Kwikset smart key vs. Kwikset-The missing piece in your home security puzzle

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Every day, we use our doors to leave or gain entry to our houses. You can boost your home security starting from your door. Let us discuss Kwikset smart key vs. Kwikset locks to give you a head start.

I recently bought my home as a foreclosure. Like other foreclosed property, it was in a poor state. Though I bought it cheaply, I had to spend a lot of money renovating it and making it hospitable enough for my family. It needed a lot of repairs including changing almost all the broken locks around the house. I always liked Kwikset locks, but I was not sure which model to use to prevent an intruder from gaining access when I was not around. That is why I compared the different models in the table below.

What are the differences between Kwikset smartkey and Kwikset? How do they compare

Name Kwikset Smartkey Kwikset
Security standards ANSI grade 1 ANSI grade 2
Rekeying mechanism available Not available
Weight 1 pound 2 pounds
Call to action Check here Check here

Kwikset smart key vs. Kwikset- What are the main differences?

Security standards

Due to the inclusion of additional features, Kwikset Smartkey is a Grade 1 single cylinder deadbolt. This should tell you that it is a high-quality lock that has passed numerous tests and cycles. Kwikset, on the other hand, has limited features making it a low-quality lock that falls under Grade 2 category.


The difference between the two models is the technology used to make them. Kwikset smartkey comes with a rekeying mechanism that prevents you from dismantling the entire lock every time someone loses a key. You can easily rekey your lock and control access to your home. The regular Kwikset deadbolt does not include this function making it less secure.

Kwikset smartkey also has features such as the side locking bar mechanism and Bump guard which makes the lock stronger compared to Kwikset. An intruder can easily get access to a home with a Kwikset lock due to the lack of such features since it is less resistant to attacks compared to Kwikset Smart key.

Design and finish

These two models are also not similar when it comes to the materials used in the finishing. While Kwikset smart key features a Satin Nickel finish, Kwikset contains satin chrome which gives it a slightly different appearance. The design of the cylinder is also not the same.

Kwikset smart key

Kwikset smart key vs. Kwikset

If you need a lock that looks nice and functions well, choose Kwikset smart key. The first thing you notice about this deadbolt is its design. It is an attractive and robust single cylinder lock. You can open the bolt from the outside with a key or turn the thumb turn lever from the interior. The two ways of locking or opening this lock increase security.

Unlike ordinary locks, this specific type makes use of Smart key technology. You can change the keys to your lock when you feel the need to do so. This way, you can regulate the people who gain entry to your home especially when you are not around. The manufacturers also equip the deadbolt with a BumpGuard which protects your door from lock bumping. It contains an adjustable latch which makes it suitable for all standard doors and comes in different finishes. Its side locking bar mechanism makes it stable and secure.


  • You can rekey the lock
  • It is easy to install


  • It is not long-lasting


Kwikset smart key vs. Kwikset

This is a single cylinder deadbolt that is ideal for exterior doors`. It is convenient since it contains two ways of locking the door. Once you use a key to turn the lock from the outside, you have to turn the thumb piece on the inside to unlock it. This makes it safe especially during emergencies such as a fire outbreak.

The grade 2 lock may not be of the same quality as grade one locks, but it will give you ample security at home. It also contains an adjustable latch which makes easy suitable for standard doors. Kwikset comes in a satin finish which complements most hardware. The lock may lack some of the features included in advanced locks, but it performs relatively well. There is no mention of the inclusion of features such as a Bump Guard or a side locking bar mechanism.


  • It works fine
  • Has an impressive design


  • It does not have the smartkey function


After comparing Kwikset smart key vs. Kwikset, I finally discovered which lock was ideal for my home. I chose the Kwikset smart key because it came with additional features that I was looking for to give me maximum home security. For instance, I liked the rekey function which increased flexibility in my home since I could use the only key for all the locks. According to ANSI, this lock falls under Grade 1 category which was a guarantee that I was purchasing a good quality deadbolt. It was also easy to install without needing a locksmith, and the rekeying mechanism worked well.


How good is Kwikset as a brand?

Though Kwikset is not as good as other brands such as Schlage, it provides ample security for your home. To get a good lock, you need to choose a Kwikset model that provides an excellent perfomance.

Are these locks bump proof?

The manufacturer says that these locks are bump proof, but not all models are resistant to this type of attack. They, however, include a Bump Guard which makes them resistant to bumping.

Can I use any key to open Kwikset Smartkey deadbolt?

No. Not any key can open this type of lock. You must use a Kwikset key to unlock your door. Locks and keys are designed differently.

Why would I need to rekey my lock?

There are different reasons why people choose to rekey the lock. For instance, the system allows you to use one key for all your locks. It can also make old keys obsolete and increase convenience.