Keysmart VS Keybar – The best key organiser to carry everyday

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When the loop extension is screwed on, keybar holds up to 28 keys. Keysmart vs keybar will help you decide on your everyday key chain choice.

Whether you are going to work, school, and the supermarket or even to the park, you want to ensure you have your keys intact and not lost somewhere between your journeys. This has happened to me one too many times.  I leave for the supermarket but by the time I get back home, I’ve lost my keys and can access my apartment. Replacing the locks can be costly when you have done that too many times.

Differences between Keysmart and Keybar – How do they compare?

comparison keysmart Keybar
Capacity 14 keys


28-12 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 1.6 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium Aluminium and stainless stonewashed steel
Length 76mm 88mm
Accessories loop included to install accessories Includes loop to install extras
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart VS Keybar- A Detailed Comparison


These are two completely different key chains when it comes to the outward appearance. The keybar has a more rounded curvature at the edges, which keeps it smooth and shields the sharp edges of the keys from tearing and poking while it is in your pocket. The keysmart has a curvature around the body but can keep the edges safe to some extent.


When extended, the keysmart can hold up to 14 keys, which is pretty convenient when you do not have too many keys. The keybar on the other hand can hold up to 28 keys when the extension screw is attached; this is perfect if you are constantly increasing your keys.


The keybar is made of good quality aluminium and pure stainless steel; this will prevent any form of breakage and ensure the holder lasts you a while.  For the keybar, the body is made of stonewashed stainless steel and the bolts of high grade aluminium. It also seems strong and durable.


They both have a loop attachment where you can add your favourite accessory. You can add a torch, small pen knife, bottle opener or extra keys like car keys and the keychain still won’t be bulky.


The keybar weighs surprisingly less than the keysmart. Without any keys installed, the keybar is 1.6 ounces heavy while the keybar is double the weight. This makes the keybar more pocket friendly and convenient.


The keysmart can accommodate up to 14 keys of 80 mm or less, keeping them organised and tingle free. It also has a loop attached; you can install a larger key, car key or fob remote. Keysmart is pocket –sized and designed to organise your keys, saving your space, time and money. This instant key organiser will protect your skin, clothes and bags from key scratches and key pokes or holes.

The round edges keep it smooth making it possible for you to throw it in your pocket without any worry.  Even though this key holder is made of high quality aluminium and stainless steel, it is lightweight.  These qualities are designed to make it long lasting. The screws on the keysmart are easy to handle, you can open it up simply with a coin and close it back up when the keys are installed. The bolts are pretty tight and will not get lose over a short period of time.

The pros

  • Easy to install keys
  • You won’t need to tighten the keys after a while

The cons

  • It’s expensive
  • It is bulky


Keybar is made from stainless and rust free steel plus high grade aluminium, making it unbreakable and long lasting.  This design is ergonomic to keep it less bulky and easier to move around with even when you install your key collections.  It is pocket sized and can organise your keys perfectly making them easier to locate.

This key holder can amazingly accommodate 28 standard keys when the extension screw is combined.  Normally, it can hold 12 standard keys when the standard screws are attached. It is an instant key organiser that minimises the jingling noise when you are moving.  The design is perfectly made to control the sharp edges of any keys from breaking holes into your clothes and bags or scratching your skin.

The pros

  • Perfect organiser for your keys
  • You can arrange various types of keys

The cons

  • It is quite expensive
  • Screws may loosen overtime

The verdict

While both the Keybar and keychain are portable, I find that the Keybar may be easier to carry.  There is no question that both key holders are long lasting due to the stainless steel incorporated with aluminium. The Keybar can hold fewer keys but with an extra extension I will be able to add on more keys when I need to.  Keybar is extremely lightweight which makes it easier to carry, you won’t even remember you had it in your pocket since there are no scratches and pokes from the keys.


Will you have to drill a hole in your keys to fit in the keybar?

The keybar comes with a standard screw that will fit through the holes of almost all of your keys. It means that you do not have to drill holes into your keys.

Do thicker keys fit in the keybar?

You will need to add proper spacing for your thicker plastic car keys. In comparison with your normal house keys they will extend further than expected.

What is the maximum length for a key to fit in the keybar?

The keybar will accommodate smaller keys. The maximum length of the key that fits will depend on your keys unique size.

Can keybar work with Medeco key?

The keybar works well with the right Medeco key.The manufacturer will offer you a return policy of up to 30 days if it does not work with your specific Medeco key.

Will keybar come with a fob for the larger keys?

Just like other key holders, the keybar comes with a fob that will hold your larger keys in place.