Keysmart VS Keysmart classic – Looking for my first key holder

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The keysmart vs keysmart classic review will give you a complete outline of the two key holders, and which one will be the perfect for you as a first- timer

If you are reading this, I know you are tired of losing your keys.  Keys are very stressful to carry.  I can’t count how many times I have lost the keys to my apartment, gym locker or misplaced my car keys.  As a busy college student, i do not have enough time to keep losing and replacing keys.  I have lost too much money changing my locks, buying new locks and replacing my keys with copies. Keys on normal key holders are a little rough on my skin, bag and clothes. My leather bags have plenty of scratches, which make them appear old and undesirable.

Differences between Keysmart and Keysmart classic – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Keysmart classic
Material Aluminium and stainless steel Aluminium with stainless steel
Length 76mm 60mm
Maximum key Capacity 14  keys 14 keys
Maximum key length 80mm 55mm
Accessories Loop is included for accessories Has a loop to install extra accessories
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart VS Keysmart classic – A detailed comparison


Basically, the two keys have similar physical features except for the color and the sizes. The curvatures and the edges of both key holders look pretty similar. The head of the bolts where the keys are attached are created in the same shape.  The only difference with these two is the color of the body.


When extended, both keysmart and keysmart classic can hold up to 24 standard sized keys. That is, keys which are below 80 mm in length. The only difference between the two is that with the keysmart classic, you can only install keys that are 66 mm and less.


The material on the key holders is guaranteed to last them a while and prevent any form of breakage when it falls or anything happens.  They are both made of good quality stainless steel and high grade thick aluminium material.  The combination is aluminium on the body and stainless steel bots and screws. This makes them more durable and strong.


The loop attached on one side of both key holders is perfect for keeping larger keys and other key accessories like a torch, opener or pen knife.

Weight and capacity

Although the aluminium and steel mix may seem heavy from the description, you will be surprised to feel the light weight of the key holders.  Both holders can accommodate up to 14 keys when expanded.

The size of the holder

They keysmart classic is quite small when compared to the keysmart. It is 60 mm long while the keysmart is 80 mm long this makes the classic easily portable and comfortable in your pocket.

Keysmart classic

Keysmart VS Keysmart classic

This key holder will hold up to 8 of your keys. You can successfully eliminate your bulky keys and is created to hold keys that are 55mm and less in length.  The loop side attached perfect for larger keys and car keys and other desired accessories.Keysmart eliminates noise so you won’t have to worry about that as you move about in quiet places. It is perfect for stacking your small keys away. It prevents keys from tearing your skin or clothes. This holder is made of aluminium and stainless steel, meaning it will last you a while.

The pros

  • It is affordable

The con

  • The screw can be fragile
  • Cannot organise keys bigger than 55mm


Keysmart VS Keysmart classic

Basically, keysmart is created to eliminate the bulk of carrying too many keys.  This pocket size key holder is affordable, smart with space and will provide you with a good organisation system.  It can accommodate up to 14 keys that are less than are 88 mm long.  You can attach a large key, car key or accessory at the loop side of this key holder.

The edges are rounded to keep the keys from pocking your bag, pocket or even skin when the keys are in your pockets. What I love about this holder is that it is very light in weight; when you add the keys it won’t be so bulky.  It is made of high quality rust free steel and high grade aluminium; it won’t break easily when you drop it on the ground.

The pros

  • Easy to assemble the keys
  • The ultimate keychain for multiple thick keys
  • Strong screws which don’t need tightening

The cons

  • It’s expensive

The verdict 

Keysmart and keysmart classic basically serve the same purpose; the difference is that one is bigger than the other.  If you are looking for small very portable key holder for 5 keys and bellow, the keysmart classic would be the best choice. Keysmart is great if you are looking to expand the number of keys on your chain.


What materials make the Keysmart?

Its body is made of plastic and strengthened with metal screws, spacers and key rings. These features make the key holder sturdy and last longer.

Can the key fobs be removed easily?

Attaching and removing the Keyport depends on the mechanism of your carabiner. The quick disconnect which is an S-Biner will help you remove and attach your key with ease.

Does the Keysmart Lite manufacturer offer engraving?

It’s possible to have your key engraved. It will however depend on the number of orders. Engraving is however reserved for bulk orders.

How many keys keysmart Lite hold?

It can hold four keys on each side making it hold a total of 8 keys. If you want to hold more keys,  you can get an external attachment that allows you to hold 12 keys.

Can it fit car keys?

Keysmart Lite has a length of 2 inches and 3.18 inches. There is a loop piece that comes with the key holder that makes it strong to hold bulky keys, car keys and key fobs.