Yubikey vs Titan- What are the Differences?

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Yubikey security key has revolutionized how you can keep confidential information in your electronic devices from getting into the wrong hands. This Yubikey vs Titan comparison will enable you make an informed decision during purchase.

Hi, my name is Cate, an adoptive parent to the fattest furriest cat in the world and I work as an assistant in a tech firm. I am the kind of person who never forgets a face, but when it comes to names and numbers, I forget pretty fast. Imagine how much of a problem it is for me to remember different passwords for my phone, tablet or personal computer? A ‘trick’ I use is to have the same password for all my devices. Not a good idea. I have researched rigorously on easier, reliable ways to secure the data in all my devices. Online, I came across Yubikey and Titan security keys. These two inventions hold the solution to my problem, but I find myself at pains on which one is best.

So here’s a detailed comparison of Yubikey and Titan; what are the differences

Model Yubikey Titan
FIDO 2 support Yes No
Wireless  support No Yes
Origin USA China
View on Amazon View on Amazon

Yubikey vs Titan, A Detailed Comparison


Yubikey is made by longtime cybersecurity company Yubiko. Titan is one of the products produced by Google, a renowned tech company. Both companies are considered experts in their fields and have gained immense respect in the industry. If you want to find products that have the right kind of backing, then both Yubikey and Titan have the credibility you are looking for.

Origin of Manufacturer

Yubikey security key is designed and produced in America. This offers many buyers the confidence they need when trying to make up their mind on whether or not this is a trustworthy device. Titan may be designed in the US, but its main manufacturer is based in China. This may have other people looking at this key sideways and questioning whether it is trustworthy. China has been rumored to leave chips or encrypt software, which can enable them to spy on other people. Google has come out in its key’s defense, saying that they have taken strict measures to make sure that their products are safe and reliable.

Wireless support

The Yubikey authentication device does not offer wireless support. Instead, you have to directly plug it in your USB A port in order to use it successfully. The fact that Google’s Titan security key has Near Field Communication-NFC means that I don’t have to plug in the USB key in my computer or other devices in order to gain online protection. Even better, it means I can use the titan authentication key on my Android phone, iPad, iPhone or tablet. Here, I get two security keys, one that I need to plug into a USB port and another which uses Bluetooth to authorize access to my devices.

Yubikey vs Titan reviews, pros and Cons



This Yubikey may be the first in a series of improved Yubikey versions, but carries enough weight to provide you more than enough security. This device is sold at a very friendly price and worth it for all your computer’s security and authentication needs.

The Yubikey authentication key despite being labeled ‘second generation’ managed to surpass all my expectations. Here you not only get Fast Identity Online-FIDO2 support, but you also enjoy Universal 2nd Factor-U2F support. U2F simply means that you do not need software to access online services as the key authorizes you instantly. The fact that it has been manufactured in America means it is trustworthy and accessible in all states or countries.

If you want a simple device that doesn’t require you to download and install a ton of software for it to function, then this is the simplest option for you. Yubikey being manufactured in the US means that it is available in most if not all countries. In terms of availability, Yubikey is your best bet.

Here’s what’s good and what’s not so good about the Yubikey device;


  • Made in USA
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Compatible to USB A ports only


  • It has no wireless support

Titan security key

titan security key

Titan security key has advanced features that many are looking for in a security key. This is why it can be slightly pricier than other models. The only downside here is that the Titan key hasn’t yet adopted the new FIDO 2 standards but instead uses the original FIDO standards. The Titan security key is Bluetooth enabled and offers you amazing two-factor Authentication-2FA. Whether you have a PC that uses the USB A port or the USB C port, you will be glad to know that the Titan security key supports both ports.

The main reason Google’s Titan tops Yubikey is because it may not support the latest FIDO2 standards. This means that in terms of service guarantee Yubikey may slightly have an upper hand, but it’s a quality I am willing to overlook if I still get to use it on wireless option.

Here’s what’s good and what’s not good about this device;


  • USB A and USB C support
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Near field Communication-NFC on the USB key


  • Made in China

Final verdict

Yubikey vs Titan, so which is which? First off, by these two security keys combining FIDO standards with Two Factor Authentication functions, it is not too much of a far-fetched dream that passwords may soon be a thing of the past. Yes! For me, the winner must be the Titan Authentication key. Not to completely dismiss Yubikey’s strengths, but when I focus on the Titan Key’s diverse functions I find it better suits my requirements.