Can you key spam a key lock to open? – using a bump key

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No one can deny the convenience of having a set of keys, especially when it regards your security. However, this quickly changes when you are stuck outside your door and you do not have your keys on you – which raises the question,can you key spam a key lock to open?

I’ll begin this with a story. In my freshman year of college, one incident forced me to break the lock of my room with the help of my roommate, simply because my keys got lost in transit. While it did have its own inconveniences such as having to replace the lock system afterwards, it did engrave a lesson – locks are only meant to ensure security. After all, you would be frazzled if you leave your belongings open, just because of a broken door.

However, sometime you end up learning that lesson the hard way, especially when you are stuck outside your door one day because our forgot your keys somewhere or misplaced them. What do you do in situations such as these? You still need to access your space, so here are simple steps you can use.

Why do you need to know this skill?

It is not surprising that a human being loves habits, but this has a problem – a habit will tend to result in complacency. That eventually leads to you forgetting things, and take a more relaxed approach, even towards the things that are important.

That also means you might forget your keys one day when leaving home, or you mistakenly lock yourself out of your space. When you know how to unlock doors, you are better prepared for any eventualities that may happen. Key spamming is among the most common techniques, aside from others like picking and using flat objects like credit cards.

What you need to know

Whilelock picking is a skill that can take many years to master, you need to know one thing – locks will usually work in one way, regardless of the size or shape. they tend to work through ‘tumblers’, cylindrical shaped objects that are vertical to the lock system, and which need to match exactly with height of the lock in order to turn (the process of matching is due to the key grooves).

When you do not have a key, you can use a method called ‘key spamming’, where you use a bump key to force the lock to open with minimal damage. This is because its teeth are very low, so that it easily fits and works in locks where the tumblers are set in a low position. Its teeth are unlike a normal key, as they are sharper to create greater force that sets the tumblers in the perfect position to open – it works in a similar way to a master key in this regard.

Just make sure you do not use the method to break into places that you do not belong.It will also fail to work on a lock that has security measures for anti-bumping, as well as car locks.


Making the bumping key

Blank keys are easy to find, even when you go to hardware stores that have them. They are then modified into bump keys when you use a triangular file on them – again you can find these at any hardware store.

because the teeth are supposed to be very sharp, you will need to point the file downwards to shave the ‘valleys and mountains’, and use enough force to achieve the desired effect. If the blank housekey is not an option, then a spare house key can work.

Bumping the lock

  • Position the key in the hole, just the same way you would normally open a lock. The bump key will ideally fit into most deadbolts and locking systems.
  • After you push it into the lock, pull it out. It should click twice.
  • Use any blunt object to hit the key with force, and do it while applying pressure in the direction of opening the door.


Key spamming is not a desirable situation to be in, but it is sometimes inevitable when you forget or misplace your keys. However, it will help you when you use it in the right way.


Can you use any key as the bump key?

Not really, because of theversatility the bump key has. This makes it important to have on standby just in case anything happens.

Can bump keys damage locks?

It depends on the force you apply during bumping. The important thing is bumping it hard enough to move the pins, but not too hard to damage the key itself or the lock.

Are bump keys illegal?

In some countries, they are illegal. However, in most countries, they are legal ad available, as long as you are not using them for the wrong reasons like breaking into people’s homes.