Kwikset smartkey won’t lock – check out the reasons why

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The kwikset smartkey is created to protect your home against all common and advanced break ins. Read this article for information on what to do when your kwikset smartkey won’t lock.

The kwikset smart key offers me key convenience as well as high security. I love the fact that it allows me to control who has access to my home. When I lose the keys, rekeying the lock will only take me a few steps and that makes it more convenient for my lifestyle. My kwikset smartkey door knob suddenly stopped working. When I try locking it with the tumbler, unlocking the door becomes a bigger challenge. When I insert the key, it will not work at all. I sort out ideas on how to fix it online. You can save your time and money to make repairs that are not necessary by looking at the articles below.

What you should do when your kwikset smartkey won’t lock

Kwikset smartkey won’t lock

Your lock works backwards

When you do not have everything installed correctly, the lock will stop working or work in a reverse way I did not realise how common this problem was until I heard a few people complain about it. The kwikset will lock when you swipe, and unlock when you tap it; which is really odd. Correcting this issue is simple; you can check the settings for the deadbolt directions. Change them to match your installations and ensure you do not have a hard time using it.

The kwikset has a poor connection

Test it by pressing any key of the keypad to see if it is not working at all. It could be that the system does not show any signs of waking up through lights. If the LCD lights up but the Kwikset smartkey lock will not work; it could be that the connection between the main unit and the deadbolt unit is bad. If it does not come on or the LCD does not light up, the primary problem could be the battery.

Check out the batteries

Some battery types may wear out too fast. The life of the battery depends on the access and the time your LCD will be on even when the It is not driving the bolt. Change your lock time to normal to avoid battery depletion.

If you leave your motor on for too long, it may explain why your smartkey has such a poor battery life. To avoid this, do not wake up the lock system when you do not need it. Changing the lock time to normal will also help reduce the exhaustion.

When the display on your kwikset smartkey does not turn on, it could be problems with the battery. Check if the batteries are good and have been installed correctly by taking them out. Ensure you Press the programme button while pulling them out. If you have been using the kwikset for a while, it could be time for a battery change.

Wrong access

Two lights may come on the kwikset keysmart but the kwikset smartkey will not unlock. When you have easy access to the LCD, you can look for messages to see what the issue is. If you lack the access, swipe you fingers on the screen slowly to ensure the working lights turn on. if it does not light up, choose a different registered finger to see if it works. Change the biometric settings to see if it helps.

A malfunction caused by the door alignment

The best thing about this key lock is that it does not require a professional lo install and operates on only 4 AA batteries which are replaceable. The biggest problem is that smart code issues may be cause by poor door alignment or wrong programming procedures which will lead to a dead or malfunctioned keypad. For the first step, the batteries out of their units and then depress the program button.

Allow some few seconds to pass by before you can re-install the batteries. Ensure you are holding the lock button strongly for a successful reinstall. Keep holding the lock button down until you see some movement in the bolt. As soon as there is movement you can release the button. To indicate there is a successful programming of the bolt operation, you should be able to hear a beep from the unit and see a flash from the LED lights.


I found out that sometimes, the door may not operate smoothly when you are using a new key to open it. the simplest solution is a door re-alignment. While pressing the lock button on your keypad, enter your security code to ensure the bolt is re-synchronised and the key works well.