Keysmart VS Carbocage keycage – which one is better

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 The carbocage keycage comes with several steel bots that you can interchange to expand your key holder. This review of keysmart vs carbocage keycage will help you make the right choice.

I work a strict schedule with a major mobile cab service provider in my city. To add on that, have a second job, which means that I have little time to do any housework.  I often hire a cleaning lady to take care of the work. She ends up locking my keys in the house most of the times. I was forced to carry around a bunch of keys to work. Because of this, I often found myself needing to replace my locks and make copies. I looked online and this keysmart vs carbocage keycage comparison helped me find the solution.

Differences between Keysmart and Carbocage keycage – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Carbocage keycage
Capacity 14 keys 14 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces o.48 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium Stainless steel and carbon
Length 76mm
Maximum length key 80mm 2.95 inches
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart VS Carbocage keycage – A Detailed Comparison


The keysmart has a central curvature which is created to conceal the edges of your keys and keep them from chewing up or scratching your pockets or bag. Additionally, body is made of a different material than the bolts but they blend in well. The material is strong and weightless at the same time

The shape of the carbocage is much different with one side being wider than the other. The materials on the body and bots are different, but it also feels strong and weightless.

When expanded, the keysmart can hold up to 14 standard sized keys, which is super convenient. The keys are installed on both end of the holder. The arrangement does not matter as long as both sides have an even width.

The carbocage keycage also has installation screws on both sides. You can install keys on each side without worrying if the thickness of the keys matter.


Keysmart is made of high grade aluminium and good quality stainless steel and rustfree bolts. You would think this material makes it heavy but the key chain is weightless when the keys are not installed.  Carbocage is made of carbon and the bolts are stainless steel. This makes it lighter when compared to the keysmart.


On the keysmart, a loop is installed. You can attach accessories like flashlights, bottle openers or just decorators. The loop is also convenient when it comes to attachment of larger keys and car keys.

Carbocage ‘s loop is installed on the keycage instead of the key. You can attach accessories, car keys and larger keys.  The screw space is adjustable through installing a new longer bolt


Keysmart VS Carbocage keycage

The keysmart is designed to keep the sharp edges of your keys compact and safe; you won’t have to worry about your bunch of keys pocking you through your pocket or pocking holes into your clothes and bags.  The modem design also helps keep your keys organised and free from tangle.

It can accommodate from 1 to 14 keys if they are standard sized.  The loop attachment is extra space for bigger keys, car keys or desired accessories.  If your key is longer than 88mm, it has no chances of fitting into this key holder.  The high quality stainless steel and aircraft aluminium makes it strong and durable. The ergonomic design and Swiss style makes it ultra light even when your key collections are added.


  • It comes with some accessories
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The bolts won’t need any tightening after a while


  • It is expensive

Carbocage keycage 

Keysmart VS Carbocage keycage

This key holder is designed to be compact and more stylish than any set of keys on a keychain. It offers you a single handed access to any of your frequent keys. They key arrangement makes it easier for you to pick out a specific key when you need it. You can attach keys on the screws installed on both sides of the loop.  The loop is perfect for installing accessories like a flashlight, opener, large keys or even your car key.

It is made with a carbon fibre and the bolts are made of good quality stainless steel. This makes the keychain strong and durable. It can hold up to 14 keys and the unbreakable steel screws and bolts are offered in different lengths. Instead of buying a new holder to expand the number of keys, you can just change the bolts on your key holder.

The pros

  • The bolt is adjustable
  • Made of long lasting material


  • It is expensive

The verdict

Since I do not need to attach my car keys to the set, I decided to go with the carbocage keychain. My help seems happy with the decision, she has not complained about locking the keys in the house again. She attached the loop to her pocket until all the work is done.


Does carbocage Keycage fit keypads?

If your keypads are the same size as the carbocage keycage they can fit on it perfectly.You will need to add them at the very end to loop.

Is there a longer version of the Keycage?

There is only one size of the carbocage Key cage with the distance of the bolts or axis measuring 2.77 inches or 70.5mm.It can fit one to fourteen keys.

Will Carbocage Keycage come with a warranty?

It comes with warranty. It will be replaced by the manufacturer if there is an accidental defect but in the first year

Does carbocage keycage hold the keys firmly?

To make it hold longer, you need to tighten the screw often. To achieve the best results, make sure you put a ring between every key.

Will CarboCage Keycage fit in to a wallet?

It will fit in a wallet depending on the size of the wallet and the number of keys you have on it. You can measure your pouch and compare it with the cage. If the measurement of your pouch is larger than that of the cage then it will definitely fit.