Clip smart compact vs keybar – keeping your keys intact

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When extended, the keybar can manage up to 28 standard sized keys. Looking for the perfect key? Check out the Clip smart compact vs keybar review for more details.

I recently got a job as a guard in a popular mall. One of my main responsibilities is to make sure the public doors are locked when they are not in use to keep the place safe. This means that I often have a large number of keys in my chain. At work, I keep losing, misplacing and locking in some of the keys while I’m doing my rounds. To save time, I have decided to venture on a solution that will keep my keys compact and organised. I looked on the internet for a keychain that could help me fix my problem.

Differences between Clip smart compact and Keybar- How do they compare

Comparison Keybar Clips smart compact key
Capacity 12- 28 keys 18 keys
Weight 1.6 ounces 0.64 ounces
Material stonewashed aluminium Carbon Fibre & Stainless Steel
Check the price Check the price

Clip smart compact vs. keybar – A detailed comparison


The keybar is rectangular with circular ends; it is shaped to contain the key edges and prevent them from causing any damage to your clothes and bags. You can install the keys on both ends of the keychain.

The clip smart compact is created in a zigzag shape that facilitates the containments of the keys.  It is the perfect key chain for storage, arrangement and keeping your keys compact. It has a zigzag shapes that arranges the keys from both sides of the keychain.


If you have endless keys that you keep adding to your chain, the keybar is the perfect fit. It has the capacity to hold u to 12 keys but with extension you can install up to 28 standard sized keys.

The clip smart key compact can accommodate up to 18 standard sized keys when expanded. This is possible even with the accessories installed on the loop.


The clip smart key compact is made of carbon and the bolts are stainless steel. This makes it lighter than the keybar. The keybar is made of stonewashes steel and good quality aluminium. This material definitely makes the keybar strong and durable. The aluminium bots are easy to handle when it comes to adjustment and they do not loosen fast when keys are attached.


The titanium pocket clip on the aluminium keybar makes it easier to carry around. You can just clip it in any of your pockets or the belt loop for convenience. Accessories are not included in the keybar, but there is a loop attachment where you can include your desired accessory and car keys. The loop attached on one side of both key holders is perfect for keeping larger keys and other key accessories like a torch, opener or pen knife.

Clip smart compact key holder

Clip smart compact vs keybar

The clip compact key holder can hold up to 18 keys and comes with several accessories and extra attachment loops. The steel screws and bolts are offered in different lengths. It  is made with a carbon fibre and the bolts are made of good quality stainless steel. This makes the keychain strong and durable. The loop is perfect for installing accessories like a flashlight, opener, large keys or even your car key. You can attach keys on the screws installed on both sides of the loop.

They key arrangement makes it easier for you to pick out a specific key when you need it; the holder offers you a single handed access to any of your frequent keys. This key holder is designed to be compact and more stylish than any set of keys on a keychain. Instead of buying a new holder to expand the number of keys, you can just change the bolts on your key holder.

The pros

  • Made of long lasting material
  • The bolt is adjustable


  • It is expensive

Aluminium keybar review

Clip smart compact vs keybar

With the extension screws, the aluminium key bar can accommodate up to 28 standard sized keys and 12 keys when the standard screws are included. It organises your keys instantly giving you a compact and tangle free result. This heavy duty key holder is made from high quality stainless free steel and aircraft aluminium grade to produce the perfect tool. It is made with an ergonomic design that won’t add to the bulkiness when your keys are assembled.

You won’t have to worry about any key jingled when you have the keybar.  The shape of the holder is created to stop the sharp edges of the keys from poking holes into your pockets. The organizational system of this keybar saves you space, money and time. it has a pocket clip which allows you to attach the key to your pocket or belt.


  • It is lightweight
  • Accommodates many keys


  • Can be expensive

The verdict

The clip smart compact is definitely the right choice for me. Apart from the accessories and extras that come with this key chain, I also appreciate the fact that it can accommodate all my keys all on one keychain. I do not have to worry about leaving or losing any keys any more.


Does Clip smart compact work with 2.5 inch keys

The Clip smart compact is about 3.6 inches meaning that it will hold the keys just fine. You can even install 2.5 inch keys on both sides of the holder.

How can you tell what key is installed on any part of both the clip smart compact and the keybar?

You can organise different colored key holders on your keys.  You can also mark the keys in different paint to improve your memory of them.

Can you hook the fob key to the clip smart compact?

When you purchase the kit, you receive carabiner rings that facilitated fob attachment. You can also easily attach this to the loop.

Will thicker keys fit in the keybar?

With good spacing and the added washers, thicker keys will fit into the keybar. Even so, they will extend out of the keybar when compared to the basic keys.

Will you have to drill holes to fit some of the keys on the keybar?

You do not have to add any openings on your key. the standard screws on the keybar will fit almost all types of keys.