Kwikset 980 vs. 991-A one-time decision you will never regret

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Are you a property owner, searching for an easy to install deadbolt? Consider deadbolts from Kwikset. The company offers all locks with features to cater to your needs. Go through Kwikset 980 vs. 991 to compare them.

My restaurant job has become more of a home than my actual home. The only part I don’t like about my job is lacking enough time to spend with my son. I try to make our living conditions as convenient as possible. Everybody in our family has their own key to access our home when they are done with their daily routine. When my son lost his keys, I forgot to change the locks. Our life came to a standstill when we got robbed. I had to upgrade our lock system and was considering settling for a Kwikset deadbolt. I had a hard time choosing between Kwikset 980 and 991, so I compared them in a table.

What are the differences between Kwikset 980 and 991? How do they compare

Name Kwikset 980 991
Design Traditional Stylish
Finish Iron black Satin nickel
Weight 12 ounces 2.72 pounds
Dimensions 11.8×4.5 inches 10.4×3.1inches
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Kwikset 980 vs. 991-What are the main differences?


These two models may come from the same company, but they differ when it comes to the design. Kwikset 991 has a stylish design that makes it look good on doors. Not many users like the dull design of Kwikset 980. The black iron finish makes it look dull as opposed to satin nickel finish of Kwikset 991.


Kwikset 980 and 991 have equal security standards, but they perform differently. The cylinder of 991 contains two steel balls which are placed on the front part of the key to promote drill resistance. 991 offers greater drill resistance compared to Kwikset 980. 991 also utilizes side locking technology and lacks the tumbler design which is used in Kwikset 980. The tumbler style makes a lock prone to attacks through lock bumping.


The housing of Kwikset 991 does not leave hollow regions on the cylinder. It has a stable housing that prevents an intruder from accessing your home through drilling the locks. This lock is solidly constructed. Most users who have tried Kwikset 980 are not pleased with the housing of this lock. It leaves some hollow gaps which make it easy to drill.


Though both locks are easy to install, Kwikset 980 comes with complicated instructions in different languages. This can inconvenience a person who has never installed a lock. Kwikset 991 has clear instructions that make installation a breeze. You only need a screwdriver to fix your lock in less than ten minutes. Most users don’t experience problems when rekeying Kwikset 991 locks. This is not the case with some users of Kwikset 980 who report that rekeying this lock is not easy. The keyed lock is sometimes unreliable.

Kwikset 980

Kwikset 980 vs. 991

When looking for a lock, you should be open-minded and choose one that offers you safety and security. Choosing a single cylinder deadbolt such as Kwikset 980 not only offers you maximum security but also can save you during emergencies such as a fire outbreak. You can lock it from outside using a key or use the thumb piece on the interior part. It is a tough deadbolt that contains strong features to prevent forced entry attacks.

The manufacturers also equip it with Re-key technology which gives you control over who can access your home. You can make duplicate keys for every family member without dismantling the entire lock. Rekeying involves a 3-step process which is easy and cost-effective. They also include a Bump guard to prevent an intruder from accessing your home by bumping the lock. Your purchase guarantees you a lifetime warranty to help you repair any defective parts at any time without incurring extra expenses.


  • It is easy to rekey
  • Has two locking options


  • Some users report that the prongs inside tend to break after a short time

Kwikset 991

Kwikset 980 vs. 991

Unlike conventional deadbolts which use tumbler design and traditional pins, Kwikset 991 uses side locking bar mechanism. The problem with locks that use tumbler design is that they are prone to lock-bumping attacks. The cylinder of side locking bar mechanism in this deadbolt comes with two balls made of steel. They are located on the front part of the key to boost drill resistance.

Kwikset 991 appeals to people who like keeping up with trendy design styles. It enhances security through the incorporation of SmartKey mechanism. You can customize the lock to fit your needs. The single cylinder deadbolt prevents your home from advanced break-in techniques. It is not only bump-proof but also resists other methods of entry such as kick-ins, drilling or the use of a saw. It is a Grade 1 deadbolt that comes with an adjustable latch to fit any standard door. You can also fix it on left or right handed door.


  • It offers flexibility and convenience due to the addition of a rekeying mechanism
  • The use of stainless steel makes it a durable deadbolt


  • Does not provide a secure grip


The locking industry keeps on growing due to the advancement in technological systems. Companies such as Kwikset try to move with upcoming trends by upgrading their models with the latest features to improve security. Kwikset manufactures single cylinder deadbolts such as 980 and 991. They are known to produce locks that excel in not only their functions but also design.

By comparing Kwikset 980 vs. 991, we find that each model has some unique features and a different design. People like the elegant design of Kwikset 991 as opposed to the traditional design of 980. From comparing the two, we pick Kwikset 991 as the winner since it a high-quality deadbolt that is both secure and convenient to use.

It uses SmartKey technology and Bump guard mechanism to prevent your lock from bumping. Due to its outstanding quality, you get a lifetime warranty for purchasing this deadbolt. I like the features, quality, and design of Kwikset 991 and installed it on my door


Can I use Kwikset 991 on my front door?

Yes. You can use this on both your interior and exterior doors since it has features that boost its security level. For instance, the bump guard system prevents your lock from bumping.

Why does the cylinder of Kwikset 991 have steel balls?

This makes your lock resistant to entry techniques such as drilling. They also increase the strength of the lock making it hard for an intruder to gain access to your home.

Should I choose a lock that implements the use of a pin tumbler design or not?

Though such locks are common, they don’t offer the highest level of security since an intruder can easily bump it. Look for a lock that has a bumpguard and side bar locking mechanism to prevent attacks.

Can I open Kwikset 980 with a duplicate key?

Yes. Though this increases convenience for a big family, it offers a low level of security since anyone can open your door using a duplicate key.