Clip smart compact vs keydisk mini- the perfect gift

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The clip smart compact comes with a key ring, bottle opener, carabiner, extra Spencer and extensions. The clip smart compact and keydisk mini review will help you find the perfect gift.

I have been living with my spouse for over a year now.  Do not get me wrong, I love him but one thing that annoys me about him is the way he keeps losing his keys. I am forced to make several copies, which he ends up losing anyway. We do not get home at the same time so it’s extremely difficult for both of us. I have decided to surprise him with a key chain for our one year anniversary since moving in together.  I looked online for clip smart compact and keydisk mini guides to find an ideal key chain for my spouse.

Differences between the Clip smart compact and keydisk mini – How do they compare?

Comparison Clips smart compact key Keydisk
Capacity 18 keys 10 keys
Weight 0.64 ounces 0.64 ounces
Material Carbon Fibre & Stainless Steel Anodized aluminium
Accessories Accessory loop, Bottle & Sim opener , Key Ring, Cash Stash, Carabiner, 20 Spacers and 6 Extensions. Car fob attachment loop
Check the price Check the price


Clip smart compact vs keydisk mini  –  Detailed Comparison


Both have unique designs meant to keep your key stacks intact and organised at all times. The keydisk mini has a unique design where the keys face towards the center but don’t overlap.

The clip smart compact has a shape that adds to its performance. When arranged, the keys do not overlap but they still remain compact in the keychain. It is the perfect key chain for storage, arrangement and keeping your keys compact. It has a zigzag shapes that arranges the keys from both sides of the keychain.


The keydisk mini will accommodate up to 10 standard sized key chains and more with an attachment. The clip smart key compact can accommodate up to 18 keys with all the loops and accessories provided with this key chain


The clip smart key compact is made of carbon and the bolts are stainless steel. This makes it lighter when compared. The keydisk is made entirely of anodized aluminium. Because they are both metallic, it is a win- win situation. They are durable and wont damage due to pressure or accidental drops.


The keydisk has extenders to hold more keys, a bottle opener and a carabiner clip where you can attach the belt loop. The manufactures have included a fob attachment loop on the keydisk mini for extra or larger keys and accessories.   The clip smart compact key comes with accessories including; Accessory loop, Bottle & Sim opener, Key Ring, Cash Stash, Carabiner, 20 Spacers and 6 Extensions.

Clip smart compact key holder

Clip smart compact vs keydisk mini

This key holder is designed to be compact and more stylish than any set of keys on a keychain. It can hold up to 18 keys and comes with several accessories and extra attachment loops. The materials used to create this keychain make it strong and durable. The clip compact key holder is made with a carbon fibre and the bolts are made of good quality stainless steel. The steel screws and bolts are offered in different lengths. Instead of buying a new holder to expand the number of keys, you can just change the bolts on your key holder.

The loop is perfect for installing accessories like a flashlight, opener, large keys or even your car key. You can attach keys on the screws installed on both sides of the loop.  They key arrangement makes it easier for you to pick out a specific key when you need it; the holder offers you a single handed access to any of your frequent keys.

The pros

  • Plenty of accessories
  • Strong and durable


  • It is expensive



Uncomfortable and sharp keys in your pocket will no longer be an issue when you have the keydisk mini; the design keeps your keys compact and your clothes and bags safe. It is easy and simple to assemble and can accommodate up to 10 of your regular keys. If you need extra space, you can get the custom key extender.

It comes with a custom fob holder than double up as a bottle opener.  It can also hold key chains, car keys, Layard and key ring.  Key disk mini is small and designed to keep your keys neatly organised. The size can fit your pockets and will lessen the bulk of a normal key holder.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Makes keys organised and less bulky
  • You won’t need to re-tighten the bolt


  • The fob attachment is not straight

The verdict

First, I want to say that he loved the surprise gift I got him the clip smart compact; the accessories and extra parts that come with this key holder are just perfect. He can customise the key holder to fit any number of keys he wants. This key chain is pocket friendly and keeps the keys compact and organised.


Can different sized and shaped keys fit into the clip smart compact simultaneously?

Yes, you can fit different size keys into the clip smart compact. Just make sure they total to around the same size on the clip smart compact.

Do I have to put a rubber washer between the keys?

You can choose to put rubber washers between the keys or install them as they are. Washers will give you a smoother fit but lessen the space for the keys.

Can both keys fit in a credit card sleeve?

If you are trying to put your key holders in a wallet, I do not believe that they will fit perfectly.  On top of that, they will not fit into any card sleeve, especially when they are full of keys.

Does the keydisk come with a key fob holder?

There is a bottle opener and key fob attached to the keydisk. You will not need to put the opener tool for a key fob holder.

Will the keydisk mini break apart from small accidents like other brands?

The rubber washers may get worn out over time but this will not have any impact on the functionality of the key.