Kwikset smartcode 916 vs. Schlage connect-The time to redefine your security system is now!

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Simplify your life and make your home secure by using smart locks that use advanced technology. Go through Kwikset smartcode 916 vs. Schlage connect to find out more!

I run a few meters every morning to manage my weight. It rejuvenates my spirit and helps me look forward to the day’s activities. I live alone in an apartment full of strangers. Many are the times when I forget to switch off the lights in the morning as I run. Going back to confirm if I locked my house is frustrating. It has become a habit that wastes my time during my running routine. I decided to get a smart home system to save me from such inconveniences. After checking out several models, I was torn between choosing Kwikset smartcode 916 and Schlage Connect, so I compared them in this table.

What are the differences between Kwikset smartcode 916 and Schlage connect? How do they compare

Name Kwikset smartcode 916 Schlage connect
Security standards Grade 2 Grade 1
SmartKey function Available Not available
Weight 3.35 pounds 3.8 pounds
Call to action Check here Check here


Kwikset smartcode 916 vs. Schlage connect- What are the main differences

Security standards

According to the security standards set by BHMA, Schlage connect is a Grade 1 deadbolt that contains high-quality materials to offer maximum resistance against all methods of attacks. Though Kwikset smartcode 916 has numerous features, it falls under the Grade 2 category due to the inclusion of flimsy components on some parts.


Both of these locks may have similar features such as using Z-wave technology and the use of a touchscreen. Some of the features are however unique in each brand. For instance, Kwikset smartcode 916 makes use of a SecureScreen function which lets you input two random digits before entering the user code. Schlage Connect may not include this function, but the manufacturer ensures that the touch screen is finger-resistant.

Schlage Connect helps you install your lock within seconds by including the auto-handling feature. You can also select different alert modes from the alarm system of this lock. Both of these functions are not available on Kwikset smartcode 916.

Technological systems

Kwikset smartcode 916 utilizes SmartKey technology which lets you rekey your lock easily. You can use the same key for your entire home. This system increase convenience for your entire family since keys act asa backup if anyone forgets the code.  Schlage connect does not include smartkey technology. Kwikset also consists of an encryption system to improve home security. Schlage Connect, on the other hand, delivers maximum protection through the use of a built-in alarm technology.

Kwikset smartcode 916 review

Kwikset smartcode 916 vs. Schlage connect

Are you looking for a smart electronic lock that you can program for the convenience of your family and friends? Consider Kwikset smartcode 916. Unlike other conventional models, this is a heavy duty lock that includes a sleek design. The lock has a responsive touch screen and user codes to let you control who has access to your home. There is also a master code that allows you to add a one-time code on the lock.

Apart from the attractive looks, smartcode 916 performs well. The LED backlight increases readability during the night while the SecureScreen offers extra security. When you activate this feature, anyone intending to access your home must press two random numbers before they proceed with the user-codes. It also features Smartkey technology which gives you the chance to rekey your lock easily. The Grade 2 smartcode makes use of the128-bit encryption system to boost security. It also contains a Bump Guard which prevents your lock from getting bumped.


  • It provides keyless operation
  • The touch screen responds fast


  • It needs Z-wave to maximize all the features
  • You cannot control your lock using a stand-alone app

Schlage connect review

Kwikset smartcode 916 vs. Schlage connect

Schlage connect is a Z-wave smart lock that offers security with the use of an alarm system. The alarm sounds if an intruder tries to use forced entry techniques to try and break into your home. You can also choose different alert modes to monitor your door easily. It is a Grade 1 lock that lets you program up to 30 codes for your entire family.

The manufacturer simplifies the installation system by including an auto-handing feature which lets you identify the right direction to throw the bolt. It also comes in a sleek design that adds class to your door. You don’t have to rely on keys to open your door since the lock has a reliable touch screen that is fingerprint-resistant. You can monitor the lock even when you are away from home. Your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty to help you replace parts without incurring extra expenses.


  • Has a reliable alarm system that contains different alert modes
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • You need a home automation system to use most of the feature


After comparing Kwikset smartcode 916 vs. Schlage connect, I realized that both of them were superior locks that offer top-notch security. Since I had to choose the winner and settle for one, I went with Schlage Connect because of its security standards, solid construction, alarm system with alert modes, ease of installation and lifetime warranty.


Why should I choose a smartlock?

This gives you numerous features to increase security and convenience at home. Smartlocks allows you to monitor your home security remotely and are hard to tamper with.

How can I know when to recharge the batteries of my smartlock?

Use the battery indicator to help you monitor the status of your battery. Since you can still use the key function when the battery is low, you can never get stranded when you need to access your home.

Can I install an electronic smartlock myself?

Yes. You only require a screwdriver to install it within seconds. Locks such as Schlage Connect make the installation process a breeze by including a useful auto-handling function which simplifies installation.

What is a finger resistant touchscreen?

Some bolts such as Schlage connect include this feature. It is a touchscreen that does not reveal your fingerprints on the surface after entering the code. It prevents an intruder from predicting your code.

How effective is the SecureScreen function on Kwikset smartcode?

When you put two random digits before entering the user-code, you make it hard for an intruder to predict the exact digits. For this reason, it is an effective security feature.