Carabiners for key chains – top 4 EDC ones to try today

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If you think of carabiners, you think of the toughest hikes, rock climbing situations, and extreme sports like bungee jumping. However, they prove to be useful in in other situations, as we will see in the top carabiners for key chains.

Carabiners are famous in the world of hiking, and you may have heard of them before. Personally, I am a hiking enthusiast, so they come in as handy tools for your adventures. However, you might not think of using them with your key chains, after all, you might think they look too hardy to have a great design with your key chain and key sets.

often referred to as ‘biners’ and ‘crabs’, they have a strong gate that uses spring tension when you operate it under finger pressure. They are strongest when you close the gate, and weakest when it remains open. For the case of extreme sports, the carabiners in use are those that lock tightly shut when the user wants it to, and this makes sure that nothing unclips from the gate.

What about carabiners are key chain tools?

Carabiners make excellent tools, especially if you happen to be an EDC enthusiast. This is because they allow you to carry a variety of tools without bulking the main keychain or your pockets – and they also come in a variety of sizes for your preferences.


Despite this, there are several that stand out easily, which we will specify in this article below.

Nite Ize slidelock stainless steel carabiner

If you are looking for something for something affordable yet high quality, this is a great place to start. Made of stainless steel, it is durable, clever and effective, to allow you to carry your keys and tools effortlessly.

Its dual-gate design in an S-shape will give you easy access to your keyring; you will not need to remove it anyway. Italso provides easier access to your keys through isolation, so you do not go through the irritation of dropping them accidentally while you clip it to your backpack or belt loop.

Leatherman 930378 carabiner accessory keychain

If you might have a reason to check out this carabiner, look no further than the brand itself; it is responsible for pioneering the present folding multi-tool. This carabiner itself looks simple, but its stainless steel structure ensures it can securely haul your tools, keys and extra components easily.

However, that is not the only selling point – it has some added functionality. One is the bottle opener, which is in-built and saves you the trouble of attaching one. In addition, it has a hex driver slot, making it worthy of your money and time.

HANDGREY Premium grade 5 carabiner

The name indicates that the manufacturer intended to follow the Bauhaus design movement principles in making this carabiner. This principle states that function and form have no distinctions between them, and this product incorporates that by minimizing the fancy design details while maintaining all the important functions you require.

The main body is made up of a square titanium piece in a single form, and you will find the gate in-built into the body. That means you will not need to break separate pieces or hinges. Yet, even with all the minimalism, it still retains the classic carabiner design and its advantages.

Oakley Metalworks stainless steel carabiner

You might know Oakley for their eyewear, though this is not the only field they have ventured to, neither is it how they began. They also have this carabiner to prove their versatility.

The design resembles a typical climbing carabiner very closely, and has a forged gate with a screw lock to close the gate securely. It also includes a separate keyring hole and bottle opener, and prevents your keys from falling off (even when the gate is open).


Carabiners are useful climbing tools, but their design allows them to be incorporated in key chains as well – in an effort to keep your tools and keys securely in one place. Thanks to these, you will have an easier time in your key organization.


How can you tell the strength of a carabiner?

This is through the kN rating, or the kiloNewton. All carabiners will come with this, and it is engraved in the spine. In the cases of climbing, for instance, you should never use a carabiner if it does not have the rating. Just for reference, one kiloNewton is 225 lbs.

What are key lock carabiners?

They are those with specific technical uses. In the carabiner, the ‘key’ feature corresponds with the ‘lock’ in the gate or keyhole. This will be the same regardless of whether the carabiner has a non-locking or locking design.

How do you clean them?

The cleaning process does not take much, you just need to do daily maintenance by blowing dust and dirt from the hinge. If the gate happens to be sticky, you can wash it in warm soapy water, then rinse well and allow it to dry.