Orbitkey leather vs keysmart – finding the perfect key chain

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The orbit key leather is made of vegetable tanned leather which is environmental friendly. Read through the orbit leather vs keysmart review to get the best option for you.

If you are working two jobs, you will need to find balance in your schedule to maximize on both. I recently had to pick up a second job because my family and I needed all the help we could get. I needed a few weeks to adapt to the rigorous schedule of holding two jobs. It was largely a hassle-free experience until I was put in charge of the storage area for my second job. I regularly keep getting my keys mixed up, which can result in loss of a few hours of work each time. When I had to look online to find a solution, this Keysmart vs Orbitkey review helped me to find a great key chain.

Differences between Orbitkey leather vs keysmart – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Orbit key leather
Capacity 14 keys 2-7 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 1.44 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium Leather
Length 76mm 4.8 inches
Accessories loop included to install accessories Loop attachment for installation
Check the price Check the price

 Keysmart VS orbit key leather – a detailed comparison


These two key chains cannot be any more different when it comes to the outward appearance. The orbitkey looks strong and compact, it is made into a loop shape with one end of the holder having a screw and bolt for key attachment and on the other end there is a loop for accessories. The leather of the orbitkey looks strong and durable.

The Keysmart has a central curvature and rounded edges created to hold your keys while keeping the sharp edges from tearing your clothes or skin. You can install keys on both ends of the holder.


On the orbit key, you can install from 2 to 7 keys comfortably depending on their sizes. The loop extension on one end of both holders allows you to add larger keys like car keys and even more extensions. When extended, the keysmart can hold up to 14 keys, which is pretty convenient when you do not have too many keys or maybe you are planning to add more to the bunch.


The keysmart is made of good quality aluminium and pure stainless steel. The materials are strong, durable and will keep the key chain from any form of damage.

The orbit key is made of good quality leather. The tan stitching on the leather holder holds is firmly to ensure it lasts you longer. This black leather makes the keychain stylish and comfortable while working to keep your keys contact.


Both key holders do not come with attached accessories, but you can install your own on the end of the holder with the loop attachment. For stylish purposes, it is probably best that you refrain from adding too many accessories as they wool look more bulky.


Keysmart VS Keysmart rugged

The keysmart is a beautifully designed key chain that can accommodate up to 14 keys of 80 mm or less, keeping them organised and tingle free. If you are worried about the larger keys like car keys, don’t; it also has a loop attached; you can install a larger key, car key or fob remote.

The keysmart is lightweight even though it is made of high quality aluminium and stainless steel. These qualities are designed to make it strong and long lasting. The round edges keep it smooth making it possible for you to throw it in your pocket without any worry.  This instant key organiser will protect your skin, clothes and bags from key scratches and key pokes or holes.

The pros

  • Easy to install keys
  • You won’t need to tighten the keys after a while

The cons

  • It’s expensive
  • It is bulky

Orbitkey leather 2.0 (tan stitching)

Leather Orbitkey 2. 0

This key holder is the made out of the perfect tanned leather and has the look of a high quality fashion bag. It is designed to eliminate all the jingle and tangle that comes with a disorganised key chain by compactly holding them on a lock. The orbit tan stitched leather keychain is pocket friendly and will protect your belongings from key holes, tears or scratches.  The locking bolts on this holder are made of high grade stainless steel. These combinations of materials make this keychain water resistant and durable.

The pros

  • Made of high quality leather
  • It holds small sets of keys perfectly


  • It is pricey

The verdict

The orbitkey leather is perfect for the job. I can install a clip at the loop and keep it hooked to my clothes every time. it accommodate all my keys perfectly and has room for more in case I want to expand. The leather material on this key chain is perfect, professional, stylish and blends in with my official wear.


Will over tightening cause any issues with the keys?

Over tightening will make it harder for the keys to function properly. You can reduce the trouble by keeping washers between the keys that way they remain easy to access and compact.

Can I mix standard and extended key versions on either key holder?

It all depends on how you put them together. Mixing them will cause a whole mess; you can arrange one type on one side and the other on the remaining side.

Does the orbit key leather accommodate car keys and fobs?

You can install several keys of different lengths and thickness and long as they do not interfere with the size of the screw and the length of the holder.’

Is the D-ring just for key attachment or can you add some extra accessories?

Helpful accessories like a s-biner and traditional loops will make the key chain even more functional. It can also serve as an extra storage for your car key attachment.

Does the orbit key leather come with a loop?

Yes, the orbit key leather has and installation screw on one side and a loop on the other side. The loop is perfect for bigger keys and other accessories.