Keysmart VS Keysmart Ninja – how many keys can each handle?

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Keysmart VS Keysmart ninja review is guaranteed to help you make the right decision. The polycarbonate and aluminium construction of the key ninja makes it flexible but easy to break.

The toughest thing about working as a guard is handling all the building keys assigned to me. I can’t lie; I have lost close to 50 keys while I’m off duty. Sometimes I leave them at the mall, on the train or in the park. On my lucky days I get to recover the keys but when I’m not I have to use the my finances to replace them, that’s just how my company policy works. I have lost a lot of money trying to replace the keys. The improvised metal key chain offered to me by the landlord has torn off most of my pockets and jacket pockets. This is why I set out to find the perfect solution.

Differences between Keysmart and Keysmart Ninja – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Key Ninja
Capacity Expands to fit 14 keys Expands to fit 30 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 2.08 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium Aluminium and plastic construction
Length 76mm 76mm
Accessories Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories Built in bottle opener and 2 LED lights, S hook for larger keys and remotes,  3 lithium metal batteries are required
Maximum length key 80mm 80mm
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 Key ninja VS Keysmart  – A Detailed comparison


When it comes to aesthetic, you can never go wrong with either of them. They are designed with round edges and a smooth body to keep sharp edges of your keys from pocking holes into your clothes, bags or scaring your skin.


You can expand the keysmart to hold up to 14 standard sized keys while the key ninja is expandable to fit up to 30 keys.


This is one of the major differences between the two. The keysmart is built using a high grade aluminium and good quality stainless steel while the key ninja is made of polycarbonate frames and stainless steel. The key ninja can break more easily and won’t last as long as the keysmart.


The keysmart has a simple loop where you can attach a bigger key of your car keys. The key ninja has 2 ED lights attached, a built in bottle opener and an s hook where you can attach larger keys, car keys and remotes.


The polycarbonate material of the key ninja makes it lighter and even less bulky when keys are assembled when compared to the keysmart.  The stainless steel and aluminium combo is perfectly durable and will last you for quite a while.

Maximum key length

For both holders, a maximum of 80 mm key length is required to make it more comfortable and pocket friendly when travelling.  The length of the key is measured from tip t tip. For installation length, it should be less than 76mm from the hole to the tip of the key.


Keysmart VS Keysmart Ninja

This compact key holder eliminates the tangle and jingle that can come with your set of keys.  Keysmart is pocket –sized and designed to organise your keys, saving your space, time and money. It can accommodate up to 14 standard keys that are 80 mm thick or lower.

The loop attachment included is meant to accommodate bigger keys or your car keys.  With the keysmart, you won’t have to worry about holes in your pockets and designer bags; the design keeps the keys compact and conceals their sharp edges that may cause harm.  It is made of high grade aircraft aluminium and good quality stainless steel that makes it durable. Despite having this high quality material, it is lightweight even with the keys installed.

The pros

The cons

  • It is expensive

Key ninja

Keysmart VS Keysmart Ninja

This 2 ounce key chain does the incredible work of accommodating up to 30 keys.  It has a loop included where you can attach the extra keys and your car keys. It includes a built in bottle opener and a couple of LED lights as accessories. The design includes a bonus hook where you can attach your car key or a mini-remote. It keeps your keys compact and eliminates any sort of bulk or disorganisation.  The extended parts are free and come in the same package. This key holder is made of plastic and aluminium construction which makes it less bulky when you attach your keys

The pros

  • Can accommodate multiple keys
  • Has led lights and bottle opener
  • It is very affordable

The cons

  • Can damage easily

The verdict

To make the right choice, take into consideration how many keys you have on your key chain. While the key ninja can accommodate plenty of keys and has desirable accessories, the keysmart will last you longer but won’t be able to hold most keys. I found that the key ninja is perfect for my job for its ability to accommodate all my keys at once.


Does the Keysmart manufacturer offer engraving?

It’s possible to have your key engraved. It will however depend on the number of orders. Engraving is however reserved for bulk orders.

Does Keysmart  accommodate more keys

The Keysmart extended comes with a user’s guide that is sent to your email address inform of a PDF file after making an order. It also comes in the products box in the printed format.

Does Keysmart work with keys with heavy plastic covering?

The Keysmart works fine with various types of keys depending on how thick they are. Consider removing the plastic covers to fit properly and accommodate more keys.

Can the key fobs be removed easily?

Attaching and removing the Keyport depends on the mechanism of your carabiner. The quick disconnect which is an S-Biner will help you remove and attach your key with ease.

How many keys keysmart hold?

It can hold four keys on each side making it hold a total of 8 keys. If you want to hold more keys, you can get an external attachment that allows you to hold 12 keys.