Kwikset smartcode 910 vs. 914- Locks that always have your back!

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Get an electronic deadbolt that comes with rekeying technology, communication features and facilitates keyless entry. You can learn more about such a lock from the following Kwikset smartcode 910 vs. 914.

The high rate of car theft leaves me worried every time I leave my vehicle behind. I get goosebumps when I imagine a malicious person getting away with my expensive locomotive. Such thoughts are what made me start thinking about upgrading my security system at home. I was focusing on giving my garage the best security. I was ready to spend a dime on securing my most precious item which was my Benz. The market seemed to have many different electronic deadbolts, and the search left me confused. To simplify it, I laid out these two Kwikset models in the form of a table.

What are the differences between Kwikset smartcode 910 and 914? How do they compare

Name Kwikset smartcode 910 914
Technology Z-wave automation system Amazon key software
Keypad 6-digit keypad 10 digit keypad
Weight 3 pounds 15 ounces
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Kwikset smartcode 910 vs. 914- What are the main differences?


The first thing you may notice from these two models is the number of digits in their keypad. Though both of the Kwikset smartcode deadbolts have a backlit keypad, 910 includes 6 digits while 914 contains 12 digits. Despite the figures, both deadbolts facilitate one-touch locking.


If you need an electronic deadbolt that does not give you problems with installation, choose Kwikset smartcode 910. Kwikset smartcode 914, on the other hand, has an intensive set up. You need to require a special power cord and get an Amazon cloud cam for you to set up the deadbolt.

You may incur additional charges during the installation since you have to buy the power cord separately. If you are struggling with the set-up, you may have to hire a professional to get it done.  The battery case can also give you problems since you must unscrew it to take out the batteries.


The manufacturers use a different technological system to ensure that these two models are secure. Smartcode 910 lets you monitor your home remotely since it supports the Z-wave automation system. With this lock, you can check the status of your door through receiving notifications via email or text to your phone.

Kwikset smartcode 914 allows you to keep track of your door’s activities through viewing motion clips. It utilizes Amazon key software which lets you monitor your door through a smartphone app. Some people, however, raise concerns about the security of this software since if a person accesses your phone and goes to the app, they can unlock your door. The manufacturer should think of adding an authentication factor to the user before granting direct access to the app.


Both Kwikset smartcode deadbolts have 30 user codes to help you operate your door without the need for a key. Kwikset 914, however, includes a master code which adds an extra layer of security.

Kwikset smartcode 910

Kwikset smartcode 910 vs. 914-

For more than 60 years now, Kwikset has been setting the pace in the lock industry. It has managed to come with smart locks that are not only secure but also fun to control. One of them is the Kwikset smartcode 910. It features a home automation system since it supports with Z wave technology. This system allows you to unlock or lock your door remotely through an automation controller.

Smartcode 910 also comes with a keypad that contains some buttons which prevent you from using keys to gain entry to your home. It relieves you from frustrations caused by losing or forgetting your keys. You no longer have to keep on duplicating keys for other family members of hiding the key under a mat. The installation process is easy, and you can also rekey your lock due to the inclusion of the smartkey function.


  • Easy set-up
  • You can rekey your lock
  • Keyless operation


  • Produces noise which is a nuisance to some users

Kwikset smartcode 914

Kwikset smartcode 910 vs. 914-

This lock comes with solid construction to boost its security and increase durability. It is heavy duty deadbolt that features a smartkey cylinder for you to rekey your lock without disassembling the entire unit. The lock includes a side lock bar mechanism which comes with pins and racks to boost its strength. Unlike conventional locks that use the pin tumbler design, smartcode 914 makes use of the locking bar technology which makes the cylinder resistant to bump and pick techniques.

It is a grade 2 electronic deadbolt that can fit any standard door. The lock works with Amazon Key and lets you view your door using motion clips. The keypad has a LED light that increases visibility at night. Unlike other electronic deadbolts which are completely keyless, this includes a traditional key function which acts as a backup.


  • It allows you to monitor your door
  • The smartkey function lets you control access to your house


  • It is not attractive
  • The set-up is a bit complicated


After comparing kwikset smartcode 910 vs. 914, I have to admit that I was impressed by both locks. I, however, chose Kwikset smartcode 910 as the winner due to its high-security standards, ease of installation, backlit keypad and the use of home automation system. Though 914 has additional features, it has some wanting limitations such as insecure software, complex installation and grade 2 security standards.


Why should I choose Kwikset smartcode deadbolts over other brands?

Kwikset has been in business for years, and it dominates the industry. It is known to produce high-quality locks that meet your every need. It also includes safety features to boost home security.

Which features should I consider when looking for an electronic lock?

Look for a heavy duty lock that has features such as smartkey function, auto lock, wireless communication, and keyless entry. Such a lock increases convenience and gives you maximum security.

How can I reset my quickset Z-wave lock?

Remove the batteries, then press the lock button on your keypad. Continue long pressing the button as you return the cells in position. Wait for the lock to beep thrice before releasing the button.

How should I add codes to my Kwikset Smartcode deadbolt?

Click on the program button at least twice when you want to program thecode for one person. Enter the code on the keypad then click on the lock button.