Kwikset smartkey 909 vs. 910-Ditch your keys and go digital today!

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Do you often forget your keys and end up getting stranded? You need to choose a lock that does not need keys to gain entry to your home. Go through our Kwikset smartkey 909 vs. 910 to learn more.

I am a middle-aged dad with a big family of eight. I cannot imagine living without my loved ones since they give me a purpose in life. Managing such a number is however not easy since each family member has a unique personality. I try my best to ensure that everything in our household runs smoothly. My work keeps me occupied, and with different schedules, I have to make sure everybody is comfortable. I have severally made duplicate keys to give everyone at home, but some keep on misplacing keys and getting stranded. I was looking to end this frustration for good, so I considered getting a keyless lock. My dilemma of choosing between Kwikset smartkey 909 and 910 made me create this table.

What are the differences between Kwikset smartkey 909 and 910? How do they compare

Name Kwikset smartkey 909 910
Wireless connectivity Not applicable Applicable
Dimensions 3.5×5.4×9.9 inches 5.5 × 3.5×10 inches
Weight 6.7 pounds 3 pounds
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Kwikset smartkey 909 vs. 910- What are the main differences?

Wireless connectivity

Though both models use programmable codes in place of keys, Kwikset smartkey 910 has additional features that facilitate wireless connection. Choosing this smartkey lock helps you boost security since it allows you to check the status of your door remotely since you get notifications through your phone. It also allows you to lock your door remotely since it is compatible with Z-wave automation system. Kwikset smartkey 909 does not have such capabilities.


Kwikset 909 comes in a sleek metal design that makes it look attractive. It is a slim and extended lock while 910 is wide. 909 includes a tamper-resistant cover that increases its security. An intruder would not succeed in gaining access to a house with this lock since it is hard to tamper with


909 is a heavy duty lock that weighs more than 6 pounds. 910 is a light-weight lock weighing only three pounds. A heavy-duty deadbolt offers more resistance to attacks compared to a light one.

 Kwikset smartkey 909 review

Kwikset smartkey 909 vs. 910

Get a user-friendly electronic lock that takes seconds to unlock. Smartkey 909 is a lock that is not only stylish but also secure. It has serious security hardware that makes it hard to tamper with. The deadbolt contains a backlit keypad which increases visibility during the night. For you to unlock your door from outside, you have to enter codes into the keypad to allow the throw bolt to slide open.

With this lock, you can also program a temporary user code when you want a friend to access your home in your absence. It also features a smartkey function which makes rekeying easy. This is a superior deadbolt that you can use for both residential and commercial purposes. It runs on batteries which give you service for long. You can choose different finishes of this lock to complement your hardware.


  • It is versatile and convenient to use
  • Prevents intruders from tampering with the system


  • The locking mechanism which moves the deadbolt is a bit loud.

Kwikset smartkey 910 review

Kwikset smartkey 909 vs. 910

This is an intelligent deadbolt that makes use of home connect technology. It can wirelessly communicate with some of the devices in your home. It allows you to gain entry to your home without relying on keys thanks to the use of a personalized code. The keypad has an LED which increases visibility at night.

You can easily program the SmartCode once you install the lock on your door. It also contains the smartkey function that boosts security. The auto-lock system on the kwikset lets you lock your door with one touch. This deadbolt works with a Z-wave automation system to allow you to unlock and lock your door remotely. You can also monitor your door and get notifications through text or email.


  • Contains home automation system
  • Facilitates wireless communication


  • Some users dislike the noise it makes when locking and unlocking


Electronic locks boost your security system and simplify the process of locking and unlocking your door. They eliminate the need for keys since you only need to know the password and change it when you have security concerns.  Kwikset aims at giving you high-quality locks for a modern lifestyle.

From comparing Kwikset smartkey 909 vs. 910, I realized that these two have some similar features that make them hard to tell apart. For instance, both of them have a smart key function, backlit keypad, and customizable codes. They are however different in features such as the Z-wave automation system. Kwikset smart key 910 can connect with other devices in the home. This ability made me choose Kwikset smartkey 910 to be the winner since it has all the features that I needed to meet my specific needs. It helps me in creating an automation system for convenient control of devices in my home.


What is Kwikset SmartCode lock with a smart key?

This is a type of electronic lock that allows you to gain access to your house using programmable codes in place of keys. The smart key is a feature that lets you rekey your lock conveniently.

Why should I choose Kwikset smartkey lock over other types?

The lock gives you enhanced security since it is equipped with numerous features that perform different functions. For instance, the electronic deadbolt lets you operate your lock remotely.

How should you enter the lock code on such smartkey electronic deadbolts?

The process is easy and straightforward. Click on the program button and enter an 8 digit code that you can remember easily then press on the lock button.

What if I forget my password?

You can always use the key function to gain access to your door. This acts as a backup in such instances. Try to set a password that you can easily remember or save it on your phone.