August smart lock pro review- More than a basic door lock!

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Do you want to install a smart lock but still retain your old keys? Get one that gives you this option. Our August smart lock pro review shares compelling reasons as to why you should settle for it.

It has been a while since I moved in with my roommate. Though we coexist well, we do not always agree on everything. I am a tech guy who likes keeping up with the latest trend while my roommate is the analog type. I have a lot of smart devices, and I figured that getting a smart lock for our home would be the next logical step to take. My roommate was not up for the idea because he was worried about locking himself out of our house. I decided to get august smart lock pro so that he can still use keys in case he was not able to operate the new lock.

What are the specifications of August smart lock pro?

Weight 13.9 ounces
Dimensions 3.4 × 2.2 × 3.4 inches
Batteries 4 AA
Voltage 1.5 volts
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August smart lock pro review

August smart lock pro

This lock may be a bit bulky from the other types, but its many benefits outweigh this minor issue. Unlike other locks which need you to get rid of your old deadbolt, August smart lock allows you to retain it so that you still have the option of using your old keys. It fits well on your existing deadbolt butt sill gives you all the benefits you need from a smart lock.

August smart lock pro review features

Design and installation

You will love the design of this smart lock. It is a captivating lock that comes in a compact design. The manufacturers add an aluminum finish on the lock to complement your hardware. Apart from its appearance, the installation takes less than 15 minutes as long as you follow the provided guidelines. You need to download the app (August), make an account and then set it up. August smart lock pro provides you with a smooth operation since you can easily lock your door manually.

Smart alerts

Feel free to monitor your door by setting up smart alerts. Through this, you can easily keep tabs on your door and tell when it is open or closed. Smart alerts boost home security and give you peace of mind. Use the August app to help you set up such alerts. The manufacturers design the app well and make it easy for you to navigate. It not only looks modern but also functions accordingly.


Apart from using the August app, your smart lock pro is also compatible with other smart home devices. August smart lock pro works with Apple homekit which makes it easy for you to control it with your voice. It also supports Z-wave plus products such as Samsung Smart things hub. It is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.


The lock can also work after you exit the door automatically. It can also unlock when you approach your home without the need for keys. This increases convenience in different situations such as carrying groceries to your home. It also prevents you from forgetting to lock your door.


  • It works with multiple devices
  • Has flexible settings
  • Installation is easy


  • It lacks an alarm
  • You may not be able to purchase it as a standalone lock from any store


What is August smart lock pro?

This is a type of a smart lock that allows you to open your door using a smartphone app known as August app. It comes with numerous features that boost security and convenience.

How should I connect this lock to Alexa?

Find the navigation menu on the Alexa app and head to Skills. Look for August then choose August home. Fill in your August account details to log in and enable the Skill.

Does August smart lock pro rely on WIFI?

No. If you need to operate it remotely using WIFI, you have to buy August connect WIFI bridge.

Do I need to replace my bolt?

No. The installation of this smart lock is easy since you don’t have to dismantle your entire deadbolt. Use a screwdriver to install it on your door within minutes. It works well with single cylinder deadbolts.

How does August smart lock pro differ from the second generation type?

Though these two may appear to be the same, the features make them slightly different. August smart lock pro supports home automation systems like Z-wave while the second generation model does not.


The manufacturers of August smart locks have come a long way in transforming our living spaces. From my August smart lock pro review, I figured out that this lock has flexible settings that boost its performance. I can control it easily and set different commands in my home. Though it does not come with an alarm, its compatibility with other smart hove devices has simplified my lifestyle tremendously. I like the auto lock, smart alerts feature, and its design. It not only looks good on my door but also performs as expected.