August smart lock pro + connect review-Your solution to integrating your old deadbolt with a smart device

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Do you need a smart lock that does not limit you when it comes to remote connections? The august company caters to your needs. Our August smart lock pro + connect review reveals more!

If there is one thing that living in an apartment has taught me is the importance of privacy. It is hard to tell who is on your case trying to snoop around your house. Though I had taken some security measures such as installing an alarm system in my home, I still felt that I should do more. I wanted to get a smart lock, but I did not want my door to appear different from the rest of the apartments. To solve these, I choose August smart lock pro + connect which allowed me to maintain my deadbolt.

What are the specifications of august smart lock pro + connect?

Weight 13.9 ounces
Dimensions 3.4× 2.2× 3.4 inches
Compatibility Wi-Fi, Apple homekit, Bluetooth, Z-wave

Batteries included


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August smart lock pro + connect review

August smart

A good smart lock should give you not only a keyless operation but also various options that can increase convenience. This August smart lock goes beyond providing you with basic functions. Once you install it on your door, you can forget about ever relying on keys to gain access to your house. It comes with a simple set-up and gives you total control of the people who can gain entry to your home even in your absence.

August smart lock pro + connect review features

Doorsense technology

One of the features that make this smart lock stand out from the rest is the inclusion of door sense technology. If you are paranoid about not completely locking your door, this mechanism should give you peace of mind. You can easily tell that your door is completely closed. The producers include door sense mechanism to boost the security of your home.

Automatic unlocking and locking

Do you often carry a lot of items from your car to your house? You don’t have to fumble with keys or wait for someone to open the door for you. The lock can automatically unlock itself when you approach the house. You only need to open it using your phone. When you are heading out, it can lock behind you so that you never forget to lock your front door.


August smart lock pro + connect allows you to use multiple apps to control your smart home devices. You can link it to apps such as Homeaway Nest, August home app as well as Airbnb. It is also compatible with Apple homekit, WI-FI, Bluetooth, and Z-wave.

The smart lock responds to different voice commands through Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Due to working with such apps, you can keep track of your door’s activities even when you are far away. August smart lock pro + connect works with different voice platforms to help you control your lock with your voice.


Apart from the DIY setup, the smart lock happens to be compatible with some of the single cylinder deadbolts. You can maintain the existing hardware and your old keys.


  • You can customize the auto-lock feature
  • It allows you to set virtual keys for your guests
  • It is easy to install


  • The batteries are not long-lasting
  • It is unreliable


Is this a better version than the 2nd generation August smart lock?

Yes. The manufacturers make some significant improvements on August smart lock pro + connect in comparison to the 2nd generation lock such as the use of a different plate design to boost performance.

If I don’t have my phone, can I still lock or unlock a door after installing this smart lock?

Yes. It is possible to lock and unlock your door without a smartphone. You can unlock your door from the inside by twisting the outer ring to the right. You can also use a key to open it from the outside.

Can the August app notify me if someone unlocks my door using a physical key?

Yes. The app can tell you that your door has been unlocked manually. Set alerts to receive different notifications so that you can keep tabs on your door through your smartphone.

Does the August app have to remain open every time I want to use the auto-lock feature of this lock?

You can customize the settings to simplify the process. When setting up your lock, click on “always allow” so that you don’t have to keep on opening the August app to use the auto-lock feature.


Make your door a smart one without having to replace your deadbolt by installing this smart lock. From my August smart lock pro + connect review, I realized that I should have installed this lock as soon as I relocated to an apartment. It has given me maximum security through features such as doorsense mechanism and allowed me to control my lock using my phone.