Keysmart VS Keystax – A permanent solution to losing your keys

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The keysmart stainless steel key holder is light in weight and can accommodate all your keys and is built with a loop for extra keys and accessories. The keystax vs keysmart comparison will help you make the right choice.

On most days, I feel that I have too many keys. On days that I do not, I usually have lost some of them. I work as a janitor at my local college campus during the day and a convenience store assistant at night. Most of the time, I find myself with a large number of keys throughout the day. I may mix up my keys when changing shifts, which usually results in some lost time.  several keys have been replaced in the process. I looked into this key stacks vs keysmart comparison to find an ideal and safe key holder.

Differences between Keysmart and Keystax – How do they compare?

comparison Keystax Keysmart
Capacity 8 keys 14 keys
Weight 0.32 ounces 3.2 ounces
Material Stainless steel and polycarbonate Stainless steel and aluminium
Length 88mm 76mm
Accessories Loop included loop included
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart VS Keystax – A Detailed comparison

The material

The keystax holder is made of stainless still combined with a strong polycarbonate while the keysmart is made of a combination of high grade stainless steel and aluminium which makes it relatively stronger. The keystax is prone to more damage during accidental drops and may not last as long as the keysmart holder

The weight and capacity

While the keystax holder can only accommodate a maximum of 8 keys, they keysmart can take up to 14 keys. Both key holders have a loop slot for expansion but the keysmart will still hold more keys. Keysmart key holder is 10 times the size of the keystax

The size of the holder

The keystax holder is 88 mm long while the keysmart is 76 mm long. This makes the keysmart more portable and pocket friendly, but only by a few millimetres. You can carry both holders in your pocket without having to worry about the bulk

Maximum key length

With the keysmart, the seller recommends a maximum of 80 mm on your key; you can carry longer ones on the keystax.  The keysmart accommodates keys that are less than 3 inches long. If you try installing longer keys, they won’t be stored compactly in the key holder. Larger keys will stick out of the key holder and make it uncomfortable to carry around in your pocket.


Keysmart VS Keysmart rugged

Keystax is the perfect product t help get rid of a bulky keychain. They loop piece on one side of this keychain can be attached to larger keys and car keys.  Keystax can hold up to 8 keys.  You can hold multiple keys and create fewer jingles as you walk in the office or any delicate place.

With this holder, you won’t find your keys pocking you from your pocket every time you’re seated somewhere.  The keystax holder does not require any custom keys fitted, you can stack all your keys and still have them neatly arranged. The manufacture provides you with a two year warranty for this key even though it is made out of strong steel hardware and polycarbonate frames.

The pros

  • It is very affordable
  • Organises any size keys together

The cons

  • May be too bulky


Keysmart VS Keysmart rugged

They keysmart was invented to keep your keys neat and organised.  This keysmart will help you get rid of noisy tangling keys and give you an organised system that will save your space, time and money.  The standard keysmart will accommodate up to 14 of your keys given they are less than 80 mm thick each.

The designers have included a loop attachment where you can install larger car keys or fob remote. It is an instant key organiser.  It is also guaranteed to protect your clothes and bags; the keysmart keeps you from poking holes. It has edges that keep the sharp parts away from your designer clothes and bags. You don’t have to worry about this key organiser being too bulky; it is made from high quality aluminium and stainless steel. It is stainless, rust free, light weight and has a design guaranteed to last you a while.

The pros

  • Portable; it’s not too bulky
  • Easy to use
  • You won’t need to tighten the screws

The con

  • It’s expensive

The verdict

Although the keysmart is quite pricey when compared to the keystax, it does the job quite well. I love the fact that I can hold all my keys and my car key in one holder. Another thing is that it is made of steel and aluminium so I won’t have to worry about breaking it when it falls and it will last me a while. It will keep me from spending any more money buying extra keys or changing the locks to my office and home.


Does Keysmart come with a loop piece?

It features a removable loop piece that also fits inside the holder with the keys.

How do you get the key that you need out of the Keystax’s classic closed position?

In case you need to remove a specific key that you want, you will only need to loosen the nut. The key will then slide out easily making it user friendly.

Will the Keysmart fit car keys?

The key holder is sturdy enough to hold your car keys. However the keys must range between 55mm to 80mm in length for it to fit perfectly. In case your key is more than the standard length you can purchase an extender and attach it to the key holder making it hold your keys.

What types of keys does Keysmart accommodate?

I will hold a minimum of two and a maximum of 15.With these number of keys it will leave a small room at the end.

Can you add accessories to your keystax holder?

You can add as many accessories as it can hold and fit. You can also buy other accessories from the keysmart accessories website.