Keysmart VS Keysmart rugged – the perfect key holder for all my keys

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Keysmart rugged is made with soft edges that confine the keys and keeps them from poking hole into the pocket. Keysmart rugged VS keysmart comparison will help you find the perfect key holder.

Hi, my name is john I work as a part-time landlord in a small rental building.  Besides taking care of the property, the most frustrating thing has to be handling the endless amount of keys associated with the property.  Carrying the keys with a handmade/ traditional holder is frustrating; it may take me a while to figure out which key works where. After I lost all my keys and had to replace the locks because I had no spare, I thought about getting a replacement holder that will make all my work easier.

Differences between Keysmart and Keysmart rugged – How do they compare?

Keysmart Keysmart rugged
Material Stainless steel and high grade aluminium Aluminium and stainless steel
Length 76mm 76mm
Capacity 14 Keys 14 keys
Maximum key length 80 mm 80mm
thickness 1*3 mm  2*3 mm
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart VS Keysmart rugged- a descriptive comparison


When you look at both the keysmart and keysmart rugged, they are almost identical in the curvature and design. The difference comes in at the bolts.


Both key holders can hold up to 14 keys after extension. The keys must be standard sized, meaning they must not be bigger than 88 mm in length. Bigger keys can simply be added to the extension.


There is really no difference in the material; they are both made of high grade aluminium and good quality rust free and stainless steel. This material makes them durable and safe from any damage. You do not have to worry about the bulkiness, you won’t notice a change even when they keys are installed.


They keysmart is installed with a loop piece for extra keys, while the keysmart ragged has a loop and extra removable clip installed.  The extra clip gives the keysmart rugged more advantage when it comes to adding some key extensions.

The size of the holder

When it comes to length, they are both super short. You can throw both holders on your pocket and purse without them feeling too bulky. They are so comfortable to carry in the pocket, you will not have to worry about taking them out and losing them.


Keysmart VS Keysmart rugged

Keysmart can accommodate up to 14 keys but they must be 88mm long or less. It is created with a loop on one side where you can attach a car key or any accessory of your choice. This key holder is affordable as well as pocket size friendly.  It is designed to keep all your keys together and eliminate any bulkiness. You won’t have to worry about any jingling keys when you are walking around.

It is designed to keep the keys from scratching your pockets, bags or skin when you store the keys away. The rounded edge keeps them compacts and smooth; you can store them in your pockets easily. Although the keysmart is made from high grade aluminium and rust free stainless still, it is lightweight and creates less bulkiness with your keys.  The high grade materials are guaranteed to last you for years.

The pros

  • Easy to assemble the keys
  • Strong screws which don’t need tightening

The cons

  • It is pricey

Keysmart rugged

Keysmart VS Keysmart rugged

They keysmart rugged is bigger and has a more modern style. It has a thick build making it more durable and safe from breakage. Rugged is made of rust free high grade steel and very powerful aluminium.  It has the capability of accommodation up to 14 keys, but has an additional space to install an expansion screw that can fit up to 100 other keys.

The keysmart rugged has an improved functionality as a key holder; it has a loop piece and an extra removable clip. You can attach larger keys, key chains or other keychain accessories that you desire.  The stainless opener installed on the rugged key chain is pretty convenient. This key holder is a little bulky considering the size, extra pieces and accessories.

The pros

You can hold more keys

Extra loops and clips for keys and accessories

The cons

It is bulky

The verdict

The keysmart rugged is the better choice when you have too many keys to handle. It may be a bit too bulky but it will work well to arrange all your keys in one spot. The fact that you can install an additional screw or chain makes this key holder perfect if you own hundreds of functional keys.


Can I install scanning key cards on either key holder?

Generally, the shape and size of your key card will determine whether it will be able to fit into the keychain.  If it is larger, you can install it into the loop instead.

Does the keysmart come in loose parts or will I have to assemble?

The keysmart comes assembles. You will have to remove the screws to install your keys but that is just a simple part of the process.

Will the keysmart fit old key car models?

If the hole on the key is not excessively tiny, it will fit into the key holder easily. As long as you install keys of uniform thickness on both ends you will not have any issues.

Can I fit a key that is more than 3 inches long into the keysmart?

In cm, 3 inches is mm is around 76, and the keysmart can accommodate up to 80 mm long keys recommended. Just make sure your key is not alarmingly larger than 3 inches.

Will a mix of standard and extended keys fit will in the keysmart rugged?

It all depends on the number and size of keys you have on both sides of the key holder. You will have to limit one side in a way that they fit with the same thickness on the same side.