LastPass Yubikey vs. google authenticator-Secure your online accounts now to prevent cybercrimes

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Do you always find yourself repeating the same password for every account or setting weak passwords? This can make it easy for you to experience a security breach. Go through LastPass Yubikey vs. google authenticator review to secure your accounts better.

I work in a company that values confidentiality over everything else. I am not allowed to share the cases I work on with anyone else. However,I have to share my computer with other colleagues due to limited resources at work. The thought of someone accessing my work-related confidential files scares me since it would mean the end of my career. That is why I wanted to boost my online security. Choosing the best app to secure the files was a headache for me, so I had to compare the different techniques in this table.

What are the differences between LastPass Yubikey and Google Authenticator? How do they compare

Name Lastpass Yubikey Google authenticator
Type Hardware+ software Software
Implementation Multifactor authentication TOTP
Set-up Straightforward Complex
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LastPass Yubikey vs. google authenticator- What are the main differences?


Google Authenticator is software that authenticates mobile application users by Google. It makes use of time-based one-time passwords to secure your details.  The authentication provides you with a secret key to help you log in to websites. It can generate passwords using the secret key during longing in.

Lastpass Yubikey involves the use of Yubikey hardware to log in to the Lastpass account. They work together to help you generate secure passwords that cannot be compromised. Together, they implement multifactor authentication which provides your account with maximum security.


Most new users of google authenticator report that they find the set-up process complicated. You have to follow many instructions before you can verify if the software works correctly. To use Lastpass Yubikey, you only need to log in to Lastpass account then insert the Yubikey device on the USB port. It has an easy set-up that encourages most users to try it out.


Lastpass Yubikey has numerous features that boost your experience when using online accounts. It helps you generate secure passwords since it contains a built-in password generator. You get to create passwords using a mixture of letters in upper and low cases and different characters. Though google authenticator helps your identity before granting you access to a website, it has limited features.

LastPass Yubikey review

LastPass Yubikey vs. google authenticator

The high rate of data breaches makes Yubikey work hand in hand with LastPass to secure online accounts for users. You can secure your Lastpass account plus other accounts such as a bank or email account by turning on multi-factor authentication (MFA). Yubikey works with Lastpass Premium on browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome over different platforms. LastPass eliminates obstacles making it easy for you to manage your online accounts easily and securely. It simplifies online shopping since your profile makes all the necessary payments on your behalf.

You can also store all your digital records easily and access them whenever you want. Avoid sharing sensitive information via text. Lastpass helps you share delicate notes with a friend effortlessly. It not only keeps your details secure but also hidden from any intruders. It works with Yubikey 5 NFC, Yubikey 5C and Yubikey 5C Nano.


  • It provides a high level of security
  • Helps you generate strong passwords that you don’t need to remember
  • It syncs your passwords across different devices


  • The browser extension for Lastpass lacks a time out function
  • Complex data types

 Google authenticator review

LastPass Yubikey vs. google authenticator

Apart from using hardware, you can also use a software token known as Google Authenticator. This makes use of two-step verification services using one-time password algorithm to authenticate those who use mobile applications by Google. When you log into a website that supports Authenticator, it generates a one-time password which you should enter as you fill in your login details.

To use google authenticator, you must install the app on your smartphone the set it up on each site. The site offers you a shared secret key over a channel to store it in the app. You have to use the secret key to log into the site. Since it uses a two-factor authentication system, a person may not break into your account even if they know your username since they need the shared secret key to log into your account.


  • The app does not rely on cellular phone networks
  • The secret key is stored on your device making it hard to redirect


  • Beginners find the set-up complex
  • It can be compromised


Securing online data is a must for all of us. You can use different methods such as apps or hardware to boost your online security. Some of the popular methods used are Lastpass account, Yubikey and google authenticator.

After comparing Lastpass Yubikey vs. google authenticator, I chose Lastpass Yubikey because it helps me generate strong random passwords from my account and syncs them across multiple devices. Unlike google authenticator, Lastpass Yubikey offers me additional functions apart from securing my details. I can share sensitive data securely and also story records digitally.


What are the authentication factors?

These are credential categories that determine that a person is who they claim to be. These factors are divided into different categories namely knowledge, possession and inherence factors. How can I use Y

Yubikey with LastPass?

Log in to you Lastpass account then click on the Lastpass icon, go to Lastpass Vault then settings and click on Multifactor Options tab then insert your Yubikey device into your laptop’s USB port.

What does good cyber hygiene entail?

Every organization should educate their employees on the importance of proper cyber hygiene. It involves the implementation of strong password and bot mixing work-related documents with personal records.

Is Google authenticator safe?

Though this offers some level of online security, it is not completely safe since you share a secret with the provider. If a hacker gains access to the company’s database, they can access your accounts undetected.