August smart lock pro 2nd generation review-Transform your smartphone to a smartkey for your lock

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The lock industry has been incorporating cutting edge technology to make it easy for you to lock and unlock your door. Our August smart lock pro 2nd generation review will elaborate more!

Though I love my girlfriend, I did not know that it would be this hard to live together. We tend to argue over everything. I have always aimed for perfection, but I realized that my girlfriend is the complete opposite. It is not once that she forgot to lock the door when she left for work, and this has been an issue. I was ready to work on our relationship and try and reduce the arguments. I was looking for a smart lock to boost our home security and since bought August smart lock pro 2nd generation, the issue of not locking the front door has never come up.

What are the specifications of august smart lock pro 2nd generation?

Weight 13. 9 ounces
Dimensions 3.4 × 3.4× 2.2 inches
Batteries I lithium polymer battery
Finishes Silver,
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August smart lock pro 2nd generation review

August smart lock pro

Nowadays, our smartphones have become mini-computers that simplify our lives in every aspect. You can access your home through controlling this smart lock using a smartphone. August smart lock allows you to control who gets access to your home. When you install this lock on your door, you can create virtual keys for your guests and monitor their movement in your house. The lock is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

August smart lock pro 2nd generation review features


Do you tend to forget locking your door as you leave for work in a hurry? This feeling can make you lose peace of mind while you are away. The manufacturers of August smart lock pro give you a permanent solution to this problem by including an auto-lock feature in this smart lock. It automatically locks after you exit and unlocks it upon approaching your home.

Activity log

This smart lock also comes with a 24/7 activity log which allows you to keep tabs on your door even when you are not around. You can assign unique keys to your family members and guest so that your area always aware of the people who gain access to your home and when they do it. It is a feature that boosts home security. The smart lock also features the Apple Homekit to help you monitor the status of your lock.


Unlike smart locks which take a long time with installation, you will not need to hire an expert to help you install august smart lock pro on your door. You don’t need to connect or wire different elements to get it working. The installation is a breeze since you only need to replace the interior part of your regular deadbolt. The exterior door hardware remains the same.


The lock also features Low Energy Bluetooth which facilitates the connection between your lock and your smartphone. August smart lock pro 2nd generation also works with the Alexa device. If you would like to talk to your lock, consider purchasing the Alexa device since it is sold separately.


  • Provides you with a smooth operation
  • Easy to install
  • You don’t have to replace your entire deadbolt


  • Some users report that it is not completely reliable
  • The batteries are not long-lasting


Can I use a key on my August smart lock pro 2nd generation?

Yes. Though this lock allows you to open your door using your smartphone app, you can still use your keys to gain access to your home. The two ways increase convenience.

What is the life span of the batteries for this lock?

August smart lock pro comes with batteries that should last for at least three months. Your frequency of use can affect the lifespan of the batteries. You will receive notifications on when to replace them.

Will this lock secure my door?

Yes. August smart lock pro 2nd generation is a secure lock boost security through different features. It allows you to monitor your door using your smartphone even when you are not home.

Does it work with other devices?

Yes. The lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple homekit, the Wink Hub, iOS and Android devices. It allows you to control your door remotely.


Though the market offers different types of smart locks, August brands stand out from the rest due to numerous features to boost security. From my August smart lock pro 2nd generation review, I discovered that this lock would be perfect for my home. The ease of installation, auto-lock feature and ability to control my lock from anywhere impressed me. I am now at peace knowing that we can never leave our door unlocked again.