Keysmart vs orbit key rubber – a great key chain option

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Keysmart vs orbit key rubber review has enough information to help you make the right decision. The orbit key rubber key chain is simple, stylish and functions well to keep your keys compact and accessible.

When I moved into a modern housing complex I thought I did not need a key chain mainly because I used a key card for the elevator and door, but I was wrong. I have lost so many keys to my safe, office drawers and other doors simply because I do not stack them in one chain. I have decided to change that, I want a key chain that will hold all my keys together and also find a way to incorporate my key cards.

Differences between Keysmart and orbit key rubber – How do they compare?

Comparison Orbit key rubber Keysmart
Capacity 2- 7 keys 14 keys
Weight 1.44 ounces 3.2 ounces
Material Rubber Stainless steel and aluminium
Length 4.8 inches 76mm
Accessories Loop on one end of the holder loop included to install accessories
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Keysmart VS orbit key rubber – A descriptive comparison


These are two completely different designs created to save the same purpose. The keysmart holder has bolts on both sides for key assembly while the bladekey has a bolt on only one end for assembly. Despite these differences, they both work well to eliminate any jingle and tingle that comes with having a key holder.  They are instant organisers and pocket friendly.


After extension, I found that the keysmart can accommodate up to 14 keys, which is perfect when you have different sized keys on your keychain. You can install from 2 to 7 keys comfortably depending on their sizes on the orbit key rubber. The loop extension on one end of the holder allows you to add larger keys like car keys and even more extensions.


The orbit rubber is made of strong rubber that is a little stretchy. The soft and stretchy feel of the rubber makes it more strong than fragile. It is also thick, which means it won’t wear or tear easily. It makes the keychain stylish and comfortable while working to keep your keys contact.

The keysmart is made of strong aluminium and high grade stainless steel. These materials make the key holder strong and durable while working to keep you keys compact at the same time.


Both key holders do not come with attached accessories, but you can install your own on the end of the holder with the loop attachment. For stylish purposes, it is probably best that you refrain from adding too many accessories as they wool look more bulky.

Orbitkey rubber 2.0

Keysmart vs orbit key rubber

The orbitkey rubber can hold up to a maximum of 7 standard sized keys. The bolt id compact and is guaranteed not to loosen over time. This key holder also has a d-ring attached to one end where you can assemble larger keys, key fob or your car keys. This jet black keychain offers you the perfect mix of style and key holder accessory. It is made of strong rubber material and reinforced with stainless steel locks and bolts.

The design keeps your keys compact and prevents their sharp edges from tearing through your clothes and bags.  This light keychain is pocket friendly and reduces the bulkiness, tangle and tingle of your keys. Arranging the keys on order will save you more time whenever you are opening any locks.

The pros

  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • Offers a loop for expansion


  • It is expensive


Keysmart vs orbit key rubber

This keysmart offers you an organised system that will save your space, time and money.  A standard keysmart will accommodate up to 14 of your keys given they are less than 80 mm thick each.  Manufacturers have included a loop attachment where you can install larger car keys or fob remote. This key organiser is made from high quality aluminium. It is stainless, rust free, light weight and has a design guaranteed to last you a while.

They keysmart was invented to keep your keys organised. It is also guaranteed to protect your clothes and bags; it has edges that keep the sharp parts away from your designer clothes and bags.

The pros

  • Portable
  • Easy to use

The cons

  • Can easily break when force is applied

The verdict

The keysmart is the key holder I have been looking for. It is made of durable material, so I won’t be able to damage the key chain fast and has a hook that will attach to my key card conveniently. Now that I have this keychain, I can put all my keys together and in an organised manner.


Will a key with a plastic top fit on the keysmart or orbitkey?

It is very possible but it will limit the number of keys you will have on your key holder and may also limit some operations. Ensure it is very thin plastic if you want to install more keys on the holder.

What is the minimal installation for the keysmart?

It all depends on the size of the keys you have. You can install close to three standards sized keys on your key holder.

Can I attach two loops on the orbit key rubber?

Loop attachment is a clever idea when you want to install more than one fob or car keys. You can add your own loop but ensure you install minimal keys to avoid making the holder too bulky.

Will the keybar hold oversized keys that have large square heads?

Any key that has a wide enough installation hole will fit into the keybar perfectly; the issue is that the key will stick out on the sides

Is the D-ring just for key attachment or can you add some extra accessories?

Helpful accessories like an s-biner and traditional loops will make the key chain even more functional. It can also serve as an extra storage for your car key attachment.