Keysmart VS Keysmart Lite – A Change for the better

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When it comes to capacity, the aluminium and stainless steel Keysmart lite holder can accommodate up to 8 keys. This review of keysmart VS Keysmart lite will help you separate the major differences.

To be honest, I have been carrying my keychain for a number of years now but I’m exhausted. I never once thought I would need a designed keychain for my keys but something changed my mind. I have lost so many skirts, trousers and designer bags to a scratch caused by my keys and keychain. The make so much noise that people can hear me for a mile away. The other issue is, I keep losing and replacing the keys; if you can relate you probably understand how confusing it can be to work with new keys.

Differences between Keysmart and Keysmart Lite – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Keysmart lite
Capacity 14 keys 8 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 0.8 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium Polycarbonate frames and stainless steel
Length 76mm 76mm
Accessories Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories Extra loop is installed for additional accessories
Maximum length key 80mm 80mm
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart VS keysmart lite- a descriptive comparison


Both the keysmart and the keysmart lite have a central curvature and rounded edges that will conceal the sharp edges of the keys from poking you, your clothes or your bag.  The keysmart is less bulky and disorganised while in the pocket. The keysmart extended has a rounded curvature at the center; the design is sleek and keeps your key sets safe and organised. The design Is created to keep the sharp edges of your keys from causing damage to your skin or belongings and clothes.


While the keysmart can accommodate up to 14 standard sized keys, the keysmart light can only manage 8 keys of the same sizes. Almost all aspects of these two key holders are alike, including the size and length and the fact that they can accommodate the same number of keys. Keysmart extended and keysmart pro can accommodate around 8 standard sized keys.


The keysmart lite is made from polycarbonate frames which is basically just hard plastic and the screws and bolts are made from good quality stainless steel.  The polycarbonate is strong but won’t last you as long as the aluminium. The keysmart key holder is made of high grade aluminium and good quality stainless steel which will last longer compared to the polycarbonate and stainless steel combination of the keysmart lite key holder. It is also less liable to damage upon impact.


For both holders, an extra loop is included where you can attach accessories like a torch, a mini opener, pen knife and others.  You can also attach larger keys or your car key to either key holder.


Both key holders seem light in weight with the keysmart lite being the lightest. The difference is not that large but will probably be noticeable once you attach the keys to each holder.

Maximum key length

Since the holders are nearly the same length, they can accommodate the same length of keys. both can take up to a maximum of 80mm long keys.


The keysmart can accommodate up to 14 keys which are 88 mm and less. It also has a loop included where you can attach larger keys and car keys. This instant key organiser has rounded edges; it will keep your keys organised and intact and prevent them from poking holes into your clothes and bags.

This high grade aluminium and high quality stainless steel key holder is designed to hold multiple keys together while eliminating any bulkiness simultaneously.  Despite its high grade materials, the keysmart is surprisingly light and won’t add any extra bulkiness to your set of keys.  With this holder, you can forget the disorganisation and tingle of your keys as you move.


  • Easy to assemble the keys
  • Strong screws which don’t need tightening


  • It is very expensive

Keysmart Lite

Keysmart VS Keysmart Lite

Keysmart lite is designed to eliminate all the bulky mess your keys can cause when dumped in your pocket or bag. It can accommodate up to 8 standard keys but also has an extra loop where you can attach your extra keys and car key.  The frames are made of polycarbonate while bolts are of high grade stainless steel.

You won’t have to worry about your key jingles every time you walk to open the door of your house. The design keeps your keys from pocking into your designer clothes and bags.  No custom keys are needed to organise all your keys into this key holder.  The keys are easy to assemble and the perfect fit on this holder.  The bolts will expand to fit the keys needed.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Slim design that fits comfortable in your pocket


  • Made of delicate material

The verdict

When it comes down to choosing the right key holder, it all depends on the number of keys on your keychain. Both keysmart and keysmart lite work well to create a compact keychain that organises your keys, reduces jingling and keeps them safely in your pocket.


Can the key fobs be removed easily?

Attaching and removing the Keyport depends on the mechanism of your carabiner. The quick disconnect which is an S-Biner will help you remove and attach your key with ease.

How many keys keysmart Lite hold?

It can hold four keys on each side making it hold a total of 8 keys. If you want to hold more keys,  you can get an external attachment that allows you to hold 12 keys.

Can it fit car keys?

Keysmart Lite has a length of 2 inches and 3.18 inches. There is a loop piece that comes with the key holder that makes it strong to hold bulky keys, car keys and key fobs.

Does the Keysmart Lite manufacturer offer engraving?

It’s possible to have your key engraved. It will however depend on the number of orders. Engraving is however reserved for bulk orders.

What materials make the Keysmart?

Its body is made of plastic and strengthened with metal screws, spacers and key rings. These features make the key holder sturdy and last longer.