Abus lock review- How to secure your bike against theft like a pro!

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Are you a bike lover? If this is your mode of commuting, you should always ensure that your bike is safe from theft. Go through this Abus lock review to find out how.

My son was growing us fast, and when it was time for him to join college, I had to buy him a bike. One week into college, he reported that more than three of his friends had lost their bikes in the parking area of the school compound. I was a worried mam, and I started considering taking safety measures to prevent this from happening to my son. I did not want a light lock that could easily be tampered with. That is why I chose Abus lock which is heavyweight and solidly built.

What are the specifications of Abus lock?                             

Weight 3.77 pounds
Dimensions 14.6 × 8.7 × 7.9 inches
Material Hardened steel
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Abus lock review


According to statistics, millions of bikes go missing every year. Most of the cases do not get solved even after investigations. This should tell you that there is a need to invest in a good lock for your bike. What better way than to choose an Abus lock? The company behind the brand is popular because it produces high-quality locks that secure your bike and prevent theft while outdoors. This model is no different; it includes advanced technology and makes use of good-quality materials to give you maximum security for your bicycle.

Abus lock review features


The manufacturers of this bike lock make it from hardened steel to give it enough strength against attacks. It is solidly constructed with materials that also prevent it from corrosion. The automatic keyhole cover also protects your bike from dirt.


Every time you leave your bike outdoors for more than 30 minutes, you should secure it against theft. You never know who is watching, waiting for you to drop your guard. Since bicycle security is crucial, the manufacturers of this brand include all the right security features to ensure that you never lose your bike.

Abus lock comes with power cell technology which boosts security by preventing an attacker from forcing the lock to open. It contains Xplus cylinder to protect your bike against tampering. Abus lock also features a 13mm square shaft parabolic shackle which protects your bike against lockpicking.


Apart from offering excellent protection, you will enjoy the smooth operation of this lock bike. It comes with a long shackle which makes it easy for you to lock the bike against a fixed object. Locking and unlocking is a breeze thanks to the extended length of the shackle. You can operate the lock using a single hand and attach it on round frames that have a diameter which ranges from 28-35 mm. The attachment should take you seconds since all the complicated steps have been eliminated.

If you are worried about losing keys and getting stranded when you need to continue with your ride, reduce the chaos by ordering your lock keyed with other locks. This can help you use only one key which should fit different locks. Abus lock is a must-have for any rider.


  • Good quality lock
  • Extended shackle length makes it easy to attach
  • It is corrosion-resistant


  • Not everybody likes the bulkiness of this lock
  • Some people report that it can still be broken


Does Abus lock come with a bracket to help with the attachment?

Yes. Your package contains the bracket which helps you attach it to a round tube. You will also get shims that can help you secure your bile on both small and large tubes.

Can I get theft warranty for purchasing Abus lock?

No. Popular brands such as Abus do not offer theft warranty for their locks. You should, however, not worry because this lock is resistant against different modes of theft.

Can this lock secure my gravel bike?

Yes. Abus lock is ideal for all types of bikes. Whether you have a gravel bike for terrain riding or a simple bike for commuting, the lock is strong enough to give you adequate protection.

Will I be able to use this lock in different weather conditions?

Yes. It gives you a smooth operation even when the temperatures are low. You, however, have to lubricate and clean it to boost its operation and prevent it from jamming during such conditions.


Abus U-locks are known to offer riders with good security for their bikes. From my Abus lock review, I figured that this specific brand goes beyond mere security. It is comfortable to use and durable. The solid materials used makes it strong and resistant to attacks. Most users report that there are no moving parts in the lock mechanism which proves that is it is a high-quality lock. I also like the unique technology used to boost security and the classy design that allows it to complement my bike.