Kwikset 780 vs. 980-Say goodbye to your worries by securing your home with a quality lock

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You can get the most expensive items for your home, but without a secure lock, you risk losing it all. Kwikset ha you back since it offers safe and strong locks. Let us compare Kwikset 780 vs. 980.

My parents nurtured the habit of saving in me from a young age. As an adult, I now understand the importance of saving. I maintain a savings account to buy the most precious items for my home. I have managed to fill my house with elegant items from my small salary. The thought of someone invading my home scares me. When I heard about a break-in in my neighborhood, I had to sneak from work to go and confirm that my house was secure. I wanted to have peace of mind, and so I thought of replacing the locks. I was torn between choosing Kwikset 780 and 980, so I came up with this comparison.

What are the differences between Kwikset 780 and 980? How do they compare

Name Kwikset 980 780
Security standards Grade 1 Grade 2
Finish Black iron Venetian bronze
Weight 12 ounces 1 pound
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Kwikset 780 vs. 980- What are the main differences


According to the standards of locks set by reputable organizations such as BHMA, Kwikset 980 is a grade 1 single cylinder deadbolt. It has passed through numerous tests and is accredited to be a high-quality lock that is long lasting. Kwikset 780 falls under the grade 2 category making it low in quality.


Kwikset 980 is a high-quality lock that can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. It is strong enough to withstand daily abuse and attacks. 780, on the other hand, is only suitable for residential applications since it lacks some of the features that make a lock resistant to physical attacks.

Rekeying mechanism

The users of Kwikset 980 find the rekeying tool efficient and reliable. It does not disappoint you when you need to make a new key. Most people who have used 780 are not happy about the rekey mechanism of this lock. Sometimes, it does not work as expected and can cause inconveniences as you try to control who gets access to your home.


Different materials are used in the finishing of these two locks. Kwikset 980 has a black iron finishing while 780 comes with some bronze highlights that make it look flashy. The type of finish used in the lock is important since some users look for colors and materials that can easily complement their hardware. You can also shop around for the same models in different finishes if you are not content with the regular type.

Kwikset 780

Not all the doors in your home require locks, but the exterior one needs a secure lock to protect your home from invaders. One of the locks in the market is Kwikset 780. It is a single cylinder deadbolt that is attractive and tough. You can unlock the door with a key on the exterior or use the thumb turn level mechanism on the interior. This feature comes in handy during emergencies when you need to evacuate people out of the house fast. The presence of an adjustable latch makes this lock fit on any standard door.

Thedeadbolt also incorporates the use of SmartKey technology which comes with numerous benefits. It allows you to rekey your lock if someone loses a key or if you want to deny some people access to your home. By rekeying your lock, old keys become obsolete. The lock also contains a BumpGuard that prevents your door from bumping techniques. It includes a 5-pin cylinder that has two steel balls to deliver effective drill resistance. Its finishing reveals some bronze highlights which add style to the lock.


  • It is easy to install using a screwdriver
  • Comes with the SmartKey security system


  • Some parts may feel loose

Kwikset 980

Kwikset 780 vs. 980-

980 is a grade 1 single cylinder deadbolt that uses different technological systems to boost its performance. For instance, it makes use of side locking bar mechanism which enhances security by protecting your lock from bumping. The lock also uses Smartkey security system that gives you total control of who can access your home. Thanks to this mechanism, you can rekey your lock within minutes. The installation process of this lock is a breeze since most people install it in less than 15 minutes.

It is also equipped with a BumpGuard which enhances its security and an adjustable latch that makes it ideal for all standard doors. The pins and racks in the SmartKey cylinder make the lock strong and resistant to attacks through drilling and use of saws and hammers. It is a tough deadbolt that allows you to unlock the exterior using a key and the interior via the thumb turn lever. The manufacturers use materials such as iron and stainless steel in the construction of this model increasing its durability. It comes in a black finish that can match your hardware. Your purchase gives you a lifetime warranty to fix defective parts.


  • High quality and durable deadbolt
  • It is not prone to lock bumping and is resistant to drilling


  • Comes with confusing installation instructions


Over the years, Kwikset has managed to remain on top of the competition in the lock industry. The company continues to produce high-quality locks equipped with advanced features for maximum security. You can always find a lock that has specific features to meet your needs. Though the company provides different models, we have compared Kwikset 780 vs. 980.

After reviewing both of them, we chose Kwikset 980 to be the winner with compelling reasons. First, it is a grade 1 single cylinder deadbolt that excels in quality and durability. The manufacturers equip it with SmartKey security system to increase convenience and boost security. I chose it since I don’t have to hire a locksmith to install my lock on the door; thus it saves me some additional expenses. The inclusion of an adjustable latch, BumpGuard and thumb turn lever also increases its flexibility.


Can someone open Kwikset 780 after I have rekeyed it using an old key?

No. Once you rekey your lock, you change its s configuration. This makes old keys obsolete. Rekeying is a useful mechanism when you don’t want a person to access your home anymore.

Which materials are the best for secure locks?

A good lock should be made of materials such as iron and steel. Reputable companies such as Kwikset make use of such materials to create sturdy locks that can withstand some form of abuse.

What if I cannot understand the instructions on my lock manual?

If you are new to kwikset deadbolts, you may find some of the instructions hard to follow during installation. The retailer or a certified locksmith can help you install the lock.

Why does Kwikset 980 have an adjustable latch?

This feature comes in handy during installation. It makes the lock suitable for standard doors with different thicknesses.