Keysmart classic vs keysmart rugged – finding a functional keychain

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They keysmart classic is one of the oldest compact key holders and can hold up to 8 standard sized keys. Read the keysmart classic vs keysmart rugged review to make an informed decision.

I am a commercial driver for a hauling company. Cross country drives are my favourite; they may last up to two weeks at a time. I usually have a new truck for each job, which comes with its own set of keys. I also have a number of other keys, including to my house and personal car. Adding the larger truck keys to my chain usually makes it bulky and uncomfortable. I have to take out my car keys before any trip to make sure I can carry my keys comfortably. Instead of worrying about my car while on the road, I considered changing my keychain.  I looked online for keysmart classic vs rugged guide to find a solution.

Differences between Keysmart classic and rugged – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart  rugged Keysmart classic
Capacity 14 keys 8 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 0.64 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium Aluminium with stainless steel
Length 76mm 55mm
Accessories Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories Has a loop to install extra accessories
Maximum length key 80mm 60mm
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart classic vs rugged – A Detailed comparison


The keysmart rugged has a rounded curvature at the center; the design is sleek and keeps your key sets safe and organised. It can also keep your keys compact and constrain the sharp edges from any type of damage.

The keysmart classic basically has the same design but it is smaller and the bolts are les taller. Even so, it works to keep your keys compact and safe


The classic keysmart is convenient only if you need to keep a small set of keys intact. It can accommodate up to 8 keys, which is really not ad when you do not have any additional key sets over time.

The keysmart can hold up to 14 keys and slightly more when expanded. It can work for a while but and will be very useful if you need to add more keys overtime. When it comes to the capacity, they keysmart rugged is perfect.


The designs look similar because they are both from the same manufacturers; both keys are made of aluminium and stainless steel.  The high grade stainless steel is incorporated in the bolts and screws and guarantees strength and durability.


You can add any accessory of your choice in the loop attached to both key holders.  There is no big difference when it comes to the loop attachment, it is placed on one end on both holders and you can take it out by removing the screw.

Keysmart classic review

Keysmart classic vs keysmart rugged

The keysmart classic can accommodate up to 8 of your standard sized keys. The loop side attached perfect for larger keys and car keys and other desired accessories. It is designed to hold  keys that are 55mm and less in length and will successfully eliminate your bulky keys.

It keeps the keys compact; you won’ have to worry about the jingling noise when you are out and about.  It is perfect for stacking your small keys away. It prevents keys from tearing your skin or clothes. The aluminium and steel are the perfect mix that will guarantee you a durable and strong key holder that is light weight at the same time.

The pros

  • Attaching keys is simple
  • Light weight
  • Affordable

The con

  • Cannot organise keys bigger than 55mm
  • The screw may loosen over time

Keysmart rugged review

Keysmart classic vs keysmart rugged

Compared to the classic, the keysmart rugged has a more modern style and is larger. It is very thick, which makes it more durable and safe from any breakage.  It is made of rust free high grade steel and very powerful aluminium. This key holder is a little bulky considering the size and the materials used to construct it.

The keysmart rugged has an improved functionality as a key holder; it has the capability of accommodation up to 14 keys, but has an additional space to install an expansion screw that can fit up to 10 other keys and more. It also has a loop piece and an extra removable clip. The stainless opener installed on the rugged key chain can come in handy at social events. You can attach larger keys, key chains or other keychain accessories that you desire.

The pros

  • It has a loop for larger keys and accessories
  • Strong and durable

The cons

  • It can be bulky

The verdict

Even though these keys seem convenient for the job, I went with the keysmart rugged. I appreciate the fact that it holds more keys and I can keep adding more when I have to. The car keys fit perfectly without making it too bulky and the accessories are very helpful.


Can I remove the pocket clip from the key smart rugged?

Yea, the pocket clip can easily be removed and it will leave the keysmart rugged looking cool and organised.

Does the keysmart rugged have space for a USB?

The USB adaptor is not included in the keysmart rugged package. This does not mean that it will not fit well into the arrangement, you can purchase it separately.

What if I do not need the bottle opener on my key organiser?

The opener is easily removable. It is included with the package and is perfect if you will not be keeping the key organiser in your pockets.

Can you mix your regular sized keys with longer keys on the keysmart classic?

The keysmart classic is meant to fit standard sized keys. This means that bigger keys may not work well with this key organiser, you may want to go with the rugged for that option.

Can I install store tags on the keysmart classic?

It depends on the structure of your tag; some are created conveniently with holes on the corner and will fit perfectly. Unfortunately, a tag that is a little too big will not fit well.