Kwikset vs. Schlage smart locks- You can finally have total control of your home security!

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Are you looking for a classy, smart lock that gives you enhanced security? You can get one from either Schlage or Kwikset. Our Kwikset vs. Schlage smart locks comparison will help you weigh their differences.

I may be paranoid, but I am not the most organized person in the world. Since I started living alone, I have lost countless keys and broken a few locks to gain access to my own home. With my busy schedule, I find myself misplacing keys a lot. I once had to wake my neighbors up to help me break my traditional lock at night. I sometimes forget to lock my house and end up going back to confirm. Such frustrations made me reconsider upgrading to smart locks to end my problems. An excellent smart lock would help me access my home without the need for keys. I did not know much about smart locks, so I tried to compare different brands in this table.

What are the differences between Kwikset and Schlage smart locks? How do they compare

Name Kwikset smart locks Schlage smart locks-
Access codes 25 ekey entries Can hold up to 30 access codes
Security standards Grade 2 Grade 1
Warranty 1 year 3 years
Dimensions 10.3×5.9×3.7 inches 4.5×3×8 inches
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Kwikset vs. Schlage smart locks- What are the main differences?

Touch screen

Schlage smart locks have a touchscreen that comes with 5 digit keypads for easy access to your home. It increases flexibility for members of your family who may not own smartphones such as the young ones. A child can access your home by entering a pin code without the need for a smartphone. Some of the smart locks under Kwikset don’t have any touchscreens or keypads. For instance, Kwikset Kevo unlocks without the use of a key. This can be inconveniencing for people without smartphones.


Schlage smart locks offer additional security by incorporating alarm technology. The alarm goes off if an unauthorized person tries to open your door by force. The lock can detect when an intruder tries to use a key.  Some Kwikset smart locks do not include alarm systems making them less secure compared to Schlage smart locks.  Kwikset smart locks only utilize Bluetooth technology. Schlage smart locks, on the other hand, include Homekit technology.

Access codes

Kwikset smart locks allow you to create at least 25 ekeys that you can share with some family members and friends. The ekeys come with different access options such as admin, guest, or scheduled. With Schlage smart locks, you can create 30 pin codes with scheduled access. You can even come up with some virtual keys to share access to your house with your spouse or kids.


Schlage smart locks have higher security standards compared to Kwikset smart locks. The manufacturers of Schlage make use of long-lasting metals to produce and smart locks that can withstand different kinds of attacks. A smart lock from Schlage can last for 100 years without needing replacement even when you use it a lot every day. The materials used in the finishing makes Schlage smart locks capable of withstanding wear and tear. Kwikset smart locks are not as durable as their counterpart.

Kwikset smart locks review

Kwikset vs. Schlage smart locks

The designs and shapes of Kwikset smart locks are the first features that attract people to them. You can get a Kwikset smart lock that is either rectangular or square. What differentiates these smart locks with the traditional types is the inclusion of blue-tinted LEDs. You can connect them easily with a smart device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Kwikset smart locks deliver hands-free access to your home. They come in a compact and sleek design that adds aesthetic value to your home. You can choose these locks in different metal finishes to blend with your hardware. The problem with smart locks from these company is that they have a limited range of operation. They, however, have flexible settings and offer shared pin options which increase convenience for homeowners who have pets or baby sitters.


  • They offer remote access to your home
  • Come in beautiful designs and shapes


  • The offer a limited range of operation

Schlage smart locks review

Kwikset vs. Schlage smart locks

The company behind these locks has been running since 1920. They produce high-quality smart locks that offer enhanced security to your home. Schlage smart locks come in different models which have features to perform various functions. For instance, they make use of advanced technology which allows you to generate at least 30 access codes for your family members and a few guests.

These smart locks are compatible with Bluetooth, and you can sync the Schlage sense app. You can unlock it via Bluetooth or Z-wave without necessarily using your hands. Feel free to connect this smart device with an Apple Television.

The Schlage smart lock gives you access to the pin code via the 10 digit touch screen. It is a lock that is not only easy to use but also convenient. The locks can also withstand hammer attacks and don’t wear out easily. You can easily set up and program the lock when you pair it with your mobile app.


  • They have a contemporary look
  • You can easily track access to your home even when you are away


  • Some users find the interior panel unattractive and bulky


When we look at Kwikset vs. Schlage smart locks, we can tell that the difference between the two brands lies in their security features. Kwikset smart locks stand out when it comes to the additional security features which increase alertness. They contain a scan feature that needs a-two factor authentication. Despite such features, these smart locks have lower security standards compared to the competitor brand and provide a limited range of operation.