock

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Go keyless by choosing a lock that lets you open and lock your door using your phone. If you are tired of losing keys, you need this mechanism. Our August smart lock pro 3rd generation review reveals more.

When smart locks hit the market, I researched different brands since I was looking for one that would work well for the sake of my entire family. My wife is an intolerant person when it comes to tech items, and my kids are still young to understand complicated systems. After comparing different brands, I chose August smart lock pro 3rd generation. None of my family members have raised any complaints regarding it, and they all have praises about the lock.

What are the specifications of August smart lock pro 3rd generation?



August smart lock pro 3rd generation
Batteries 4AA batteries included
Weight 13.9 ounces
Auto-lock Available
Compatible standards Bluetooth, WIFI, Z-wave, Apple home kit
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August smart lock pro 3rd generation review

August smart lock pro 3

With a busy schedule, it is easy to lose keys and get stranded outside your home. August smart lock lets you operate your lock without relying on keys. It allows you to lock and open your door with your android device. You can also provide your friends and family with keyless entry without having to worry about a person copying your key.

August smart lock pro 3rd generation review features

Door sense technology

The manufacturers include this mechanism to give you peace of mind of knowing that your door is always locked when you need it to be. The lock has an integrated sensor that can inform you if your door is locked or not.  The detector notifies you if your door opens accidentally or when someone tries to force the lock to open.

Phone operation

Since you can open your door using your phone, you can easily carry groceries to your house without having to wait for the lock to work. You can control who gets access to your home even in your absence through your phone. You can also monitor your door all day even when you are far away.


August smart lock pro is unique from other conventional locks since you can install it without having to replace your existing door lock. Feel free to install it over your standard deadbolt on the interior section of your door. The installation is also an easy process that takes less than 15 minutes. You can maintain your existing keys and hardware and use any option you like.

Wireless connectivity

August smart lock pro works with Z-wave which facilitates wireless connectivity to help you link your lock to other smart devices around your house. If you forgot to switch off the lights or the thermostat, you can control these devices from your phone. It also works with SIRI, Google assistant and SIRI and a free app called August. Feel free to control your lock using your voice.


  • It provides remote access
  • Delivers keyless operation
  • Has a solid construction


  • The voice control has limited functions
  • Some users claim that it can be unreliable


Can I still use a key after installing August smart lock pro?

Yes. You don’t have to replace your standard deadbolt. From the inside, turn the August smart lock when you need to close your door. Feel free to use your keys from the outside or use your phone.

How long will my batteries last in this smart lock?

The 4AA batteries are designed to last for at least three months. This period can, however, change depending on the frequency of use.

How does August smart lock pro work?

This lock includes different technological mechanisms to boost your security system. It makes use of Bluetooth energy technology, an encryption system and door sense technology to secure your door.

Is this lock weatherproof?

Yes. The manufacturer includes weather-resistant elements on the lock making it suitable for outdoor use. You can still rely on the smart lock even in harsh climatic conditions.


August is a company that has been making smart locks and accessories for these types of locks for years now. Get everything you need in a smart lock from August pro 3rd generation. It is a smart and simple lock that provides a smooth operation to let you perform different things conveniently.

From my August smart lock pro 3rd generation review, I realized that I could customize my lock and simplify my life. I like the inclusion of a sensor since I don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock my door anymore. It facilitates automatic locking and notifies me if someone tries to gain access to my home without my authorization. I can monitor my lock through the August app from my office and control who has access to my house. The option of maintaining my standard deadbolt is also convenient since I can still use my keys as a backup.