Keysmart VS Keyport slide – Opening your lock has never been easier

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The keysmart VS keyport breaks down all the differences and similarities of the two holders to help you come to the best conclusion. The keyport can accommodate up to 6 keys to lessen the bulk.

As a student living in a big city, the only way to survive the high rental costs is to share a complex or apartment with a roommate. Since I work regular evening shifts, I tend to come home late and find my roommate asleep. She complains a lot about my jingling keys and the amount of time is spend picking the lock with the wrong key (close to 10 minutes)  I have decided to find a permanent solution to make us both happy since I wouldn’t want to be upset in my sleep the same way I upset her.

Differences between Keysmart and Keyport slide – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Keyport slide
Capacity 14 keys 6 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 1.76 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium Polycarbonate and nickel plated brass
Length 76mm 76mm
Accessories Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories There are several options to customise your key holder
Maximum length key 80mm
Check  the price Check the price

Keysmart VS Keyport slide – A Detailed Comparison


Both keysmart and Keyport slide are designed to keep your keys intact, organised and safe. While they have different looks, they work well to keep your keys compact and prevent them from injury to your skin and outfits.

When the keys are attached, the keyport allows you to slide the key in use. This actually makes it easier for so you do not have to try several wrong keys on one lock.


The keyport slide can accommodate up to 6 keys without any exterior expansion while the keysmart will hold up to 14 standard sized keys. With one holding more than the other, you will have to decide depending on your interest.


The compact keyport slide is designed through fusion of polycarbonate and nickel plated parts that make it compact, malleable but easily breakable. The strong aluminium and high grade rust free stainless steel of the keysmart will ensure no damage upon collision with hard surfaces and you will have the holder for a long time.


Keysmart keychain has a loop attached to one of the side where you can add extra lengthy, huge and car keys. The keyport slide is simple and will not need any accessories to make it any more useful.


The polycarbonate material of the keyport key holder makes it lightweight, even when the keys are assembled on it. as for the keysmart the assembled keys will make it heavier considering it is made out of two strong metals.

Keyport slide

Keysmart VS Keyport slide

The Keyport slide offers you an everyday access to all your important keys.  You will always have keys to your safe, home or office wherever you go.  This sleek key holder is so small; you won’t feel the weight in your pocket, even when the keys are assembled. It can take up to 6 standard sized keys plus desired accessories. It works perfectly to eliminate any bulk, jingle or disorganisation of the keys. You won’t have to worry about any pokes to your pockets and bags.

If your key does not fit into this holder, you can get a standard sized key duplicated by any locksmith. Although there is no tracker on this device, you can register it for a lost and found reward program just in case of anything.


  • You can customise the keys easily
  • It is compact and lightweight


  • You can’t track the keys when you lose them


Keysmart VS Keyport slide

You don’t have to worry about your bunch of keys pocking you through your pocket or pocking holes into your clothes and bags when you have the keysmart; it is designed to conceal the sharp edges of your keys.  The keysmart has a modem design that helps keep your keys organised and tangle free.  While it can accommodate up to 14 standard sized keys, and has an extra loop attachment that offers you space for bigger keys and cars keys.  keep in mind that the keys must be 88 mm and less to fit the key chain. The high quality stainless steel and aircraft aluminium makes it strong and durable. The ergonomic design and Swiss style makes it ultra light even when your key collections are added.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • The bolts won’t need any tightening after a while
  • Comes with several accessories


  • Can’t be tracked when lost

The final verdict

I found that the keyport slide is way more convenient for me. When I get to the door, all I have to do is slide out the right key and open the lock in less than a minute. With the keyport slide, I no longer walk with a jingling sound and I’m happy about that.


Can the Keyport slide keys be duplicated by a lock smith?

It is possible to have your keys duplicated by your local locksmith. Alternatively, you can order additional keys from the manufacturer that can be delivered to you by mail.

What does the Keyport slide bundle include?

After purchasing the Keyport bundle, you will get a Keyport slide, S-Biener clip, pen insert,  mini light,  SC1, KW1blade.Other accessories can be purchased from the manufacturer.

Can you get blank keys for cars?

You can order Blades which are compatible key blanks from the Keyport websites. You can also Use the Key Me app where you can order your keys to Be delivered through mail. The app scans your Keys, identifies them and has your blades made.

How many keys can the Keyport slide hold?

The key holder has 6 banks that are placed three on each side. It can hold 6 keys and up to 10 keys when you remove the flashlight.

How sturdy is the Key holder?

The key holder is a very Hi-tech device with a sleek design. It will hold your keys intact without poking or scratching your pockets.