Keyport slide 2.0 vs Clips smart compact – a smart option

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With the keyport slide, you won’t have to worry about any tangles, lost keys or damage to your phone and belongings. The Keyport slide 2.0 vs Clips smart compact review will help you make the right choice

I have my office keys, car keys and home keys attached to my chain. Since many of them look alike, I often spend a lot of time attempting to open or lock doors. It has affected my schedule and ability to be on time.  I have to wake up much earlier to address the wasted hour on doors every day. I looked online to find help for my problem and bumped into this keyport slide 2.0 vs clips smart compact review for a smart keychain option that will prevent tangling and loss.

Differences between Keyport slide 2.0 and Clips smart compact – How do they compare?

Comparison Keyport slide 2.0 Clips smart compact key
Capacity 6 keys 18 keys
Weight 1.76 ounces 0.64 ounces
Material Polycarbonate and nickel plated brass Carbon Fibre & Stainless Steel
Accessories There are several options to customise your key holder Accessory loop, Bottle & Sim opener , Key Ring, Cash Stash, Carabiner, 20 Spacers and 6 Extensions.
Light source Led battery No battery needed
Check the price Check the price

Keyport slide 2.0 vs. clip smart compact – a descriptive comparison


While they have different looks, they work well to keep your keys compact and prevent them from injury to your skin and outfits. Keyport slide is designed to keep your keys intact, organised and safe. Installing your keys into this rectangular key chain is easy and using the keys is easier. All you have to do is slide the key in use out of the keychain and slide it back once you are done.

The complicated shape of the clip smart compact key holder does not hinder it from performance when it comes to arrangement and keeping your keys compact. It has a zigzag shapes that arranges the keys from both sides of the keychain.


The clip smart key compact can accommodate up to 18 keys with all the loops and accessories provided with this key chain. The keyport slide can accommodate up to 6 keys without any exterior expansion


The compact keyport slide is designed through fusion of polycarbonate and nickel plated parts that make it compact, malleable and not easily breakable. This perfect pocket sized keychain will last your for a long period of time.

The clip smart key compact is made of carbon and the bolts are stainless steel. This makes it lighter when compared to the keyport slide.


The keyport slide is simple, and does not need any accessories for any form of functionality. The clip smart compact on the other hand has an accessory loop, Key Ring, bottle & sim opener, Cash Stash, Carabiner, 20 Spacers and 6 Extensions as extras. Instead of making a purchase for a new holder, you will just adjust the bolts for maximum functionality.

Keyport slide 2.0

Keyport slide 2.0 vs Clips smart compact

The Keyport slide offers you an everyday simple access to all your keys.  You will always have keys to your safe, home or office wherever you go.  This sleek key holder is so small; you won’t feel the weight in your pocket, even when the keys are assembled. It can take up to 6 standard sized keys plus desired accessories. It works perfectly to eliminate any bulk, jingle or disorganisation of the keys. You won’t have to worry about any pokes to your pockets and bags.

If your key does not fit into this holder, you can get a standard sized key duplicated by any locksmith. Although there is no tracker on this device, you can register it for a lost and found reward program just in case of anything.


  • You can customise the keys easily
  • It is compact and lightweight


  • You can’t track the keys when you lose them

Clip smart compact key holder

Keyport slide 2.0 vs Clips smart compact

The clip compact key holder is made with a carbon fibre and the bolts are made of good quality stainless steel. This makes the keychain strong and durable. It can hold up to 18 keys and comes with several accessories and extra attachment loops. The steel screws and bolts are offered in different lengths. Instead of buying a new holder to expand the number of keys, you can just change the bolts on your key holder.

The loop is perfect for installing accessories like a flashlight, opener, large keys or even your car key. You can attach keys on the screws installed on both sides of the loop.  They key arrangement makes it easier for you to pick out a specific key when you need it; the holder offers you a single handed access to any of your frequent keys. This key holder is designed to be compact and more stylish than any set of keys on a keychain.

The pros

  • Made of long lasting material
  • The bolt is adjustable


  • It is expensive

The verdict

I decided to purchase the keyport slide and I am very pleased with this key chain. I can access the right key fast and I don’t have to spend forever trying to open the doors. My keys are no longer bulky and tangled, which is a plus for me.


Do I have to put a rubber washer between the keys?

You can choose to put rubber washers between the keys or install them as they are. Washers will give you a smoother fit but lessen the space for the keys.

How can u get all my keys to fit into the keyport slide?

The simplest way is to have duplicates made is to go to a professional locksmith. They will have your keys duplicated to fit the keyport slide and allow the nubs to attach parts of the keys that stick out.

Can different sized and shaped keys fit into the clip smart compact simultaneously?

Yes, you can fit different size keys into the clip smart compact. Just make sure they total to around the same size on the clip smart compact.

What comes with the keyport slide?

The keyport slide 2.0 has an extra mini slide, a pen insert an s-biner clip and a blade. You can add some additional blade and inserts to increase its capacity.

Will this work with my cars chipped?

The keyport slide is compatible with almost all chipped keys. You can check online for compatibility before you make the purchase.