Kwikset 980 vs. 660-How safe is your lock?

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Are you tired of spring bolts that compromise your security? Choose a suitable deadbolt which offers advanced security features to prevent attacks. Our Kwikset 980 vs. 660 comparisons will help you weigh the two options.

I consider my big family a blessing. My good job makes me give my family the best lifestyle. I finally completed my construction project, and we relocated to our new home. The excitement of being a homeowner prevented me from considering the overall security of our new neighborhood. During the first week after relocating, we had heard three consecutive cases of robbery within the area. It got me worried, and I started regretting the move. I was determined to keep my family from any harm, so I started looking into installing security systems around the house. My search led me to deadbolts, and I was torn between choosing Kwikset 980 and 660. That is why I laid down the difference in the following table.

What are the differences between Kwikset 980 and 660? How do they compare?

Name Kwikset 980 660
Security standards ANSI Grade 1 ANSI grade3
Weight 12 ounces 8 ounces
Finish Iron black Satin Venetian Bronze
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Kwikset 980 vs. 660- What are the main differences?

Security standards

The industry has some security standards to compare the durability and quality of deadbolts. ANSI is an organization that is used to assess the quality of deadbolts. According to the security standards set by the organization, Kwikset 980 is a grade 1 lock while 660 is a grade 3 lock. This should tell you that 980 is a durable lock as opposed to its counterpart.


Since Kwikset 980 is a sturdy lock, you can use it for both commercial and residential applications. It can withstand numerous closing cycles and still deliver high performance. The latch bolt of this lock is 1 inch long. Kwikset 660 is not as strong as its counterpart making it ideal for home use alone. It comes with a shorter latch bolt that can be adjusted to fit on standard doors.


Though both models include pins and racks to on the Smartkey cylinders, Kwikset 980 implements strong pins which enhance the strength of the lock. They make it hard to kick down a door or gain access through other means. Weak pins on 660 can compromise its security.

Re-key mechanism

Most users of these two models report that Kwikset 980 does not have problems when it comes to using the rekey function. You can easily create one key to use on all of your locks. Some users report that 660 does not deliver a smooth operation when it comes to the re-keying mechanism. It does not provide the best results you would expect from a lock that uses the SmartKey security system.


The materials used in constructing these two models determine how many years they can last without showing signs of wear and tear. Kwikset 660 is made from zinc and comes with a satin finish. 980, on the other hand, is made from iron and has stainless steel on some of the components such as the latch pin. This prevents it from corrosion since it is a tough material. The kwikset 980 seems to be solidly constructed with high-quality materials compared to 660.

Kwikset 980

Kwikset 980 vs. 660

Kwikset manufacturers pay a lot of attention to detail when making this model. They include all the right features to provide you with a versatile deadbolt. 980 is an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt that is not only attractive but also tough. You can lock the single cylinder deadbolt with a key from the outside or turn the interior piece. The lock mechanism adds an extra layer of security.

Unlike regular deadbolts, Kwikset 980 features SmartKey security. This mechanism keeps your lock safe from advanced techniques of breaking in. It increases convenience for you and reduces your expenses since you can rekey your lock within seconds on your own. Feel free to use one key for all of your locks. The cylinder also comes with a side locking bar made from stainless steel. The producers include pins and racks to boost strength. The side locking technology prevents your door from lock bumping.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Re-keying is easy


  • It does not come with clear instructions on installation

Kwikset 660

Kwikset 980 vs. 660

Get a deadbolt that offers you effective protection against major attacks. Kwikset 660 is a single cylinder deadbolt that has a useful locking mechanism. You can lock it using a key on the outside, or use the thumb turn from the inside. It also contains an adjustable latchbolt and can fit any standard door.

It has a BHMA grade 3 security deadbolt that comes with a lifetime warranty. kwikset omes with a bump-guard to keep your door safe from lock bumping techniques. Like 980, Kwikset 660 also includes the Smartkey mechanism to facilitate rekeying and give you added security. It also helps you control access to your home and prevents you from disassembling locks every time someone misplaces their key.  You can choose this deadbolt from the different available finishes to complement your door.


  • You can install it within minutes
  • The thumb turn piece on the inside is a good safety feature in emergencies.


  • Some people raise issues regarding the rekeying mechanism.


Kwikset has dominated the industry for more than 60 years now. They design their innovative locks with high-quality materials and add the necessary features to give you maximum security. The company has managed to produce different models for customers to choose the ideal types that match their needs and styles. Some of the popular models from Kwikset include 980 and 660.

From comparing Kwikset 980 vs. 660, we find that Kwikset 980 is better than 660 since it is more secure and convenient to use. It is also a durable and attractive lock that easily blends in with your hardware. They use metal parts to ensure that this lock can serve you for years. Most users of 660 report that the lock shows signs of wear and tear after only two years.