Keyport pivot VS Keysmart – metallic can be stylish

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The bolts on the keyport pivot are strongly reinforced and will not loosen over time. Check out the keyport vs keysmart review to find out which one is more convenient for you.

As a realtor, I have different potential properties across my city. Since I am in charge of showing on a number of them, I often have to carry this bunch of keys around. In the past 6 months alone, I have lost and broken a number of keychain and keys. I have had to pay the cost of replacing locks in a number of properties, which has also affected my relationship with the property owners. I looked online to find a solution before my reputation took a hit.

Differences between the Keyport pivot and Keysmart – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Keyport pivot
Capacity 14 keys 9 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 0.64 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium High grade anodised aluminium
Length 76mm 88mm
Accessories Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories No loop attached
Maximum length key 80mm 90mm
Check the price Check the price

keysmart VS keyport pivot – check out this descriptive comparison –


The keysmart has a central rounded curvature and well rounded edges designed to keep your keys contact and safe. They seal the sharp edges of the keys and prevent them from poking holes into your clothes and skin. You can install keys on both sides of the holder.

The keyport pivot is rectangular; it has a pivot on one end and an installation screw on the other. This means you can only install the keys on one end of the keychain. The pivot is facilitates the installation of the keys on the other end.


With an extension, you can probably hold up to 14 keys and more on the keysmart. This makes it super convenient for someone who has to change the key capacity now and then. The screw is expandable and won’t loosen over time.

The keyport has an impressive capacity of 9 standard keys without any extension. Depending on the type of extension or loop, you can hold maybe 15 keys or more. Considering that you only install the keys on one end, this is a try.


Keysmart is made of a combination of good quality rust free stainless steel and aluminium mix. This guarantees the strength and durability of this keychain. The steel screws and bolts ensure it does not get loose over time.

Keyport pivot is made mainly of anodised aluminium. The material is strong and makes the keychain less bulky before any key is installed.


Although the keyport has no loop attachment, you can install one on your own with the expandable screw. The pocket knife and flashlight are sold separately but are the perfect fit for this keychain.

They keysmart is probably more convenient with the attached loop where you can install car keys, bigger keys and accessories.


Keyport pivot VS Keysmart

The keysmart holder is made of high grade aircraft aluminium and stainless steel that works well to hold your keys in a neat and organised manner. The materials make it durable and resistant to damage in case of any impact.  It eliminates any bulkiness, disorganisation and jingle made by your keys.  Even though it is made of materials that are typically known to be heavy, it is surprisingly light even when your set of keys is attached. This basic key holder can accommodate up to 14 keys that are 88 mm and less. The loop on the side is for larger keys or your car key.  The keysmart is an instant organiser that prevents the sharp edges from tearing through your skin, clothes or leather bags.

The pros

  • You won’t need to tighten the bolts after a while
  • Very easy to assemble


  • May be pricy

Keyport pivot

Keyport pivot VS Keysmart

This high tech key holder is the perfect pocket sized tool that keeps your keys organised at all times.  It comes with a key ring and compact key holder that will keep it at a perfect tension and prevents any form of breakouts or loosening by the bolt over time. This key organizer has a locator that works well to tracker; this means finding lost keys won’t be so hard.

This key holder can be altered to fit your style and needs; it includes a modularity that will accommodate any optional tech modules and tools you would like to incorporate into the holder. You can attach a flashlight and pocket knife sold separately as accessories. A 2 year lost and found service is included once you purchase this key holder. It can accommodate up to 9 of your regular sized keys. it is made from high quality aluminium material.


  • It is lightweight
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It won’t loosen over a long time


  • Can be bulky

 The verdict

This is one of those situations where you spend hours online because you can’t make a decision. In the end, I decided to go with the keyport pivot because it is classy weightless and still hold a good number of keys.


Does the keysmart come with a loop piece?

When you order this key organiser, you get a loop piece that will fit inside the holders together with the keys. The loop is removable so you do not have to attach it if you lack extra keys.

Is it easy to pick out a key when the organiser is in a closed position?

If you over fill the key organiser, you may not have enough space to access any key when they are all in a closed position. This might make the bolds and screws loosen over time.

What can I do to prevent over tightening the key organiser?

Try arranging them in different ways until you get it right. Putting some washers on both sides before and in between installation will fix the problem.

How many keys are manageable on the keyport pivot without the expansion kit?

Remember, not all keys are similar when it comes to the thickness. It can hold from 4 -20 keys without the expansion.

What is the maximum length of key you can install in the keyport pivot?

It all depends on the number of keys you have to install. It probably holds an average of 2.5 inch keys.