Keysmart vs clip smart compact – quantity over quality?

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The clip smart key compact can accommodate up to 18 standard sized keys. Read the keysmart vs clip smart compact review to know more about these two functional key chains

As a rental building manager, you really have to deal with so many things including keeping spare keys and extra keys safe. The only way I can do that is label them and stack them all in one key chain in an organised manner. One issue is, my office is so far away and every time I have to travel to take care of an issue or two, I risk losing some of the keys because of how they are kept. Finding a permanent solution was not easy, but I set my mind to it.

Differences between Keysmart and clip smart compact – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Clips smart compact key
Capacity 14 keys 18 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 0.64 ounces
Material Rust free Stainless steel and aluminium Carbon Fibre & Stainless Steel
Accessories Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories Accessory loop, Bottle & Sim opener , Key Ring, Cash Stash, Carabiner, 20 Spacers and 6 Extensions.
Maximum length key 80mm 80mm
Check the price Check the price


Keysmart vs clip smart compact – A Detailed Comparison


The clip smart compact has a complicated zigzag shape that adds to its performance.  It is the perfect key chain for storage, arrangement and keeping your keys compact. It has a zigzag shapes that arranges the keys from both sides of the keychain.

They keysmart has a simple rounded curvature at the center; the design is sleek and keeps your key sets safe and organised. It keeps you pockets and clothes safe from scratches.


The keysmart keychain can hold up to 14 keys and slightly more when expanded. It can work for a while and will be very useful if you need to add more keys overtime. The clip smart key compact can accommodate up to 18 keys with all the loops and accessories provided with this key chain


The clip smart key compact is made of carbon and the bolts are stainless steel. This makes it lighter when compared to the keysmart. The keysmart on the other hand is made of high grade aluminium and rust free stainless steel. This makes it a good quality long lasting keychain


The loop attached on one side of both key holders is perfect for keeping larger keys and other key accessories like a torch, opener or pen knife.


Clip smart compact key holder

Keysmart vs clip smart compact

This key holder is designed to be compact and more stylish than any set of keys on a keychain. It can hold up to 18 keys and comes with several accessories and extra attachment loops. The materials used to create this keychain make it strong and durable. The clip compact key holder is made with a carbon fibre and the bolts are made of good quality stainless steel. The steel screws and bolts are offered in different lengths. Instead of buying a new holder to expand the number of keys, you can just change the bolts on your key holder.

The loop is perfect for installing accessories like a flashlight, opener, large keys or even your car key. You can attach keys on the screws installed on both sides of the loop.  They key arrangement makes it easier for you to pick out a specific key when you need it; the holder offers you a single handed access to any of your frequent keys.

The pros

  • Adjustable bolts
  • Strong and durable


  • It is expensive


Keysmart vs clip smart compact

The edges are rounded to keep the keys from pocking your bag, pocket or even skin when the keys are in your pockets. It is made of high quality rust free steel and high grade aluminium; it won’t break easily when you drop it on the ground. What I love about this holder is that it is very light in weight; when you add the keys it won’t be so bulky.

Keysmart is created to eliminate the bulk of carrying too many keys.  This pocket size key holder is affordable, smart with space and will provide you with a good organisation system.  It can accommodate up to 14 keys that are less than are 88 mm long.  You can attach a large key, car key or accessory at the loop side of this key holder.

The pros

  • Strong screws which don’t need tightening over time
  • Easy to assemble the keys

The cons

  • It’s expensive

The verdict

The clips smart key holder works perfectly to keep my keys compact and organised. It definitely caters for the number of keys I have to handle, and there is more space if I need to add more keys to the collection. I like the fact that the material is strong which means I can have this for a while. The extra parts are included in the first package you get. this means that if some parts get old fast or get lost, you can replace them with the extras you got once you purchased the key holder.


How will you differentiate your keys on the clips compact key holder?

To identify your keys on the clips key holder, you will have to be creative. You can colour your keys with different colours or put colored plastic labels on your key.

Does clip compact key holder work with 2.5 inches keys?

The clip smart key holder measures 3.6 inches. Therefore, will work with 2.5 inches keys installed on one side or both sides.

Will car key fit on the clips key holder?

A small car key will fit perfectly on the key holder. If your car key is not small enough you can use the carabiner found in the box to attach your bigger keys.

What will it take to add some of your keys to the keybar?

You will only need to use the standard provided screws for every key to add all your keys. You get the screws when you purchase the keybar for the first time.