Kwikset 980 vs. 985- Every home deserves a dependable and sturdy lock

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Achieve your peace of mind and eliminate worries by upgrading your security system. To achieve this, you should consider purchasing a good model from Kwikset. Go through Kwikset 980 vs. 985 to learn more!

I live in a glass house in a less populated area. I can never imagine living anywhere else since my home is everything I could dream of. It helps me save a lot of heating costs and helps me get enough vitamin D from the sunlight. Though I lead a lavish lifestyle, I sometimes lack sleep obsessing about someone gaining entry into my house. Some nights, I find myself going around the house to confirm that all is well. To end my worries, I decided to replace my spring bolt with a secure deadbolt. I was torn between choosing Kwikset 980 and 985, so I laid down the differences in this table.

What are the differences between Kwikset 980 and 985? How do they compare

Name Kwikset 980 Kwikset 985
Cylinder Single cylinder Double cylinder
Finish Iron black Satin Nickel
Weight 12 ounces 3 pounds
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Kwikset 980 vs. 985- What are the main differences?


The type of cylinder in a lock determines its performance. Kwikset 980 is a single cylinder deadbolt that uses only one key. The interior part has a thumb turn piece which you use to lock or open your door. This feature can be merit or demerit depending on who is using the lock.

Kwikset 985, on the other hand, operates using two keys and lacks the thumb turn lever. Though the use of double keys adds extra security to your home, it may be inconveniencing during emergencies such as a fire outbreak.


Apart from the performance of the models, the design of Kwikset 985 gives it a modern feel. It comes with a satin nickel finish that adds style to its design. The design of Kwikset 980 is not that appealing since it contains black iron finish.


Kwikset 985 is a heavy duty lock that is resistant to forced entry techniques. Most people like the fact that this lock feels sturdy since it is solidly constructed. Some users of 980 complain about some of the components being flimsy. For instance, the prongs tend to break after a short time. Kwikset 985 is made of a material that makes it long-lasting and strong. It also gives you a great sense of security.


The manufacturer of these models designed them for specific purposes. You can use Kwikset 980 on any residential house while 985 is ideal for doors that have glass panels. Kwikset 985 is designed for sensitive areas that require extra security such as a glass house. Even if someone tries to break the glass they cannot open the lock from inside since 985 needs an extra key to open the door. Owners of regular homes can choose Kwikset 980.

Kwikset 980

Kwikset 980 vs. 660

If you need a quality lock for residential premises, you should consider choosing Kwikset 980. This lock makes use of wafer tumbler design which makes it pick-resistant and bump-proof. Unlike regular locks, Kwikset 980 makes use of the SmartKey system which lets you rekey the cylinder of your lock without the help of a locksmith.  The SmartKey system adds extra security to your lock since it helps you generate a new key if you lose an old one and also control the people who can access your home.

Kwikset Smartkey also saves you from the expenses of always installing a new lock.  It is a single cylinder deadbolt which offers you with two ways to lock your door. You can either use a key to lock the exterior or turn the thumb piece from the inside part. It has an adjustable latch that allows it to fit different exterior doors. The manufacturer adds black iron finish to complement its style and includes side locking bar technology to enhance security.


  • You can rekey your lock
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It lacks some home automation elements

Kwikset 985

Kwikset 980 vs. 985

Kwikset 985 is a double cylinder deadbolt that utilizes two keys. You can only open the lock by using two keys on both sides. It is a tough lock that offers superior security compared to single cylinder deadbolts. The adjustable latch makes it ideal to use on doors with different thicknesses. The cylinder of this deadbolt contains a side locking bar that is made from stainless steel. It also comes with some pins and racks that enhances its strength and security. Patented side locking bar mechanism prevents your lock from advanced forced entry techniques.

Like 980, this lock also incorporates the use of SmartKey technology to help you rekey the lock conveniently. Smartkey mechanism adds an extra layer of security on a door since it comes with a BumpGuard which prevents your lock from bumping. You can also rekey your lock when you no longer want someone to have access to your home. Since it has a double cylinder, you have to rekey both sides of your lock for it to work. Ensure that you make use of long screws during installation to make the lock even harder to drill through.


  • Quick installation
  • It is solidly built


  • You may have challenges when searching for replacement parts


One of the companies that offer diverse lock options for different needs is Kwikset. There is always an ideal key to secure your home or workplace. Since not everyone can afford a smart lock, the manufacturer produces cost-effective deadbolts that give you an equal performance as smart locks.

From comparing Kwikset 980 vs. 985, I found out that Kwikset 985 is better than 980. It is a double cylinder deadbolt which needs two keys to operate making it more secure than 980. To add to this feature, the manufacturers include SmartKey technology which increases its security capabilities. It looks not only good but also feels sturdy. I chose it because it gives me value for my money and I can always replace any parts thanks to its lifetime warranty.


Between a single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolt, which is more secure?

Double cylinder. This type of lock utilizes double keys on both the exterior and interior part. It is more secure than a single cylinder deadbolt which has a thumb turn lever on the interior.

Are double cylinder deadbolts legal?

Though this lock offers maximum security, it can be a safety hazard. It is however not prohibited to use double cylinder deadbolts.Ensure that you take the necessary safety measures to prevent accidents.

Can I pick Kwikset 985 deadbolt?

The implementation of a double cylinder makes this lock hard to pick.It may take you a long time before gaining access to a house with this kind of lock since it is also strong and resistant to many entry techniques.

Can I rekey Kwikset 980 lock?

Yes. It comes with the smartkey mechanism that makes it easy to change your lock. Unlike a double cylinder bolt that requires rekeying on both sides, you only rekey the outer part of Kwikset 980.