Kwikset powerbolt 2 vs. smartcode 909-The things a retailer may not tell you about locks but we will

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Home security may be a personal choice, but settling for less should not be one of your options. Go through Kwikset powerbolt 2 vs. smartcode 909 to find out how to boost your security system.

I work as a software engineer for a certain company. If there is one thing that my profession has taught me is that it is easy to compromise digital systems. The rate at which people hack digital system scares me. Though I know that getting a digital lock for my home could increase efficiency for me, I hate the thought of a hacker cracking my code and gaining access to my house without my knowledge. To prevent this, I decided to choose an electronic deadbolt that would give me great security with no digital signals that could be hacked. I was torn between choosing Kwikset smartcode 909 and powerbolt 2, so I tried to compare them in this table.

What are the differences between Kwikset powerbolt 2 and smartcode 909? How do they compare

Name Kwikset powerbolt 2 Kwikset smartcode 909
Security standards ANSI grade 3 ANSI grade 2
Perfomance Above average Good
Weight 2.6 pounds 6.7 pounds
Call to action Check here Check here

Kwikset powerbolt 2 vs. smartcode 909- What are the main differences?


A powerbolt and smartcode lock may have some common features, but some of them differ. Though both of them offer keyless operation, Kwikset powerbolt 2 does not need new screw holes during installation while smartcode 909 does. 909 also contains additional customizable features such as beeps and blinking lights, but powerbolt 2 lacks such.


Smartcode 909 is a heavy duty deadbolt which offers great resistance to different entry techniques such as drilling, picking or bumping. Kwikset powerbolt 2, on the other hand, is a light-duty lock that provides less resistance. It is not as strong as its counterpart.

The key components that are used in making Kwikset 909 increase its strength and durability. Some users of powerbolt 2 are not happy about the plastic parts found in its latch mechanism. You can easily program smartcode 909 from the interior portion of your door. Kwikset powerbolt 2 can only be programmed from the outside making it inconveniencing.

Security standards

According to the security standards set by the organizations that evaluate locks, Kwikset smartcode 909 is a grade 2 deadbolt while Kwikset powerbolt 2 is a grade 3 lock. Though both of them have passed different tests, Smartcode 909 seems to be of better quality than powerbolt 2. Users also reveal that Kwikset smartcode 909 locks better compared to powerbolt 2.

Kwikset powerbolt 2

Kwikset powerbolt 2 vs. smartcode 909

Kwikset offers you electronic locks that give you utmost security and convenience. One of the models in the market is the Kwikset powerbolt 2. This is a grade 3 lock that can fit any standard door. It delivers a keyless entry to prevent you from relying on your keys to gain access to your home. The traditional keyway is designed with a smartkey function which lets you rekey your lock within seconds.

It has an illuminated keypad which use a code to open your door. Apart from the user codes, there is also a master code which increases security. To use this lock, you have to charge the available alkaline batteries that come with it. The low battery indicator helps you monitor the status of their power.


  • Has accurate directions to help you install and program it
  • You can mute the button sounds
  • Let’s you rekey your lock easily


  • Some users report that the latch mechanism has some plastic parts
  • You have to press the buttons slowly and give them time to work correctly

Kwikset smartcode 909

Kwikset powerbolt 2 vs. smartcode 909

You can control access to your door by choosing a single cylinder deadbolt that does not depend on keys. Smartcode 909 is not only secure but also convenient to use. It contains a 6-digit keypad that comes with LED to boost visibility at night. It also facilitates one-touch locking and comes in a sleek metal design that makes it look flashy. An intruder cannot tamper with this lock since the manufacturer equips it with a tamper-resistant cover.

Its auto-lock feature increases security while the smartkey function lets you make your own keys without depending on a locksmith. This motorized deadbolt comes with personalized codes and a master code for you to set your password to open the door. The Smartcode program is easy to operate, and the batteries last long. The adjustable lock makes it ideal for any standard door.


  • It can lock itself within seconds due to the inclusion of the auto-lock feature
  • You don’t need to use keys to gain entry
  • You can use LED in low light conditions


  • Constant beeping can be annoying


After evaluating Kwikset powerbolt 2 vs. smartcode 909, I was able to differentiate the features and capabilities of the two bolts.  Despite their similarities, the two locks do not offer the same performance.

After comparing them, I choose Kwikset smartcode 909 as the winner because it is a grade 2 electronic deadbolt that I can program on both the interior and exterior parts. I also liked its smooth operation, quality components, auto-lock feature, and smartcode program.


Why should I choose an electronic lock?

Unlike conventional locks, electronic locksallow you to enter the house without relying on keys. They also come with features that increase security. You will not get most of the features from regular locks.

How does the smartkey function work?

To rekey, rotate the working key at a 90-degree angle clockwise then insert and remove the special tool known as the Smart Key in the hole. Remove your functioning key then insert the new key and turn it.

What if the battery of my electronic deadbolt dies, can I still gain access to my house?

Yes. If the codes fail or you forget to charge your batteries, you can still use a key to open the lock. Both deadbolts include a key feature for such emergencies.

How should I change the batteries when they are no longer working in my Kwikset electronic lock?

On the interior region of the Smartscan, you will see a plastic cover. Lift the cover by grabbing the sides carefully then install your new alkaline batteries.